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  1. I never said that Thailand's average temperature has risen 10 degrees, but that the low nightime temperatures we have in Eastern Isaan these days are up to 10 degrees higher than they used to be, that is 25 C instead of 15 C. I don't know what's going on climatewise in other parts of the country, I am just talking about my area...
  2. I have been telling the same story in other threads... it is probably the warmest winter I have had in 20 years, in Eastern Isaan. The fact that it doesn't rain is normal, this is the reason it is called the dry season. The problem is the heat, because the wind and high pressure come from the East instead of the North. And since we are again in an El Nino year, we may have to endure some more months of dry heat, probably with droughts here and there...
  3. When you don't know what you are talking about, then just don't talk!
  4. Isaan and jungle don't go together... it's like putting together Pattaya and cleanliness...
  5. And remove all the casinos from Macau while they are at it! Gentrify? Seriously? And open a Tiffany shop?
  6. That is probably because you haven't been living in Isaan... All the villagers in Isaan own a duffel coat/parka, and a wool cap, which they don't use anymore... yet they bought them for good reason...
  7. Indeed! The abnormaly cold weather on the US East Coast has been caused by a displacement of cold air from the North Pole, which in turn is too warm. Last year, there were days during winter when temperatures at the North Pole were above freezing despite the fact that it was 24 hour night time! In Thailand, it is not one warm winter, but a long series of them. I have in my home the duvets and clothes to prove it, which I didn't buy for pleasure, but out of necessity, yet which I have not used for many years. During the previous decade, every year we had weeks with temperatures falling below 15 C at night. We were sleeping with socks, pants, sweatshirt and a heavy duvet. In the early morning, the villagers used to set a camp fire to warm themselves up, and I didn't want to get out of bed because I was feeling too cold. This hasn't happened for years now, but I still have the clothes to remind me what used to be...
  8. Only Black Sabbath is Paranoid... we on the other hand are realist...
  9. Peoples' and animals' bodies won't be cleaned by the monsoon, and won't forget. It's a bit like thinking that to stop smoking for a few months after having smoked one pack a day for three months, is enough to clean one's lungs...
  10. February 7th in Eastern Isaan and already it feels like a hot day in April, with 38 degree celsius in daytime, and 26 as a minimum in nightime! And we are still supposed to be in winter... not that we had any winter anyway, with the temperatures dropping at most to 19 during the "coolest" nights last month. We are very far from the 13 to 15 degrees at night, for weeks at a time, that used to be the norm not so long ago. How is it going to be 10 years from now? Unbearable I am afraid, and easy visa or not easy visa, we will have to move North to avoid the fate of the boiling frog. Maybe we should encourage the Chinese to come to Thailand after all, so that they would leave a lot of free space for us in their former country... the border with Mongolia should be just fine by 2030...
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