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  1. Phuket, which should be rebranded "Amazing Phuket" is an incredible news provider. The island offers more headlines on a daily basis than the rest of the country! "Kicking out foreigners who don't..." "Welcoming foreigners who do..." "Vaccinating truckloads of locals..." All in 24 hours! Wash, rince, repeat... This news cycle has been going on for months now, and will probably still be live on air one year from now.
  2. You are comparing two very different things. The Chinese didn't have to do much research to produce a traditional vaccine, that is, to inject a deactivated version of the virus. This type of vaccine presents little danger, but has been known to be poorly efficient against coronaviruses, because of the very specific location these viruses use to colonize. The Western therapies/vaccines on the other hand are brand new and have never been used with humans until now. On top of that, they have not been fully tested before being injected in unsuspectin
  3. I would only take the Sinovac, which is a real vaccine, as opposed to the others which are experimental therapies...but only if I got something in return, in terms of freedom. In other words, I will not rush to get a shot but let others (the 70%) get theirs, and see how things unfold from there.
  4. I have a few questions: 1. What are they smoking over there? 2. Can I have some? 3. Why 129,000 visitors, and not 129,736? 4. How do they move from "kicking out of the country foreigners who don't wear a mask while peeing in the jungle" to "welcoming foreigners with no strings attached (save for the money spending thing)" in just 45 days? 5. What are the requirements in order to be recruited by the TAT...besides the smoking thing (see question 1)?
  5. *Deleted post edited out* "Governments don't always tell the truth"...talk about an understatement. I don't think you are a "Covid denier", a meaningless term repeated ad nauseam by those who absorb the official narrative like brainless sponges, only to regurgitate it over and over again. Yet, you are probably not looking in the right direction when it comes to the Sinovac vaccine. There are not only Chinese interests behind this vaccine, and this company... Anyway, this vaccine has shown to be quite effective, and especially safe, un
  6. Is that part of the original vaccination plan, or yesterday's replan, or plan B from outer space? 600,000 teachers in 2 weeks with no vaccines available right now...that's a challenge...bring em' on!
  7. In our village there is barely anyone willing to be vaccinated. They all talk about the "accidents" with Sinovac which are over amplified on their social networks. I don't see people crowding for a shot in the same way that they crowd to get cash from the government. I guess we will see soon enough...
  8. A couple of days ago came the plan, now comes the replan, or plan B. By the end of the month we should be already be at plan Z, or maybe even in the double lettering... So, they will have to reschedule all the appointments already booked...one can already imagine the confusion going forward. Let's revise our prognostic for vaccination down to 30% by year end...with probably more revisions to follow...
  9. 14 to 19 cases in a population of 1.4 billion is like a rounding error...
  10. What we are dealing with here are women who had heard, probably on the social web grapewine, about the blood clots stories regarding the AZ vaccine. Unable to make a difference between AZ and Sinovac, they self diagnosed similar symptoms, even though it is impossible because Sinovac doesn't affect the vascular system. If they had come up with totally different symptoms, they might have been credible, but not in this case.
  11. What false claims? This data is published on worldometer and many other sources...just have a look, it's everywhere...
  12. Si you think that mass surveillance is more efficient than vaccines when it comes to fight a virus?
  13. It appears that China has managed to bring infections to zero while vaccinating only 20% of its population...go figure...
  14. First let me inform you that Russia has not been communist for over 30 years now...time to wake up. With regards to Russian capacities, Americans and others were happy the use the Soyuz rocket in order to reach the space station, the only available spaceship for this purpose. China for it's part produces almost everything these days, starting with the mobile phone or tablet that you use every day. Thousands of containers full of Chinese products reach the US and Europe every day, and go back almost empty. Why make an exception for the vaccine whe
  15. I fully agree with you. Personally, I have chosen to be part of the 30% in order to let the 70% have their shots, since I am not an at risk person. Yet, if I needed to be vaccinated, in order to travel for example, I would go with the Sinovac, because it is the only vaccine using the long tested method of injecting a deactivated virus in order to train the organism to recognize it, and react accordingly. The other vaccines are based on experimental methods (mRNA or adenovirus), and I am comfortable observing others experimenting. As far as you are concerned, y
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