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  1. Spoken like a true American president: "you are either with us, or against us". Personally, I am against both communism and imperialism, and would rather stay away from both concerned countries.
  2. I was not talking about 40 years ago, or about what might happen in the future, but about what has actually happened during the first 20 years of this century.
  3. We don't see hundreds of Chinese army bases in over a hundred countries. And when it comes to numbers, please remind us how many people China has killed outside its border since the beginning of this century, and how many countries the American "force of good" has completely destroyed?
  4. The choice between communism and imperialism is a tough one, like having to chose between the plague and cholera. While China is mostly bringing misery within its borders, the US is doing it worldwide and even its "allies" are starting to question their allegiance. Regular international surveys, conducted by Pew Research (American) and others, show that the US is perceived as the biggest threat to world peace, by a very large majority...just sayin'...
  5. Plus the fact that whole cities and islands depend 100% on tourism, as well as airlines such as Bangkok Airways... Just look at Pattaya today, without any tourist...looks like a ghost town...
  6. That is because all the mainstream media (save Fox News) is highly biased towards the left. They react in accordance with their PC (politically correct) mantra: - white man = racist and supremacist - Trump = very bad white man (he bashes China, so China = good)
  7. To be fair, they don't mention any successful country, whether it is Thailand, or Vietnam, or Taiwan, or any other one. This, for the obvious reasons that focusing on success would: 1. make the so called developed world look incompetent, which it is 2. make the virus look less dangerous, which would go against the policies of fearmongering enacted by the virus patrol (WHO, Gates, Fauci and the likes)
  8. Not only recently...the Chinese flu in 1957, and the Hong Kong flu in 1968, both killed more people than the actual coronavirus. This is because Europe and the US probably don't have the right kind of bats to produce such efficient viruses. The US has Batman, but it's not the same as the real thing...
  9. Yinn can't be Thai... her nickname has more than 3 letters!
  10. Around 2010, there were over 40,000 farangs with a retirement visa in Pattaya... and that was only those with this specific visa... (that was headline news in the Pattaya Mail at the time). I doubt that these numbers have gone down since... on the contrary...
  11. I would bet a few thousand baht against that one... Interested?
  12. Where? I have seen only empty malls since the reopening...
  13. "We have studied a possibility of offering special long-stay packages in isolated and closed areas where health monitoring can be easily controlled" Send all the foreign tourists to Phuket, dynamite the bridge to the mainland, and have the recently bought submarines patrol the waters around the island to crush any tentative of escape. The money from tourism will be sent to Bangkok by electronic transfers...no need for contacts... Those living and working on the island will be called "heroes of the nation" and remembered for their sacrifice.
  14. ...from death...which is called resurrection...
  15. At the opposite end of the population, there is very little available when it comes to taking care of young children. When I needed them, during the previous decade, I couldn't find a kindergarten and a babysitter, the latter being apparently an unknown job in this country. Among the many well off people of Bangkok, some might enjoy this kind of services, if they were available. The trick would be to recruit the necessary reliable staff...
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