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  1. You will need your top team out to play the mighty Hammers
  2. Laporte looked the weakest link last night in a game you dominated for 90 minutes.
  3. Yes, hard to see what his position is tbh. He was all over the place.
  4. Yeah for such domination you should have won by more. That Cancelo is some player.
  5. Many will say Antonio but for me without a shadow of doubt Soucek. Fantastic signing and for 20 million a snip.
  6. Yes and the one from Maguire took another 10 million off his.
  7. No one can deny what he has achieved so far this season. He has to be manager of the season if we maintain our form and get any where near top 4. There are similarities with the way he developed the Everton side with Soucek being his Fellani type of player. He has made us a team difficult to break down and plays with a similar shape that each player knows exactly what their role is. What has surprised me most most is the way he has galvanised the team in terms of spirit and commitment. I didn’t get the impression that the team enjoyed playing for him first time around
  8. There is something satisfying seeing humble people succeed whilst watching self righteous ones implode. Just watched his post match interview. To be fair he wasn't using the mid week Europa game as an excuse. Not that he could really as Dire was the only one who played both games apart from Moura who played 64 minutes the other night and was their best player (his words). So it does beg the question why he can’t get them going at the start and playing to their potential, and why he persists on playing that defence. Is is that really the best back 4 at his
  9. 20 shots and only 4 on target. I think you need some shooting practice as well.
  10. I wouldn’t go that far Another tactical master class but tbh we should be beating the mid table sides so not gonna get too excited. You have to give the guy credit for what he has done. He is getting every sinew out of those players who are not the most gifted bunch but are putting their bodies on the line for him and the club. The likes of Soucek and Coufal picked up for peanuts by today’s standards and look like they want to play for this club. Old school grafters and humble with it. Can’t wait to get the fans back in as these guys are already legends. Great attitud
  11. There is already data, albeit early days, to show the vaccine is having an effect.
  12. The only silver lining at the end of a disastrous year for this government.
  13. Callum Hudson-Odoi: Winger's attitude reason behind substitution - Thomas Tuchel How do do you guys feel about your manager coming out with this after the match. For me it’s a refreshing change to hear a manager being honest when asked a direct question about one of his players but I guess the argument will he whether it should be kept in house as some of the players can be such sensitive souls nowadays.
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