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  1. Lots of very active FB groups - Laos Expats, Visa Laos, Vientiane Social, to name just a few.
  2. AFAIK not possible at this stage. I know there was a procedure to get people in medical emergency from Laos to Thailand in the early days of the lockdown, but that seems no longer possible. Still, you should ask on the Expat Laos FB group, where you will get a lot of up to date information from people actually handling similar cases. PM me for specific names, I know of people handling this kind of emergencies.
  3. 18 years? Just shoot the imperialist scum and be done with it.
  4. That was the Thai economy, rapidly going under.
  5. Thank you for your expert opinion. A few years back there were agents on one large island in the South, who offered such service. But it may have ended with one of many crackdowns. Such a shame.
  6. Any agents helping with retirement non-O for someone a bit younger than 50 yo? Or is this a thing of the past?
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