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  1. In Australia they are not aloud to burn the cane ,, only sometimes for standover cane that's 2 years old and has too much trash and only up to 10% of the whole farm . What's this the government buying harvesters to cut the cane ? In Australia people buy a harvester and cut the cane for a fee for up 30,000 acres contract. why can't they do that here ? there are people with money to buy a harvester and cut 10/20/30 farms of cane . Oh crap this is Thailand the Government has to bail the farmers out of trouble.
  2. They burn the leaves so there less Trash and the cane will be cleaner to go to the mill less trash more money for the cane.
  3. Proof for Immigration, letter from bank stating how much and how long it's in the bank ,update you're fixed deposit book same time that shows the money still being in there ,can do both (down where we are ) 1/2 days before applying for extension, next time just roll it over and do same with the update and if you do the added interest and update the bank book.
  4. Too early to tell ,Indicator light on /not , brake lights on /not position of car on the road relating to U turn.
  5. The one who's gonna win the election is the one who pays the most money on votes. Around here they are going around drumming up votes ,,, some offer THB500 some offer THB 2000 ,,,, people are being asked to vote for them to get the money . Some places got 5/6 people who can vote, You go Figure who they vote for.
  6. Are you sure that ,,, they will keep THB 400K legal for 6 months and THB 800 K legal on paper for6 months for the THB 25K ,,,, I don't believe that for one second.To cover tat they would have to have THB 50 mill just for 50 + clients.
  7. It's depend on the use, normal use is the same as prescribed meds for weight loss, duromine (on script)and other meds like oxblood for energy(on script) and Tramadol (on script ) for pain . But it's like any Drug Take more and more for a High and go stupid they Will Kill you. I am on Tramadol and paracetamol now for 9 years for chronic ostioatrhitis pain ,, No probs,,
  8. Makes no difference if he would've shot the dog before he got criticised ,,, one can't kill dogs/animals ,,,Only people,,,
  9. A lot of True Love would go down the drain. and more then a few Farang would be pulling up stumps and move on,,,, just my opinion,,,
  10. If you married cost go up , but ok you go with the thai Logic
  11. It's All crap Marriage extension should be THB 800K that's for 2 or more people , Retirement extension should be THB 400K that's for 1 person. To me that make sense but this is Thailand we got to do what we gotta do.
  12. The THB 8oo K First year 2 months before applying and 3 months after = 5 months next and years after 3 months before applying and 3 months after = 6 months where do you get 8 and or 9 months from ? pulled them out off you're hat??
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