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  1. some people really don't understand what offenses justify extreme violence, I guess using the wrong bin ought be capital punishment.
  2. yeah, I've seen english teachers try to proof read academic and industrial texts before. they tend to do really well at it. honestly, you need to learn spelling, composition and that uver stuff just is not so important for anyone as long as the messge is understood from your post I see my massage, I mean message was understood, so job done.....
  3. HI Sheungwan, it won't be just the salary, it will be the normal lack of insurance, lack of pension, lack of progression, lack of definable objectives I get you are trying to put a postive spin on it thing is if you are not covered by insurance then you should never put yourself in a position where you are supervising young people that may be killed, die, become maimed etc, under your charge. because the uni will not help you. Would recommend any reading Big danger sign in red you have been warned
  4. To the OP I flow back in on a return and had similar issue, i Phoned up as a air mile collector to check price, 10 kg was around 20-30 k baht. I figured the stress was not worth it and upgraded for the price you say you were charged