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  1. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2019/02/13/sunderland-fans-react-after-tottenhams-kazaiah-sterling-is-overl/ Mmmm see what you mean. Lets have a think. An 18 yr old possibly sitting on the bench or playing a role in the Cup Games/ squad in the Premiership for City or a 20 year old supposed future star sitting in the stands or getting a cold arse on the bench on loan at League One Sunderland. What shade of green are you today?
  2. .....and England need him so they can punt Donkey Dire for good.
  3. Good article. He will be Southgate no 1 choice as soon as he is able to do so hopefully in March.
  4. Ok. I must of missed it. Maybe post it on here so I can see/read his words.
  5. He either cannot say what he wants or he is interested as he has not publicly ruled it out in any interview. United defeat against PSG was the worse scenario for the rumour mill as I’m sure many of United top brass and fans will be comparing and contrasting their game with yours and asking questions re what would have happened if Poch was managing that game, would he get the best and consistency out of top players like Martial, like he has with Son.......the list is endless.
  6. If that’s the case why is he being gagged to speak about United and confirm he’s not interested should they come calling. ? Nip it in the bud, move on. Job done
  7. Yes I agree with them back the second leg should be straightforward. If you get knocked out now after that performance and with an even stronger team it would be a disaster. Straigtforward statement maybe but but he’s not publicly ruled out the possibility of mangong the likes of Madrid or United and the club won’t let him discuss it so it will remain.
  8. Yeah it’s a shame for them but their loss is England’s gain.
  9. Until he is ungagged and says it publicly then speculation will continue. He is an exceptional manager and will inevitably be linked with the biggest and best.
  10. Declan Rice: West Ham midfielder declares for England over Republic of Ireland http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47231737 excellent news for England. Look forward to him becoming a regular in the not too distant future.
  11. Credit where it’s due that was a tactical masterclass and some exceptional individual performances. Once again Poch showed why he is one of the best and will continue to be linked with the likes of Madrid and United.
  12. There is no pattern it’s pure random. Myself and a friend have been coming for years roughly over the same period and both 2-3 weeks at a time. 2 years ago I was asked at the airport why I visited so often and next time I came I should get a tourist visa which I did and now have a retirement visa. My mate two years on is still on visa exempt and a passport full of stamps.
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