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  1. as a lifetime IT guy who has designed many systems, this 'feature' is beyond stupid; simple history , say 30 days, is ....simple
  2. the heart of the problem ; get a frickin test that gets accurate results, is fast, not invasive and is free; even to non-thai
  3. ok; but unlike thailand, those member states are not Ruled by prehistoric , shallow, intellectually-challenged ,old generals , as thailand is
  4. unconstitutional and stupid as well, right down the alley from an ultra liberal like pelosi
  5. then why did they do it unilaterally in the first place ? because they think we are all unthnking sheep
  6. shows the type of government here; bunch of old stupid generals
  7. uh huh; she of tiny intellect OR Big Liar; budding politician....
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