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  1. Good for you, sorry I could not feel the same. And reason to stay here is in my case only that I have my family here and because of them and the rules, it is hard to move anywhere else.
  2. No, I have traveled to Thailand since 2008 and have lived here for the last six years. I think there are many "idiotic" things from the state here. But I still haven't fallen so low that I judge people or their statement before I see what they mean.
  3. I don't really understand most of the people who write here. Why so negative about everything? Why not be positive and wait and see what these changes mean, that is if they happen within a reasonable time.
  4. So you think that not getting UK beer and after eight will make EU to make a change? And by the way, how many car manufacturers in UK are not from the EU?
  5. So what is the OP;s point? Within abot 50 records of street accident records, about one is a farrangers fault, so ones again, what are you trying to profe?
  6. Well, if they connect this stormwater discharge to the higher landscape and make sure that everyone has sufficiently large stormwater wells and pipes, it can work. But nothing indicates that they have thought so far. Other questions are how often they intend to clear those and how far out in the sea the rainwater is supposed to be released or how much it is purified before then. I am not particularly surprised if they have not thought of such things.
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