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  1. UK net borrowing has fallen from £150 billion in 2010 to £40 billion in 2018. You can't reduce this level of borrowing without extra money...…..the so called surplus. Last month the Treasury recorded the biggest January surplus since records began.....£14.9 billion Germany is on the brink of recession after a shock plunge in Industrial output. Production in Europe's financial powerhouse dropped by 1.9% in November and by minus 4.6% year on year.....the biggest drop since the 2008 crisis. In November Germanys exports fell by minus 0.4%. The rest of Europe is begging them to change. Have you seen the latest election results. I assume you feel centrist parties are going to sweep the board in May. Bojo and Corbyn aren't heads of state. Ask the countries of the Southern med how good the Euro is ?
  2. Are you referring to the deal were two people get what neither one of them wanted.
  3. Teebee, dear boy, had the vote gone 66/33 you would still be expounding the same nonsense that it's unfair that a third of the country should be unhappy. It's what people do when they don't accept reality. It is what it is
  4. Of course they aren't...…..it's a question of religion. The UK has a surplus and unemployment is it's lowest in 40 odd years. The Government has reduced the deficit considerably and our banks recently passed rigid stress testing. Many countries in the EU are either in or moving toward recession. The EU is collapsing under public debt. The Euro has a serious survival problem. Water levels in the Rhine are at an all time low. Germany and France being run by the most over rated politician of recent times and a Pound Shop Napoleon And Remainers want to stay in; it's a strange strategy. The biggest worry for the EU now is for the UK to stay in the Union and bring the Brexit fight to the May European elections.
  5. Not as obsessed and masochistic as you are with pedantic text! I'm finished
  6. There you go getting all over-reactive, protective and hissy, but if I offended I am sorry. You certainly have a right to comment and you certainly don't need to justify your existence to me. I only ask because your experience of people in the UK is completely different to mine and since my business requires extensive travel and there aren't too many places I haven't been I just wondered where that place is. If you are going to make statements about the feelings of plenty of people it's not unreasonable for me to ask where are they? However if you are working undercover and don't want to identify that place......fine with me.....you didn't have to get apoplectic, all you had to say was I prefer not to tell you......job done. As for pedantic text, reading is not compulsory so do yourself a favour.
  7. The Treasury has recorded the biggest January surplus since records began, raking in £14.9billion more than Government spent. Borrowing has fallen to the lowest level in 11 years as the deficit continues to fall despite contingency measures taken for Brexit.
  8. What? And the Remainers mantra, 500000 unemployed, after Brexit we would have a recession, the cost of borrowing would go up, national security would be jeopardized , house prices would fall significantly etc weren't presented as facts?
  9. I think that was true Max immediately following the referendum but at the moment there are some members of the Keep the Sheep Asleep Party on this forum who know exactly how we should proceed.
  10. Good we have left the Empire bit presumably because you couldn't support your claim but a new problem has arisen Bomber thinks Yorkshire is a country. He seems to be as well informed as you. You have a great deal to say but have shown a great deal of reluctance to answer questions like what part of the UK are you from etc? which could enter into force immediately after the UK leaves the EU. Frameworks aren't manifestos .Manifestos have a moral binding, frameworks don't. The operative word is "could" (an expression of possibility) and the answer to your question is have we left the EU yet? I have no idea at what stage we are at with negotiating trade deals you seem to have advance information or is it more of your conjecture?
  11. I don’t recall saying we were a super power and certainly your claim doesn’t match the feelings of the people in my pub, my business and my friends. What part of the UK do you live in that is so different from mine in E Yorks? Why are you reluctant to back your claim with evidence that plenty of people think Empire starts at the end of March. There was no ‘leave’ manifesto. A manifesto is a declaration of policy normally by a political party. There was however lots of conjecture and misinformation on both sides. As I recall your side said after the referendum there would be an immediate and profound economic shock which would drive the UK into recession. Can you remind us who has gone into recession and who is a rizla paper away from going in? It was also said that house prices would fall by 10-18%. In my area they haven’t changed perhaps in your area it’s different. 500000 people would be unemployed. The unemployment rate is 4% its lowest level since the 1970’s. Brexit was going to harm national security and reduce foreign investment. Show me the evidence. In the absence of a well done I have assumed you weren't happy with the latest public finance declaration.
  12. I agree the impasse is caused by the EU's intransigence. Good intentions aren't always enough are they? Where is your evidence/link that plenty of people think empire starts on 30th March? It's at odds with what I hear in the Pub and read in the Press. It has just been announced that UK Public Finance showed a record surplus of £14.9 billion last month which was £3 billion more than forecast...…. a disappointment and too pessimistic for you probably.
  13. We won't if we have leaders and negotiators with your doom and gloom outlook and level of ambition. If there was an Olympics for pessimism I would fancy your chances.
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