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  1. If I get a new passport is the original O-A visa transferable? If not I assume I will have produce the two passports to the immigration office for the first extension, will this continue to be the case thereafter or will that extension stamp issued in the new passport suffice in the future.
  2. I am about to apply for my Non immigrant O-A visa in the uk based on retirement. Its my first application and I understand I can use it for two years without showing funds if I leave the country and re-enter before the first year expires. Now I have two questions, the first being about the funding. If I am to go down the income route I assume I will now have to start funding my account with a minimum 65,000 baht at the beginning of the second year to be eligible for my extension at the end of the year unlike before when I just required the affidavit letter. Secondly my passport will expire about 3 months after the extension is granted, do I need to take any action about this? Tia
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