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  1. ok, so how many are in ICUs and how many died ? If nobody is dying or have trouble with the virus, the numbers of positives are rather immaterial !
  2. so 2,835 inmates with infection, but not deaths or ICUs, out of possible 390,000. make news ? How many HIV infections in the prisons ? Put them in lockdown !
  3. But this post is about Thailand, if you bothered to notice .
  4. what strict measures ? people still cross the porous borders , people still do not social distance, people still do not wear masks properly, people still meet at parties and drink Measures, yes, strict ? Only if you want to follow the rules
  5. The lockdowns create very very few problems for me, and most "rich" falangs, unlike the millions of Thais who are losing their livelihoods and struggling to survive, And yes, while sad for the individuals and families, the 400 deaths are no big deal when looking at the overall number of deaths each day/year in Thailand
  6. yup Just like Thailand, had it under control, until they didn't, yet still so few deaths from Covid as to be almost immaterial compared to the daily death rate but what was the number of deaths last year in India, compared to Thailand ? what is the number of deaths this year in India compared to Thailand ? What is the population of India compared to Thailand ? 77 million, compared to 1.35 billion ?
  7. That much ???? Ouch Do they let you pay by installments ?
  8. Im curious about he heightened measures, l social distancing and mask wearing So you say they respect these ? Why do i see Thais congregating , drinking, sitting in large groups, selling in small stalls without masks, walking around with either no mask, or masks under nose or chin Are you refering to yourselves when you talk of people who stamp and want their own way, and continue to force their opinion and scare people into doing what they want ? Yes its out there. Yes it can be dangerous. Yes it can kill you, but in reality, the facts show you have a much greater chance
  9. There you go again, using the word IF 400 in 17 months is not a epidemic , it is such a small number that it would, without the hype, go completely unnoticed
  10. Because kind people on Facebook like to keep us informed on the local hospital numbers and cases , curtesy of the government It has not "disappeared", but has greatly reduced
  11. Why would i be stressed about it, apart from reading all the hype. If is such a nice word that people on here love to use, just like could, maybe, possibly, They say so much, yet mean so little If not for the media hype, how many people in Thailand would even know, or care about this "deadly" virus, with so few deaths
  12. Any numbers on these non existent flu virus infections and deaths Seem to be a few in the local hospital in ICUs So if we continue to work from home, keep schools closed , halt travel and wear mask all the time, the flu virus will be kept low ? Just like the Covid
  13. Sorry did not check the still low numbers today So 421 deaths in 17 months, out of 66 million ? average flu deaths 3,000 every 12 months Remind me again, which is killing the most people ?
  14. I wear a mask, just like Thai people, sometimes properly, sometimes just my mouth, sometimes under my chin, or even, go commando, and not wear one at all In Robinsons today, everyone i saw was wearing a mask, but many not covering nose. Outside, lots of Thais, not wearing a mask at all Indoors i wear one, unless in a crowded food hall, then i take mine off, like everyone else, but outside, or in a car, or on the motorbike , no mask
  15. nope, that's why there are only 399 deaths in 17 months from this rampant virus, and around 3,000 deaths from the flu virus in 12 months on average Is it not already rampant ? i don't see the government stopping it, do you ?
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