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  1. Even though he doesn't exactly fit the required profile, they might want to make an exception and give a shot to the uber pompous Michel Barnier. Or better, make that a double shot!
  2. That's actually the only way to get rid of all this damn water...sharing it between the peasants and the students!
  3. Indonesia’s Military to Kick Out Soldiers Discovered to Be Gay At least be careful not to kick them in the...
  4. At this rate, only Trump will vote in person on November 3rd! Having voted for himself, he will be declared (provisional) winner later in the night. Then the counting of the mailed ballots will start, and for the first time ever, the US of A will not have enough lawyers!
  5. Believe it or not the rain didn't stop at the Lao/Khmer/Thai border! In Sisaket, I have never seen a weather like that in over 20 years! Almost non-stop rain for over a month, and no sun at all. Impossible to go in the garden without rubber boots, where the mud is ankle deep. The more this weather goes on, the higher the risk that the rice crop is going to be lost...as if Thailand didn't have enough troubles already...
  6. The article doesn't mention the colonoscopy each tourist will get, in order to be sure that the pesky virus is not hiding in a place where it shouldn't...
  7. Big gathering? Looks like the equivalent of a classroom sitting on a beach, facing the sea...not really impressive...
  8. But property owners can come back to Thailand! They just need to show 3 million baht on their Thai bank account, 0.5 million in a foreign bank account, 5 baht of Thai gold around their neck, a Buddha amulet approved by the Thai Post Office, and be able to recite the Thai alphabet backward in less than 3 minutes. What's to complain about?
  9. You guys are far too optimistic. It is not that easy and quick to dislodge a government, legitimate or not. Just look at Maduro, in Venezuela, or Assad, in Syria, or Lukashenko, in Belarus... not to mention Carrie Lam in Hong Kong. These guys are still there despite having endured far far more pressure than the Thai PM. In fact, it is very rare for such protests to succeed, and when they do, as in Iran in 1979, for example, they are followed by mayhem...
  10. I have seen it already, not bad, but not the best Liam Neeson. At least it's a movie and not a series of computer generated sequences...movies have become very rare, even more so since the beginning of the pandemic madness. One can wonder how Hollywood and all the industries revolving around it are going to survive this...basically no income for one year, or more...
  11. What facts do you have about the Thai banks? Once again, have you studied, or even given a cursory look at their balance sheets? Because in the end it is the only thing that matters, not the Thai government or the protesters or the baht exchange rate. There are dozens of countries that are in far worse shape than Thailand. Have you heard about banks going under in Africa, in South America (Argentina is in perpetual financial crisis, not to mention Venezuela), in the Middle East (Irak, Iran, Libya, Syria...)? What makes you think that Thailand is in worse financial shape than these places? And even in lowly and poor Laos and Cambodia, banks are not collapsing one after the other. It is much better to act, or react, on the basis of facts, rather than emotions like many do here...
  12. Not much. What mostly affects gold price is the risk of inflation, which itself is linked to the quantity of money created. Gold went up during the second quarter because of the trillions of dollars and other currencies that were created out of thin air. Expect more of the same "remedy" in the coming months...
  13. My post was not related to banks, but to the economy at large. The EU, for example, has had negative interest rates (NIRP) for many years, while until the covid crisis, Thailand interest rate was still at 1.5%...not much but far better than below zero. Negative interest rates harm the banks, which partly explains why the European banks are in such bad shape. As for the risks taken, have a look at the banks' exposition to financial derivatives (financial weapons of mass destruction, according to Warren Buffett)...
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