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  1. Why doesn't the Thai government make an insurance available for the amount that's required that's for a reasonable premium so that Everyone can insure no matter age,race,coloror Visa/extension .Then the people wouldn't get Ripped off by the Greedy Insurance companies .Make that every tourist must have an travel insurance from their country before they intend to travel to Thailand .
  2. That's good to know , Who from the Government is gone to Japan to Watch it Closely?
  3. Of course the driver isn't going to agree with with the Police , if he did he would be guilty and lose Face.
  4. Where can one find trustworthy safe sources if there are. Where are they Listed. Who will keep them Honest ?
  5. Like always with every product from farmers, the middle man and the big supermarkets.
  6. Yea that should be . But one can't use that cause if one uses some of that one can't get the next extension If they would allow one to use some of that and one could top it up again before applying for the next extension one wouldn't need all this bullcrap.
  7. https://www.scmp.com/news/asia/southeast-asia/article/3026359/thai-minister-thammanat-prompaos-australian-criminal-past ,,,,, nice fellow ,,,, Liar,,,,,
  8. Yea a lot of good that does, if one uses any of the 800K or 400K that one has to have in the bank than one can't get an Extension . It would be alright if one was aloud to use that money for an emergency as long as one would be able to top that up before the next extension. Some really crazy stuff happening.
  9. Most Squatters don't have any money so when and how would they be able to pay the '' Rent'' if they don't pay are they going to be kicked out or just have a legal Squatters place? sounds pretty insane to me .
  10. All religions are Schemes may it be a Ponzi or any other scheme.
  11. Must be Fake News , It's escaped from Area 51 Looks like an alien to me . The have the hide here to call us Aliens.
  12. It's mind over matter, I don't mind if if you gamble and I am not .So it doesn't matter.
  13. I did ,,,, that's why I wrote the last reply,,,,,Don't reply I am not interested in your insinuations.
  14. None of the cities or for that matter Thailand has not planned for cars and other vehicles to park , They are still in the Bullock and cart age . except for a few Big super markets they have some parking . Down here the hospitals are the worst, must drive around for Hrs than still have to park a Klm away sometimes more . Shopping in the city is a no no unless you on a motor bike , than you might find a parking spot.
  15. why not build a few floating nuclear power plants. Russia and China got a few . One good thing about that is IF they get too Hot when something goes wrong there will be enough water in the ocean to cool it down so that it won't explode ,than they can fix it .
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