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  1. I doubt you'll find anyone on here who believes England's fans are saints. And no I'm not English.
  2. Yes Foyth and Lo Celso would be good to see making an appearance alongside our new teenager as well. We wait with baited breath to see the next episode!
  3. The main problem for the players getting worse is they were never that good in the first place. Fred to me is your equivalent of Aurier. Your strikers Martial and Rashford flatter to deceive as well....I'm very surprised that wasn't addressed....could be upstairs not wanting to spend or just the right player not available....who knows?
  4. Solskjaer has come under a lot of fire but I think his signings so far have been good. He just needs another two or three windows and a sack of cash and Utd will be on the way up. The two strikers he let go jeez how bad were they and on ridiculous salaries....got to say after 5 years of appalling signings he has the correct approach. From a Spurs perspective of course I hope Pogba sees out his career there.
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