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  1. Driver Didn't check his Mirror to see if people cleared the bus /steps before driving off. hurry hurry .
  2. Pedestrian at Fault .Must check if road is Clear Before Crossing if not at a Zebra Crossing. Same all over the World. Anyone says different is Wrong.
  3. Normal Political party attacks. That will Never stop No matter what country .They will Always try to dig up dirt on their opposite party/members.
  4. What news? Just Normal Corruption. Nothing new .If there's Money to be made ,Corruption will be raising it Head.
  5. Sounds more like going backwards .Walking or driving be Quicker than all this Vo doo and 4Hrs Before Takeoff. Not going to Fly until this Flu Trouble is Over and one can travel Reasonable Normal.
  6. Well I think it's Nearly impossible to follow all the measures at a market. People can't keep distance people /stop/move can't be done .
  7. No ,waste of time and money . As someone said before .Forget it sell it buy a New one in Thailand . It will be cheaper and a lot less running around and a lot less Hassles.
  8. Dolphins spotted off the coast of Songkhla That's as good enough to reason to keep the tourists away Permanently.
  9. He doesn't the THB 5,000 He's getting More than Enough.
  10. Only if she could get a tourist visa and you would have to prove that you have enough money to Keep her while she's in Aus.
  11. SURVEY: SHOULD FOREIGNERS WITH FAMILY BE ALLOWED BACK? Yes I don't see why not .They Live here and have their Wife/Kids/Girlfriend here ,They spend their money here on , Buying Houses/Cars/Motor bikes/and their Lady /Wife & kids. Some do More than the Thai Men. At least they should have the same Right to return to their Loved ones as Anyone . Including having to do the 14 day Quarantine.
  12. Slow down Watson . The way it came on the News earlier in the week it looked pretty Unbelievable. now still Unbelievable.
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