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  1. And obviously the good doctor will be the first one to receive a shot, on live TV! Preach by example...
  2. Agree...the (big) problem is that it is very difficult to move from rice to another crop because of the damn paddies (= swimming pools). Before moving to another crop, the farmers have to fill up their paddies, which is a double challenge because it is very expensive and there is no available arable soil. Usually when they fill up a paddy, they use the sand-like soil from another paddy. That is to say the Isaan farmer are going to suffer a lot from climate change, and a rural exodus is probably to be forecasted.
  3. I was not talking about the EU budget, but rather about Target 2, where Germany is on the hook for about 1 trillion euros...on paper. Regarding the EU budget, each member pays its fair share in proportion of its size. Germany has by far the largest economy and population, so it contributes the most. The money spent on the budget is to pay for the giant technocratic apparatus of the EU, not to help members in trouble.
  4. There is no "proof" since these are just talks between the White House and the House of Representatives. Both are more or less in agreement on a 2 trillion stimulus, but they disagree on who gets something and how much. The White House would like the bulk of the money to go to households, while the House would like to send a large amount to the states, notably California and Illinois. This is in all the news, mainstream and not, on a daily basis, and the talks have been going on for weeks.
  5. It is neither the Republicans, nor the Democrats, who are responsible for this mess, but rather the state, and the states! Vote by mail, fine, but with one rule for the whole country, and that rule is (or should be) very simple: the ballots should be received (not posted) by November 3rd, midnight, to be counted along with the in person votes! Some states will keep on accepting mailed votes for weeks after November 3 ...ridiculous! And with so many mailed votes, one wonder how it is possible to check if people have not voted twice, or more?
  6. This has been all over the news for weeks! Time to wake up earl(y)incalifornia...
  7. What? Ubon Ratchatani is hundreds of kilometers away from the future high speed train, on the opposite side of Isaan. One wonder what a bridge connecting Ubon to Laos has to do with the high speed train?
  8. Watching such a big and powerful country being unable to organize fair and square elections once every four years is really sad. The USofA should be renamed the BRofA, and the stars on the flag should be replaced with bananas! In history books, this is what will be called "decadence" in the future, like there was the decadence of Rome, and many other former empires...
  9. They make tons of money thanks to their stupid neighbors. As far as the German economy is concerned, the euro is grossly undervalued, which gives a fantastic boost to its exports. Meanwhile the euros is grossly overvalued for most of the other economies of the union. It is the latter (Spain, Italy...) who should leave. Germany is not paying anything for the other members... these are just entries to balance the ECBs book, without any real transfer of money from one state to another.
  10. The lockdown obviously didn't work the first time, so let's go for a second round! Even the WHO has said that lockdowns were to be avoided, but never mind because, in the end, the real objective is to establish a new feudal system, and the sheeple are quickly adapting to their new status of serfs. Good riddance...
  11. Read "reopening the country to foreign...money!" because this has been their obsession since they started looking for solutions. As far as I know, when Spain or Greece tentatively reopened to tourism, they didn't ask for the candidate tourists to show the content of their wallet first. Thailand has been showing a very ugly face to the world during these past months, and this out of bounds greed could end up causing more harm than the covid 19 in the long run...
  12. The most likely outcome of next week election is that the House will remain Democrat, and the Senate Republican. If that's the case, never mind who will be elected president, because there will be no more relief/stimulus package after November 3rd than there is now.
  13. Here in Sisaket-Ubon area we are now part of Vietnam when it comes to the climate. We get our rain season from the typhoon season of the Pacific, and absolutely nothing from the monsoon. Yet we have more than our fair share of water, making it very difficult to harvest the rice crop. We have barely seen any sun for almost two months and there is no improvement in sight.
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