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  1. Why would they close it ,Wasn't it doing the Right thing as in being Legal and Health and Safety and Humane Slaughter? Shouldn't they also looking into the Other Meat slaughterhouses For Same? It doesn't matter what People Eat If everything is done by the Book/Law. What's the difference Chicken /Pork/Lamb/ Beef/duck /Kangaroo/Beaver (the Wild one)/Cat/Bisam Rat/ Racoon/Geese/Fish Crustaceans/crocodile/Turtle/Fasant/Partrige/Pigeons, And All the other ones .
  2. It's the Same as with any other Law in thailand . It's the way they Think : they Don't : Care Factor Zero !
  3. They can but I haven't heard of Anyone being Fined or anything else than being shot stabbed and killed. If this was enforced there would be many cops/army and many more people in trouble . From what I have seen is that a lot of men if they make a bit more money than the normal jo blo they just get some Giks . It's a Power show off thing here in Thailand. that's what my Partner says.
  4. Platform and high heel shoes /boots should take care of that,
  5. Thai visa site Very slow and most times error 522. or Timed out . It's just Pot luck to get a page loaded . I don't have any trouble with other sites like F book/ U tube /Google. Has anyone else got the same problem or is it just me
  6. Different country different Rules to the Law .Western Law doesn't Exist /Applies here in Thailand . To us it doesn't make Any Sense . If your Connected /Have Money ,Hey Anything Goes.
  7. What good will that do? there's Millions uit there and easy to get ,He may have some more at home or stashed .
  8. You have heard it from the Boss ,the solution Must be Concrete . Sounds Great Built Concrete drains and Concrete runoffs ,Just make sure that the Water gets directed Downhill .
  9. It's a Lost cause . I tried in our village All the Thais give you the Thumbs up and Smile , But they Never lift a finger to do it themselves.
  10. New Chrysler 300 2020: V8 rear-wheel-drive sedan keeping ... www.carsguide.com.au › car-news › new-chrysler-300-... Aug 8, 2563 BE — New Chrysler 300 2020: V8 rear-wheel-drive sedan keeping the brand alive in Australia. Chrysler's 300 SRT is the only rear-drive V8 sedan priced below $150,000 in Australia.
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