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  1. what about all the other small shops and stores that dont have this track and trace, how will they contact you ? I go to lots of small places, with the potential to get the virus, just as much as say, Tesco, or Makro. Its pointless unless its used in every shop, office, store, mall. So for me, will either ignore them, or scribble anything on the paper, and have never signed out so far, so good look searching for me still in all these stores.
  2. Are they going to close down, Tesco, Big C, Makro, because i have never sen social distancing in any of these, but see lots of pretty tapes and stickers all over the place, which everyone, including me, ignores But getting really piddled off with this logging in/signing in lark What is the point of it ?? I tell them "No internet" then scribble donald duck on the paperwork, and ignore the signing out
  3. As stated before, used to cut the cheap hollow concrete blocks , usually not more than 8 or 10 blocks at a time, then might be many hours before using again Also grinding small welds on 1" and 2" box sections, Maybe grind 20 welds then again, not use for many hours Don't put heavy pressure on the machines, easier to let the blade/disc do the work, but find they get hot quickly, although it has been 40c just lately and have been working in the sun too
  4. My last grinder had these plastic screws to access the brushes, one popped out and give me a nice belt when i made contact with the spring. Looks like i might have to try the De Walt one, and ignore the , so called, 3 year guarantee. Have a Sthil saw in the UK, always used this for cutting any concrete/brick, still going strong after 20+ years Seems an awful lot of things here soon fail, and try to get a repair or replacement is a joke, kettles, irons, lights, even the office chairs
  5. use them for cutting the cheap concrete blocks , some light steel cutting, and grinding off welds, nothing heavy, just steady use In construction since leaving school, so know how to use power tools., and when all the tools are paid for by yourself, you soon learn to look after them. Have tools in the Uk that's been used, and sometimes abused, still going strong after many years, so not sure why these overheat and conk out so easily. Stored under the workbench in the work shed, warm and dry when not in use
  6. Ihave used De Walt for many years, but bought in the UK, and always lasted. Told that De walt here are chinese made copies ?. And around 1,700 baht ??
  7. Hi there. And stop laughing at my post, cos thats what i really want. Any recommendations for a decent, long lasting 100mm angle grinder here in the land of <deleted> and copies ? My last grinder decided to go Phuttt today, the 5th one in just over 3 years. Have tried Bosch, Makita, both packed up quickly, then went to buying 2 cheap ones at a time, managed around 6 months if lucky Went to Mega Home today, had a muppet on the shop floor telling me how good the guarantee was on a De Walt. # years he said, but on the box said, "Limited Guarantee" and could not/would tell me what this meant, Any advice would be welcome, but can't help thinking the prices of 45 uk pounds + for what would be a 10 pound unit in the Uk , and with a decent guarantee !
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