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  1. I did fly with them a couple times. Very basic, not much legroom, service very average. The KBV airport is an overcrowded hellhole in the summer (they fortunately have a basic business lounge, where you can find refuge from the eagerly vacationing masses). BUT very cheap (they also have very decent rates for one way flights) and have one of the shortest total trip times from BKK to my part of Europe.
  2. 170 THB base fare for 29km + 50 THB surcharge for airport trip + 70 THB for tollways. (IIRC)
  3. Yes, you can use it without a VPN, however, it may be blocked by some ISPs (or just at some locations - hotels etc.) I use it without any issues on my TOT broadband and it works fine without a VPN. But in general - I would invest in a good VPN subscription. I pay something like 10 USD quaterly for mine, a minor cost, but nowadays a very reasonable thing to use, especially if you travel a lot.
  4. Very accurate. Use it all the time on the motorbike. Both when cruising around the country, down south, and during occasional visits to BKK. Of course, it definitely helps to keep one's brain on (just in case), as others have observed.
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