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  1. We won't if we have leaders and negotiators with your doom and gloom outlook and level of ambition. If there was an Olympics for pessimism I would fancy your chances.
  2. Breaking News! Sarah Wollaston, Heidi Allen and Anna Soubry have joined eight Labour MPs as a new splinter group.
  3. The figures you obviously dislike were generated in 1917 to indicate the state of the market over the last 40 years. Are you saying the figures produced are incorrect and/or you disagree with the conclusions...………………. "I think two things have really moved on since the referendum 40 years ago. The first is the economic picture. Europe has shrunk as a percentage of the world economy" Daniel Hannan, BBC Radio 5 Live, 5 June 2015 When measured in terms of Purchasing Power Parity, the EU has shrunk as a proportion of world GDP. The fact is your excuses don't change the published figures.
  4. Down from 26% to 20%. In isolation that figure is bad enough but when you consider 26% of world trade was produced by 9 member states and only 20% of world trade was produced by 28 member states...….well I will let you draw your own conclusion.
  5. It's true the EU economy has grown in size but unfortunately not in proportion to the market size. Put bluntly they have lost market share. The world economy did not get significantly larger In 24 hours, there were long term signs, and in business terms no CEO would excuse a Sales Director who lost 5% of market share in a growing market.
  6. I used these graphs to arrive at my 20% figure but am very happy to accept 15%....it's more supportive of my argument. As for 45% of world trade I didn't quote any figure on that. In your last sentence think is the operative word. As for reading material can I recommend "Clean Brexit: Why leaving the EU makes sense" by Liam Halligan and Gerard Lyons. This is a review https://www.bitebackpublishing.com/posts/clean-brexit-by-liam-halligan-and-gerard-lyons-review-by-stuart-crank
  7. You also see cultism with Remainers, almost religious in nature To people like yourself, any contradiction of EU values or actions is heresy.
  8. Do you mean the reality that in 1973 when the UK joined the EEC the resulting 9 member states accounted for 26% of the world economy. Now with 28 member states it accounts for 20% and forecasts say by 2050 it will be less than 10% (smaller than India). Do you mean the reality of the EU loosing 5% of its market each year, youth unemployment, 1 trillion euro target2 debts owed to Germany which will never be paid. Do you mean the reality of loosing the UK contribution, fishing rights, far right political parties and populism. Do you mean the reality that the EU's market growth has been 2% for the last 10 years, the USA by 76%, China by 132% and Greece by minus 50% and there has been no growth in Italy since they joined the euro. Do you mean the reality of a high-currency financial strait jacket and...…….sorry, I'm tired of typing.
  9. So what elements do they use to determine total wealth? Did Man U--Chelsea keep you up ? One observation, my wealth was predicated on the government not the Prime Minister and labour was in power from 1997 to 2010
  10. You are right. Sorry about the font. There is no official measurement for the wealth of a country but my minds eye sees it to be a function of GDP, capital resources, debt, money exchange, natural resources, reserves, employment etc. As a result I cant give you a figure but I stand by their employment stats, and observations on sterling crises, fiscal incontinence, industrial unrest, etc. If you disagree with my view of post war Labour I would be happy to see your reasons and if you have wealth figures even better.
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