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  1. does anyone even watch that video ? Last time i was waiting in the Land office, i noted about 16 people on their phones and about 12 sleeping, with only a couple looking completely bored
  2. but aside from the pension problem why not use a visa agent to get you a one year visa, no need for money in bank not sure what the cost is, was 12,000 for a retirement visa last April for me at least if you get this visa, its one less worry, and can renew the same way each year, no worries about 800k and other things
  3. but as a resident, how long do i need this insurance for ? one month, six months, one year, or forever ? Would i need to show this each year to renew my visa ?
  4. Used to have an arrow at the bottom of the pages to shift to the top of the page sinc the new changes, the arrow has disappeared Miss my little arrow !
  5. wonder what the rip off charges would be to use such a bridge. ? bad enough with the flight prices and the rip off taxis
  6. hi there looking at going to Koh Chang in Mid November with my lady and have seen the recommendations on hotels here Which is the better ones for being close to a few bars, but nice beach side locations Was thinking of maybe a few days in posh resort and then moving the other side to a cheaper place, but would like to be able to walk to a nice bar or two on an evening . Was also thinking of taking the car on the ferry so i can tour round the island, - good or bad idea ? Thanks
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