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  1. You DON'T Have to go back to the U.K At all, Just get it Couriered or send by Registered Post....
  2. NO They DON'T British Airways have a 23kgs Limit on Hold Baggage.....Go 1kg over that & They'll charge you 60.00 GBP....
  3. And Checking to see if the driver has got any YABA On his person.....
  4. I'm just back from Savannakhet this past Monday (12/02/19 ). I applied for multi entry non o based on marriage on February 11th 2019. Collected my passport - complete with new multi entry visa on the 12th February. Nothing changed, same documents required - no need for financial proof of anything, costs 5000 baht. went at around 10am and there were maybe 40 people waiting. It closes at 11am. They say to pick up your passport at 2pm but will be open 1.30pm........NO It Does NOT,Is & Always has been " Spot on 2pm ) There are 2 parking near the bridge: - this one is free and kind of inside the immigration or border area. Now if you are going to spend a night in sav. dont park here. They will break your windows......Well I MUST Be VERY Lucky,I've parked in the FREE One the last 3 Occasions & Have NEVER Had ANY of My Windows broken,Nor ANY Other damage done to my Vehicle ( If YOU Have YOU Must've Upset Somebody )......
  5. The man ran out in front of him and he could not brake in time.......Wot ?? You mean the Brakes were actually Working...??
  6. You are Correct I've got 10 Million in Each Thai Bank HERE.......But Please NO Begging Letters.....
  7. The beans are awful..............Especially Those AYAM,Full of SUGAR !!!!!
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