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  1. There's Nothing there even the approved message is only Halve (APPr) The Right hand side of the Form Message isn't Complete.Can't Zoom in/out because its there Form that's not complete.
  2. I've done mine online 2 weeks ago .got Approved but No New Date Scrolled down and looked everywhere closed the page and got back at it to check Status of application Again ,to no avail same all same all. Then went to the Imm Office 3 days ago , works All the time . They said online is hopeless.I Agree.
  3. The ones who Ushered them to the Front and the Officials and the VIPs should be Locked up (corrupt to the core) . Too much corruption is going on here in Los.
  4. Planes on lampposts! Nong Prue mayor said they were not that expensive and value for money. He can say that because he didn't pay for them. Now they should let Him pay for them From his Earnings .
  5. They might Plan that But it may never happen.I hope they Can do it doh.
  6. Easing restrictions on foreign property ownership in Thailand a good idea, says leading industry figure. Of course he would say that . Selling More properties at Jacked up prices for foreigners.
  7. Done the Normal thing eat what I normally eat Drink a Few beers every day. Got the AZ Jab 2 days ago No side effects so far
  8. Bye the looks of that ,That will Never work if the one end with concrete on top doesn't go in to a drain. It can only work if there's a Bend down in to a drain underneath the surface.
  9. You're wrong ,I posted yesterday 8th of June that I had the AZ Jab yesterday early afternoon. So far no side effects . Can't say that I am Normal cause I have Never claimed to be normal.
  10. Covid Vaccine Postponed Sorry to hear that Mario, As per appointment made about a month ago by Phone to the Local Hospital with the Yellow book ID number I had my AZ Jab Today . Total waiting time including the 1/2 Hr after the Jab was 2 1/2 Hrs . No Complaints.
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