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  1. Sorted, had my documents and proofs accepted and collect the visa on Monday
  2. The Non O-A s are dealt with by submitting your documentation digitally, you are then given an appointment to attend and submit your documents in person and receive your visa, it`s all explained on the site and in other threads here. I am applying for mine this week before the new system comes in as I just know it`s going to leave me frustrated.
  3. Yep thats exactly the way I looked at it as regards offsetting the police cost against the new visa cost and the peace of mind. The only downside is that if it doesn`t work I will have to deposit the 800k and my police record and medical will expire in the 3 months I have to season the account. In the past a lot of applicants just used the now defunct affidavit letters. My rental income is just shy of the 65,000 alone, exchange rate it`s more the fact the type of visa Im applying for I wondered if current salary was acceptable in addition, its just listed on my statements as `Operational`
  4. Im thinking of applying for my Non Immigrant O-A visa this week in London before the online process goes live. I have no problem expediting the criminal record proof for the additional cost and getting my medical cert signed. I can provide the 6 months bank statements showing well in excess of 65,000 baht per month but none of it is from pensions. Do I have to prove the source of this income which is property rental and salary, if so will this be acceptable? Obviously I wont be earning any salary from work whilst in Thailand I will be retired by the time I leave the UK.
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