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  1. He's a sick son of a bich ,never got enough sex , Needed more dominating sex.
  2. Not Free Not clean The cost of the system and do you have batteries that need replacing? they aren't clean are they?. it's cheaper to just stay with the Electricity supplier in the long run. just as clean & dirty
  3. According to the Law You are Wrong. Driving a motorbike on the pavement is, of course, illegal – no prizes for guessing that. It's an offence that is covered by the Land Traffic Act 1979, which provides for fines of between ฿400 and ฿1,000. But like so many laws in Thailand, it's rarely – and certainly inconsistently – enforced. Report motorcycles riding on footpaths today for a 1,000 baht ... thethaiger.com › hot-news › transport › report-motorcy... Aug 1, 2019 — Bangkok motorcyclist, riding on footpaths, will be fined 2,000 on-the-spot from today. ... offered the
  4. No explanation needed, They Take some off your money and you can kiss it goodbye.
  5. Isn't it Illegal to Ride a Motorbike on the Footpath nowadays ? I can't see a problem for the Truck Driver
  6. It is common knowledge among experienced inspectors that gas-fueled water heaters are prohibited in bathrooms. ... Water heaters are prohibited in bathrooms for two reasons: 1) Faulty exhaust venting can contaminate the air, causing asphyxiation; 2) Inadequate combustion air supply can reduce the oxygen level in the room.Jun 1, 2010 Hey who cares in Thailand ? Care Factor? ,,,, Zero in Thailand,,,, Normally they are Outside the bathroom on a Outside wall so No problem.
  7. No one talks about that. They are only mention the fact that the cars run on Electricity that's Clean Right? My Foot it is it's and is as Dirty as Hell . And wait ,once they got the public Hooked you will see that it will cost an arm and a leg to Charge the Clean Car .The cost of the Electricity Will go Sky High.
  8. How about a Good Deal on Transferring some money Into Thailand. More people would be interested in transferring money Into Thailand than transferring money out of thailand.
  9. Sure, How many Really. Some numbers from the Normal Flu added to the Wuhan Flu. You will see that the numbers from the Normal Flu are Down (only on paper).
  10. What's the new normal? Shouldn't be any different than Before the Wuhan Flu. How many people die of flu each year? Annual influenza ... inews.co.uk › news › health › flu-how-many-people-di... Sep 30, 2020 — The World Health Organisation estimates that between 290000 and 650000 people die worldwide every year from influenza-related causes. This is it Say No More.
  11. When in the name of Satan is Thailand going to wake up to the Real World and Realise that they have to get rid of the Stray Soi Dogs? This is Insane ,The (most)Thais they say they Love Animals and can't Cull them They have to die by themselves . They are Absolutely Cruel to the Dogs to make them suffer in pain and discomfort. Kick them out Flea ridden ,Full of Ticks ,Mange, No food .You call that Loving Animals ? That's worse than culling them .At least if they are Dead they Don't Suffer and can't attack people. Some of your Do Gooders may not like it But it's the Onl
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