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  1. When I turned the valve on outlet side off with inlet valve open then opened a tap pump starts then stops then starts then stops keeps doing this.
  2. The pump is a Mitsubishi which is sited just after a 2000 litre free standing water tank the mains water goes into the tank first then into the water pump.The pump turns itself on when a tap or shower is turned on.I have taken the cover off the pump there are no leaks.Pump still turning itself on every 20 minutes.Do you think there is a fault with the pump.
  3. I had valves closed on inlet and outlet of pump while i was changing a tap as thought tap was leaking and heard pump start up for few seconds then stop.
  4. The water pump keeps starting every 20 minutes.I have checked all taps showers inside and out for leaks all seem good and have also dug up various sections of blue plastic pipe and replaced it as near various plants.When I had the water to the pump turned off both sides of the pump the pump started for a few seconds then went off could it be that the water pump is faulty if not it mens that I will have to get all the underground blue plastic piping replaced.what is your idea maybe Crossy has a idea as he seems top on electrics and other diy.
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