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  1. understandable, the people want the politicians to understand that their shit stinks
  2. nothing does incompetence like government as with other situations throughout the system - there is no incentive for any worker to actually improve efficiency of the system on any side, these civil servants will work at much the same pay throughout their careers, ok you get the occasional super star who may be up to 80 k before tea money but they are rare, the rest will be waiting for someone to die before they are promoted. if you earn your salary with a guaranteed job for life why bother improving it.
  3. Luckily no one has seen the link between limited water supplies and reduced dilution of the ppm to the old levels the whole country needs to work on its waste treatment just feel bad for those that live near industrial zones
  4. yes I have seen us drivers before and you are not much better than the average thai
  5. were one to urinate on the minister from his desk how long would it take for the message to sink in?
  6. I get that some pensioners don't see this as a problem, I get it because when I get to your age I will go and drive during rush hour for fun and enjoy slowing down people who have somewhere to go but if you work and travel I can see this as a real problem, I don't know if the penalty will be worse than forgetting to do a 90 day report when your business travel plans are interupted
  7. The only question of importance here is if the fine is greater than the shakedown for being caught drunk driving
  8. always has been police state, or quasi militarised at any second just things are a little more scary when an immigration dept in country suddenly decides to attempt to take parts of its job properly, thousands of pieces of paper daily, I suspect some cash incentive has been offered on the report every time you change adress otherwise you have thousands of admin officers doing a job with no prospects until the one above snuffs it or someone in the chain above snuffs it
  9. the worst that can happen is a 5k baht fine, you've got to judge that against the time it takes you to 90 day report, of course like thousands of others you have to sign a book admitting to being a felon for failing to report but you could avoid it and pay the once at visa time
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