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  1. My friend went to Yasothon Immigration yesterday for a extension of his OA visa which he got in UK he has been here on extensions of this OA visa for 12 years they gave him the extension this year but he was told when he next renews next year he MUST HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE so I think what is being stated a lot on here about not needing it is not true members should check with their local immigration and find out this is true.
  2. Waiting for Ubonjoe to reply to this.A friend of mine age 66 went to renew his extension of stay on a OA (retirement) at Yasothon Immigration which runs out this month and got the extension this year done but was told that when he renews next year that he will have to have health insurance as stated in the new requirements.
  3. I have read and watched a video on you tube from a Thai legal solicitors company stating that extensions of stay of a OA visa require health insurance and on a facebook forum "Thai visa advice" with comments from their moderators and admin stating insurance is required.So my options are to change to a non O extension for retirement or marriage.
  4. With the new regulations from end October this year,I am on a OA (retired) non immigrant visa extension original visa from Thai Embassy in London England, British passport holder.Do you think it would be possible to change to a non immigrant O visa extension (retired) or (married).or would I have to leave and come back on a 30 day visa exempt and then get a 90 day non immigrant from Jomtien then convert to a yearly extension. I have the funds in a Thai account for either of these .Do funds have to show coming from abroad for this change.i will be doing this at Jomtien Immigration.Any advice would be very welcome before I go to immigration later this month to do 90 day report and get advice from there and requirements needed.Thank you.
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