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  1. My missus struggles with Kitchen which sounds like Chicken, Teacher which sounds like Sister and Wardrobe which sounds too much like Bl.ow Job. Neither are an issue until she was trying to tell my parents she bought a new Wardrobe. Lucky I was on hand.
  2. I quite enjoy a trip, like yourself, to look at the architecture and enjoy the peaceful ambience. I’m happy as long as I’m not being badgered for money and left to enjoy it for what it is. The missus has tried to drag me to her local one when I’m in town but a its a 500 baht visit I limit my times there. It’s not that I begrudge them a tenner it just the expectation that I’m gonna cough up every visit just because I’m a foreigner. She often gets up and lines the street to feed them early morning and goes regularly to the local one and takes her niece and nephew with her. I’
  3. Until they get their act together, they will remain in the “Amber “ group in the UK and I would guess for most of the world for the foreseeable future mainly as a result of their inept Vaccine rollout. Sadly a victim of their own ego and too much trumpet blowing whilst believing they were calling all the shots whilst riding their luck. The chickens eventually came home to roost. It doesn’t matter what hare brained scheme they come up with now, it’s all about the vaccine, and Thailand is at the a.rse end of the rollout on a world scale.
  4. Because there are still new variants out there which MAY be more contagious and transmissible. Until there are further studies carried out on those against the current vaccines (One of the new Indian variants being one) they are not willing to take the risk at this time.
  5. How ironic that the previously insulted “dirty foreigner” is now the desired clean tourist visiting a “dirty” country.
  6. Wasn’t a pre requisite for opening this scheme in July that 70% of the locals had to be vaccinated first.? How is that going to happen for those participants in July, then again for the rest in October when the target is now 70% of the population by the end of the year?
  7. Congrats, well deserved. Head and shoulders above the rest. Even after a dodgy start you have won it with ease. With a resurgent Chelsea and a Liverpool bounce back I am expecting a more competitive League next season.
  8. I had a Cortina, support the Hammers and go fishing……….ummm
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