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  1. ...penny wise & pound foolish I'd say..
  2. .. no wonder he was over 3X over the legal limit, wonder what the rest of the family is like; never mind I don't really want to know..
  3. ..why didn't you report this to the police, you had the evidence on video, let them go so they can have someone else rob you or worse; not very smart in my opinion..
  4. ..right, like who is going to do anything that will cost them money they can't afford to part with now, not knowing how long this lock down in China will last.. if things normalize by Nov. can they wait that long to expend the costs of any major repairs now.. those that do have reserve cash for emergencies should be able to find labor at a discount for any major renovations.. on a side note I haven't seen or read any news lately about the HK protests, seems like this virus has solved that problem for China for now..
  5. ..Thai logic, we've had 1 mass shooting because of a land deal gone bad, lets just <deleted> off some more retired military personal by evicting them from their home by the end of this month, 11 days from today..
  6. ..they are buying the plant, not the GM trademark, so their production will have a different brand name on whatever they decide to build..
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