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  1. Check chobrod.com and traderod.com, they are in Thai language but easy to understand.
  2. ...and then he started to realize why Huawei is banned in America.
  3. fdsa


    Actually your online activities can be hacked, tracked and traced without your knowing by malicious VPN provider You can be safe only if you set up your very own VPN server, using a dedicated server only - not a VPS/VDS. BTW some free VPN services are OK in terms of privacy & security, and many paid VPN services are not OK. BTW2 your geolocation could be determined by about a dozen of methods, not just by IP address. And the real IP address behind the VPN could be determined too, you have to tweak your system heavily to make VPN really protect you.
  4. fdsa


    choose your VPN provider wisely https://www.vpnmentor.com/blog/report-free-vpns-leak/ so far Proton VPN was good.
  5. I plan to fly to Bangkok for few days to choose, inspect and register a car. How long does it usually take to complete all the paperwork? Should I book a hotel for few weeks rather than few days? Should I bring a lawyer or just a translator would be enough (I could not speak nor read Thai)? I thought about making a contract like "money will be transferred to the seller only after the successful car re-registration in the DLT, until that moment the money will be stored by the third party trustee/guarantor", is that necessary or everything should be easy and straightforward? Which documents I have to bring with me besides the passport and the driving license? Do I really need a certificate of residence? Should I go to the car brand's official service center for the inspection or some third-party garage would be better? Any other advice for buying a used car?
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