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  1. Boasting again Owl? Great pics as always. It’s times like these that make me realize how much I miss being over there. I never thought i would miss even the most simplest of things. Like Garry, my timeline is 2-3 years all being well. I have my least favourite course to go on in a couple of weeks when I get off the rig called HUET. It’s basically Helicopter underwater escape exercise and one is when it capsizes and turns 180. I am not a good swimmer and hate being underwater so not a good one for me. I did it 4 years ago and got through it by skin of my teeth so if I fail this time then that’s my lot which kind of adds to the pressure although I’m a believer in what will be........ Talking of flat roofs. I had a small extension built on the side of my I/L home about 3 yr ago just so we have our own space when I come over. Own bathroom, TV, bedroom etc. Basic but only cost around 150,000 all in using a few local guys. Served me well so far.
  2. Excellent performance. After RM scored they started to look dangerous and the keeper made some important stops. After the break you dominated and looked the more likely to score. They clearly missed Ramos at the back but nevertheless you dominated. Juve now out the way and who knows maybe Barca later leaves a decent opening. Mind you Lyon are no gimme but i would expect City to win that. Still worrying at the back at times. Have Benzena far too much room and shooting opportunities.
  3. 100 billion baht rescue package for Thai tourism mooted - foreign tourists wanted before year's end
  4. They care about missed tourism during busy periods and that happens to be Xmas.
  5. It’s a shame. The last 2 games of the season and last night they never performed to their best. Credit to Fulham, they deserved it on the night, but the fact that Brentwood () beat them home and away in the League, it don’t seem right somehow that they miss out.
  6. Welcome back BB. He has been at it for ages. Give him <deleted>
  7. I am on an extension of stay ( retirement) as over 50 but still working. Stuck in UK, cannot get back to Thailand to see partner and Thailand’s quarantine rules along with UK rules make that visit impossible. When my extension of stay expires, what are my options to renew as I can’t get into Thailand and I dont want to lose the 5 years it’s taken to get to this point.
  8. Yes if everyone had taken the same measure, I.e, don’t test, they would also be Corona “free”. Saying it twice doesn’t make it any more believable.
  9. Yes. Be open for Xmas, with strings of course. But only because they can’t afford not to.
  10. You can take the boy out of Essex but you can’t take Essex out of the boy. Brentwood = Centre of TOWIE (the Only Way is Essex) Brentford = Championship Play off Final. I’m with you, come on the Bees!
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