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  1. Pointless post....go and find a rugby forum to discuss this ref love....honestly totally different gravy.
  2. Usual simpering Man Utd fluff on Sky commentary.. "Leipzig are top of the Bundesliga so this is a truly epic result" Errrm Everton are top of the Premiership you utter utter clown.
  3. Great news the 2nd CL place next season Jockstar....to keep it relevant hopefully it will save Lennon's job lol.
  4. I suspect the problem with 25000 fans in Old Trafford is crowd control before after and at food outlets at half time....lot of opportunity for bugs to be passed and with things on the rise don't expect a change there...until a vaccine is introduced which I hear is not too far off. VAR is a joke...badly implemented...the basic use of this technology is however excellent for goalline and game changing decisions....but its been badly misused for bs decision making.
  5. Nothing much to say about the game but Fabinho looks like at least 2 weeks I reckon. Last season's luck defo run out.
  6. Well this certainly shows Man City can't buy this league! Hehehe
  7. We were 5-0 up against New Zealand at half time then let in 2 careless ones in the second half which meant we needed to beat the USSR or go out on goal difference as I recall. A farce...as that Scotland team of '82 belonged in the second round....not the Soviet lot.
  8. Great 3pts...wore them down then a smash n grab...love it.
  9. Need to boss this one and get early goals to open it up...then it could be a hatful.
  10. Bobby is old enough to remember when it was great Scots winning them the league!!
  11. Very sad to read about the 17 year old lad who committed suicide after being released by City....his dream in tatters and clearly felt he had nothing to live for. Truth is it could happen at any club and happens to men at all stages of life.....the question of whether clubs could do more is one aspect but the truth is we all need to do more for each other. RIP young man....hopefully this won't be repeated.
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