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  1. They were going to be allowed to make the vaccine If they bought first a big Batch of vaccine . they didn't say How big of a batch that had to be.
  2. That's still wishful thinking, With all the Hoops that one will have to jump through it will be a Miracle that someone would want to come to Los for a holiday.
  3. This will cover more than enough for the Few that Can't/Won't pay their bill. They will make Millions that way and more. Who's looking after the money so it doesn't go to the Normal Wrong Places. I would Gladly pay a couple thousand per year if they do away with the Normal rip off Insurance that are around now.
  4. Don't believe that that will Replace ones Insurance. For Sure they will still want one to have an Covid + Travel Insurance to Enter Los.
  5. With What/Who would they Replace them? In Aus when the young cops start they get Transferred to another city /town every 2 years so that they can't get a real foot hold in their district for corruption.
  6. Why? One can't believe a word they say , It's one corrupt vs an other more corrupt Person and that's from/in Any Level of the community.
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