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  1. It came back after almost 8 hours, which was quite a performance considering that a new pylon had to be brought from somewhere, and installed...
  2. That's exactly right, but in this brave new communist world, it's all about governments/nanny states. Governments should never have been involved in the first place. They should have provided assistance, when requested, to the medical authorities, but certainly not take the matter in their own hands, decide how to manage everything, and in some countries even decide which medicines doctors could prescribe or not! If you want to make a big mess out of a small mess, just call the government. "The most terrifying words in the English language are: I
  3. Yesterday, before sunrise, an apprentice stuntman, with too much speed and too little blood in his alcohol, lost control of his pickup truck while entering a curve on the road leading to our village. Defying the laws of physics, instead of being pulled towards the exterior of the curve, he somehow managed to leave the road from the inside of the curve! And soon he was airborne, like James Bond in The Man With The Golden Gun. But, unlike James Bond, he didn't land safely in the rice paddy he was flying over, but instead hit head on a concrete electric pylon,
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