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  1. Good Luck to Him getting his Money back from A Car Dealer Here......LOL !!
  2. Yeah Last Time My Mrs came back to the U.K With me,She had 5 Expired Thai Passports with her as her Indefinate Leave to remain Visa was in her 1st Passport......Bloody Stupid as the U.K Government wanted 250 GBP To transfer to the latest one....
  3. Many expat over 50 living in Thailand very likely have assets in their home country in excess of a million dollars.....They are The VERY Lucky Ones Then !!!
  4. Whenever I Go to Mukdahan to Renew My Visa,I Normally stay 1 Night in the Hop Inn Never had my Driving Licence Refused Yet !!
  5. And Yet Everytime I Do a Border Run over the Bridge & Come Back HOME,I Was Told I Didn't have to do a TM30 By the IO Who stamped me back in,As they do KNOW my Home Address....
  6. Am i still allowed to fart in my living room?........NO But it's O.K In Bed !!
  7. Hang On a Minute while I Light Up Me Fag.....( That's a Cigarette for our American Readers )
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