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  1. If he’s a regular I’m surprised he’s not been picked up before on CCTV Zie Scumbag.
  2. Why would you worry bout the likes of Ginboy and others back home stuck in a rut back home dreaming about what they WISH they had as opposed to the mess they ended up with. It’s not rocket science. Good for you.
  3. People like you who spend so much time and energy moralizing and judging others and how they live their life and the choices they make rarely are. Despite how much they like to claim to the contrary.
  4. How about you stop wasting all your energy fantasizing about what others have under the heading of you being concerned about them, and concentrate on what you have that you’re clearly not happy with.
  5. Yes you’ve said up teen times change the record.
  6. For someone not passing judgement your posts current and previous are full of them. Who is talking about 60 yr olds with 25 yr old wife’s? Ahhhh you as it helps you keep banging on and repeating the same post over and over.
  7. Kadilo

    The official Manchester United thread 2019

    ......then get injured again washing his hair. He fits their price range for the job they want someone to do. That’s about it. Might as well stick with Llorente
  8. Kadilo

    The official West Ham thread 2019

    Be interesting to see how the Arnie situation develops in the coming week or so. If reports are true the club have told him he is going nowhere til the summer as the Chinese are not willing to up their bid. Throw into the mix rumors that Spurs are interested (can’t see them spending that much for a short term fix) among others, will be interesting to see how he re integrates. History shows he usually sulks and downs tools. Let’s hope not. Signing Wilson is a poss. Personally don’t see him as a 75 mill player when compared to the 40 ish Arnie will go for. Carroll also seems to be attracting interest. Spurs again rumored (lol) can’t see it although he fits the price tag, that’s about the only tick. Im confident if Arnie goes someone will be lined up as a replacement. The club have shown they are not afraid to spend money to keep edging forwards.
  9. The last thing I would want to do is start legal proceedings to stay put on land my then ex was claiming. Add to that the family influence etc As I’ve said before, I would be gone before they decide how I was gone. She is welcome to it. Anyone who is brave enough to start causing grief out here for their “rights” is a brave person. Good luck.
  10. Excellent post. Some come with the attitude that money can buy them control of women in all aspects which as you say many have failed to do back home.
  11. Very helpful. Thanks. I think I will be opening one myself in the near future as an extra insurance policy so to speak. Pays to try and keep one step ahead.
  12. To be honest mate I can’t fault their service. The only reason I’m moving away for now is this issue around international codes etc. if they manage to sort this or it ends up not being a problem I’ll be back using them in a flash.
  13. Kadilo

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    Nah, she wrote it.
  14. Really. I did it on the app. Took minutes. I’m not sure what the rules are re limits but I’ve never shown them my passport etc and send 65,000/month no problem from my UK.bank. Edit. Just looked back. I sent them a photo of my passport page.
  15. When I transfer the money from UK accounts the money is usually in my KK within 2-3 working days.