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  1. I don't see any problems . Just don't use them Use COD Or Debit card just make sure that your debit card hasn't got to much more money then what you need for your purchase online for safety reasons.
  2. The only one that can protect you is Yourself . Don't use an agency. If you got everything in order ,Money /Papers you save yourself a lot of trouble and money . Do your Extensions yourself . There's nothing to it .Fill in the form get your papers together and picture ,,,,, Done.
  3. I wish they shut up ,they don't know what's going to happen .They Dreaming Forecasts speculations they mean F A
  4. What did they expect ,that they actually would report? That's asking a bit much isn't it. If they ain't dragged by the scruff of their neck you won't see one.
  5. I never seen Thai people using salt in cooking ,only spices and soya sauce and oyster sauce and some other [email protected] I wish him good luck trying to stop that or even reducing. Same with the Sugar Thais use a lot of sugar in their cooking. They love their sweet snacks Anything sweet. I would say he's got no hope in Hell. Satan will look after that.
  6. Now that's nothing new for money transfer institutes.TorFx and Transferwise told me when I opened an account with them that they ask the customers for the same info as you did mentioned every 3 years to prevent money laundering/Safety/to make sure that you still at same address. I had one utility bill put in my name and address . Just copy /scan the the things they want and them , No Probs
  7. What this has to do with JB .Not even in office and already Fapping his jaws . JB you will see He's gonna be trouble for the poor country the USA
  8. This is thailand and they Do whatever they want .There are Laws and Cops But Neither are where they needed.
  9. We will see how long that will last . This is just click bait to try to sell more EV vehicles.
  10. Yea right they may looking at it, that doesn't a thing . Let them back in and see what happens ,most countries aren't doing so good in containing the Virus. They may let many suspect virus carries back in.
  11. Not much faster they say . It's a very big Money spinner . Many people want 5G so many people want the latest phones. It's like everything else Including Internet services they are all Limited . Many times when the internet is very slow we have to call the provider they will come and check,they call the office after a while and say we will fix it . They Turned it up for a week or so and then it starts slowing down again till one calls them again.
  12. They can say whatever they want ,Time will tell . No one has crystal balls so No one knows what's going to happen. Forecasts/speculation, To me it means Nothing . one day or two days up rest of the week down . Take it day by day.
  13. But it will make sure that they won't do it again .Works 100% Jail time doesn't.They can come out after time served and start again. Jail is an university for Criminals and Rehabilitation doesn't work very well .
  14. You forgot the main problem The Incompetent Drivers.
  15. They should be looking into growing Cannabis for Medicinal purpose and Non THC Marijuana for Clothing/Ropes/Building materials and many more uses. This could help a lot of farmers for a better income than what they get now from the oversupply of the rubber.
  16. That's a braindead idea . How in the name of Satan can they think of a stupid idea like that. Trucks supplying all the Shops /Businesses How on earth can the City work like that.
  17. Probable the water from the Klongs is Worse then what the Police was using.
  18. Of course they've got one ,But like many other things in Los things Don't Work.
  19. Just wait a while there will be plenty jumping on the band wagon. They also said that it isn't Compulsory ,it will be soon the drivers will make it compulsory themselves .
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