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  1. The following is from The Nation's website today. I am not sure what the last para means, but the report suggests that it should be ok to travel: Phase 3 of the easing of lockdown measures, which comes into effect from June 1, permits inter-province travel to allow people to return to normal life and help revive the economy. Travel across provinces in phase 3 as published in the Government Gazette sets the following conditions: ▪︎No one should be out during curfew hours between 11pm and 3am the following day. ▪︎Passenger vehicles as well as those involved in public transport of people or goods that depart from a province before 11pm can arrive at the destination in another province after 3am the next day.
  2. The report on further lockdown rules relaxation from June 1 does not make clear the status of inter provincial travel. I am particularly interested in travel between Chiang Mai and Chonburi provinces by car. I hope members who do it themselves, or have reliable information, will post what the situation is. Is quarantine still required? Do police checkposts ask for any special documents, and so on. I am sure people will also be interested in travel between other places.
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