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  1. I’m a regular Southend United attendee as well as the Hammers (when back in U.K.). Relevance being we will soon be non league the way we are going.
  2. Ask them how much a bottle of Leo from 7 then you probably got more chance
  3. Where was the lack of professionalism? They were both designated penalty takers and decided between themselves to let Pogba take it. There were no tantrums or ball snatching as such.
  4. Agree with the penalty situation. Chris Sutton was so the pundit on Radio 5 commentary and he thought it showed weak management to allow this type of situation where they decide among themselves. OGS confirmed it himself in his post match interview that Rashford and Pogba are the two chosen so they decide at the time depending who feels more confident. It appeared that although Rashfords record is the better he bowed to Pogba and handed it to him. Maybe a bit in awe of him still.......another reason for the manager to nominate just the one.
  5. Hopefully he will see sense once he’s spoken to all. If he digs his heels in and refuses an alternative caretaker he will not get his vote through, not a chance.
  6. Martial seemed to go through a dodgy period last season and looked a bit disinterested and sulky. There is no doubting his talent and he looks a different player so far but early days. I think Rashford can handle the extra responsibility. Looks a cool, level headed lad. Agree with the Greenwood scenario. Personally i can’t see any long term situation where Sanchez will stay a United player and hopefully that will open the door for him.
  7. Of course he can only deal with the cards he has. Heller was injured, who else had he at his disposal? We got a point. Lucky point but a point nevertheless.
  8. Sadly he can talk to all he wants. They will never collectively support him getting into No.10 under any circumstances. Their only hope is him agreeing to allow someone else of their choice to step forward which ain’t gonna happen as he’s putting all his eggs in this basket as the only way he could get into No.10.
  9. Who is going to get you 20 goals? Do you think Rashford could reach that target if playing regularly? I read one of the pundits saying on BBC website saying he thought it was unfair pressure on him at 21 to become the main man with the sale of Lukaku and they should of prepared to buy someone else with his inevitable sale. Whats your thoughts?
  10. We are weak on the right side. I disagree the rest are <deleted> but there is plenty of room for improvement as a unit for sure. Rubbish. He is a top manager but there’s plenty of work to do.
  11. Amazing how when you read all this info from BBC “journos who seemed v sure of his info” and you “read they said” you believe it, yet when the same sites mention you paying 25-30 million for Sessegnon it’s all just gossip and unconfirmed
  12. Savage said last night on 606 that Spurs were embarrassing in the first half. I am sure nicking a point at yours they will be happy being called that. You have to agree with the article. If Spurs have improved and a top 3 banker then the gulf is even wider.
  13. Not true, I am one of them (well not exactly same as I am 21/21) and was told in no uncertain terms that if I returned next trip on a VE I would be refused entry. This was after maybe 3/4 years of VE. Its a lottery. I have friends doing same as me still on VE many years after. * waits for some one to say I must look dodgy.
  14. You will have to go and pick his toys up first.
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