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  1. Won't help your case if you buy badly. This is Levy we're talking about....if he spends £200m we'll be selling Kane!
  2. Yup too many games and no one of sufficient quality to bring in. Our striker situation has been an accident waiting to happen.....but these things should be fixed in the summer. Its batten the hatches and just hope we have enough in the tank to scrape into the CL at the expense of the cheats in Manchester.
  3. We still have a better chance of CL next season than your lot so jog on lads.
  4. Yes could be increased to three years....and of course the FA have yet to respond. All very interesting isn't it?
  5. Meanwhile in actual news you've been banned for two years and handed a hefty fine.
  6. Ah yes but I've never finished higher than either of them.
  7. GLC can cross a ball from the corner.....its like waking up and watching proper football. Class act he is going to be.
  8. Hey wilai....are the rumours that you're considering a points deduction for City fans true?
  9. I hear your finance director Diane Abbott is confident of reducing your ban on appeal to three years.
  10. A tad surprising you are not playing your youth team in these now pointless league matches.
  11. Utd are looking better for sure....a decent striker and another defender and they will be close again I think.
  12. Bredbury is rumoured to be studying the Battle of the Bulge. Apparently its some months since he's seen his todger.
  13. Bergwijn and Lo Celso were excellent today....Winks too in the 2nd half. A lot of positives but Alli will be having nightmares about the sitters he missed lol. COYS!!
  14. To our better nature? We don't have one. Suck it up boys!!
  15. The FA are going to have to respond sooner or later. Points deduction or relegation? I have my new shiny peanut gallery season ticket in hand.
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