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  1. You could try one of the many agents who claim they can get licenses,open bank accounts, for people staying here on tourist visas,but i'm not sure about someone staying on visa exempt
  2. Gotta disagree with your post, obviously you've never flown with Thai from Perth to swampy,many a time Thai would park out near the black stump then bus everyone to the terminal,maybe was the case on daylight flights rather than the evening flight.
  3. Still a lot cheaper than Qantas from BKK to Melbourne,while Emirates was operating with Qantas on BKK to Melbourne route bus. class was around 84k but,After Emirates terminated their service Qantas jacked the price up to 120k but.
  4. Be very interesting to know what remuneration some of these fatcats are recieving,I'm sure they'd be in the seven digit numbers no doubt.
  5. There's a excellent place on 3rd Rd in Pattaya,where you can walk in and get all types of blood tests carried out.
  6. Depends what state in Australia,Victoria,the gummy shark is a very popular favourite,W Aust,snapper seems to be the favourite,Darwin, barramundi would probably be the no.1
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