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  1. Thanks for this, but still a bit confused i have the 800k inn the bank and will use this for this years visa in April and will keep it in the bank for the 3 months and then maybe start to use some of the money for living expenses But, can i then start to transfer 65k a month for 6 months, plus 400k plus in the bank would this be acceptable to then claim the combo visa , as this would still have more than 800k over the year or do i have to show 12 months of transfers, plus any money in the bank before claiming the combo visa sorry for being a bit thick but dont want to get it wrong either thanks
  2. went out one day on my little Honda Wave and got lost 5 hours later with a really really numb bum i found my way back, never again now have bigger bike, soooo much better
  3. that was a quick reply, thanks 33k because with the 400k it make the required 800k ?, based on 12 months of transfers ? But, if i start in May, the month after my renewal, i would still have 800k in the bank for 3 months, so would this lower the total amount again ? how would this work, and when would be the best time to start the transfers, which would give me spending money too ? sorry if im confusing you, i'm confusing myself here I need to show minimum 800k toal for the full year, with transfers and existing sums, so if i transfer 65k for 6 months, plus the 450k left in the bank, that would exceed the amount, yes/no would this be acceptable to I.O . The bank book would show the total amounts over the year, but would/could they work it out ok ? I think i need a beer now , lol Thanks again, much appreciated
  4. this lady is brilliant says what most of us want to say
  5. had some of these back home brilliant machines that go on forever, but at those prices, they need to 800-1200 uk pounds for the washing machines alone, so how much over here ? these are too expensive for a lot of people in other countries too
  6. Hi guys, hope someone can help me I have the 800k in the bank for my retirement renewal in April and will keep as per new rules But I would like to change to the combo system, with 65,000 a month into the bank. At least with this i can spend it as i need to i believe, rather than having the lump sum sat there doing nothing When would i need to start transferring the 65000 a month ready for next years renewal ? Would that start 6 months before, which with the 400k in the bank should meet the requirements ? Asked at I.O office last week but couldn't get an answer, she just kept saying you" ok, you have money" so gave up Would appreciate any help from you guys, always seem to be a mine of information for thickies like me
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