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  1. +1 There is a modern train running from KL Sentral to Butterworth (Penang Sentral) a few times a day. It takes around 4h and costs around 20 USD. From Butterworth you can catch a ferry to the island. Or a taxi, Grab, bus, whatever - they are quite well connected. Here are the timetables etc: https://www.ktmb.com.my/
  2. Yes, I am quite fond of the stretch from Phrom Phong to Ekkamai (or even to Phra Khanong). Currently also considering leaving the old haunts and testing the water around Ari.
  3. Thanks, I know hipflat, ddproperty etc. But these are for long term rentals.
  4. Yeah, but most agents are focused on long-term rentals (min. 1 year) and I typically need a serviced apt for 2-4 months, ideally on a monthly basis with little hassle.
  5. Thanks, that was my suspicion. So clearly better to use it to identify potential places and then visit in person.
  6. Hi All, Anyone had any experiences finding serviced apartments in Bangkok via renthub? Specifically mid-term rental, for a few months, definitely less than a year. thanks.
  7. A bit OT, but would anyone be so kind and PM the details of an agent(s) in Bangkok, who'd charge 14-18k for this service? The ones I've found expected to be paid 25-30k, as stated earlier in this thread.
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