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  1. So what's the use if they Don't fine All of the offenders ? Same as with every Other Law ,Good for some but Not for Others. A Law is Only good if it's enforced , Just not good Only on Paper .
  2. Maybe that's why they call them Dirty Farang. Not All are like that I suppose. Mine tells me that I Smell nice and clean,Maybe She's a bit off a wild one and don't mind a bit of Sweet. It's helps a lot if one eats the Same food . Tons of garlic ,Chillies ,Onions,Curry's,Smelly Tree leaves , stinky Beans and what not .
  3. Tourism recovery: 13.8 million tourists will come to Thailand next year if 500K Thais are vaxxed daily. Yea right who Dreamed up This [email protected]? How do they Know what Other people (tourists) think off what's going on in Los?
  4. Of course it's Fake News I 've Registered for the Over 60 (74) and got a Date for the Jab 8th of June .
  5. Everything is under Control They said, 55555 Have they Isolate all the Prisoners and the Screws, I mean No In or Out the Jail ? Yea right , Remember they said that they Know what they are Doing? No no they don't Who Infected the Inmates ? Who went In and out the Jail? Why bother ,something isn't Right in this Country. The big wigs hiding the rest just Trown to the Wolves.
  6. Buriram becomes first Thai province to penalize refusal for COVID-19 vaccine It's pretty stupid I say. But hey no probs Just Register it doesn't matter if they don't have the Vaccine . Ones your name's on the Paper you're Covered.
  7. So What do They Know ? Some people over 65 have been Registered including Me (74) and given a Date , 8th of June at 1 Pm for a Jab.
  8. One can turn the AC Fan on Low And use a Standup Fan to circulate the air in the room and keep the AC on a High Temp setting . It will save you a Few $
  9. maybe, they don't have the time or training to turn themselves into a health clinic.. Like they Said they Never applied Health care to their people not in the country . I would say they won't do it now.
  10. Now that's a great victory going Backwards by 400%
  11. Nah, he means Set the aircon at 26C High And put the Fan on as well then it Will feel Cooler and use less Power then when the aircon is set at 22C and no Fan.
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