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  1. WHU U23 2-0 Man U U23 An own goal and a penalty sealed the Hammers first win of the season.
  2. “Ludogorets, Ive had a few, but then again too few to mention............”
  3. We have a guy at work on our weekly result predictor who scores 1,2,X, 1.2,X ......all the way down the coupon. <deleted> hasn’t been bottom once.
  4. Maybe a loss to his family dont you think?
  5. Took time to show the stats that 88% will still be detected after 5 days. Obviously now deemed good enough in light of the fact that not everyone was adhering to the 14 days as well.
  6. There is no point in pretending that if you are stuck outside that you won’t see things differently than those who are currently living inside. I am craving for a compromise on the 14 days but that is for purely personal and practical reasons connected to my own situation. I am sure if I was living inside I would be quite happy with the current situation from a personal point of view. I do think from a Thai perspective, looking in, it does appear to be beginning to bite hard and public opinion may be beginning to change. Maybe from the inside it looks different. Difficult to tell
  7. The UK has today announced that those currently who were having to stay in Quarantine for 14 days can end it after 5 days if they pay for, and show a negative test after day 5. The reason being Research has shown that 88% will still be captured after 5 days and that is being deemed good enough. Cost of test circa £150
  8. Im not sure about that OMF. Just heard that figure here in the U.K. last night as one of the positives to make easily accessible world wide including the poorest of countries. Hopefully still a cheap option for all expats in Thailand.
  9. It continues to amaze me how selfish people like you are wanting things to remain the same cos you like it that way. Typical I’m alright Jack syndrome. No a jot of sympathy for the thousands of Thais losing their livelihoods. It ends with people getting vaccinated and tourism returning giving hope for people’s future and the economy. You don’t want it, your choice. Good luck when job next go to get your visa renewed. I will try and show the same level of sympathy as you currently do.
  10. No disrespect but how would you know? Do you in poor rural areas or in Pattaya? Do you actually know people are not starving or is it just a gut feel?
  11. I would think it’s inevitable and the next logical step. Either that or keep paying ridiculous COVID insurance premiums. Make your choice.
  12. Yeah, not knocking his “legend” status and I am sure from that perspective United fans will love seeing him on TV and for sure it works for them. But for me as a neutral watching him it def does not. I actually rather enjoy listening to the likes Scholes. Clearly not gifted as far as being eloquent but as a fan tells it straight, good or bad and comes across as not going out of his way for headlines even though he still attracts them one way or another.
  13. Yeah I agree. I think he decided he was going to follow Keanes pundit model but he can’t carry it off.
  14. Oxfords 20,000 test sample, 70-95% efficacy, no hospitalisation cases required after injection only very mild side effects. Stored at fridge temp, cheap, and easily distributed. What’s not to like. If it gives me my freedom back I’m in.
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