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  1. methinks you jest; are no rules in war
  2. laws ? greater good ? what is all that nonsense ? encroachment in thailand is a national sport
  3. YetAnother

    ‘Declare Bangkok a pollution control zone’

    nah; it is a 'thailand problem'; 'no problem'
  4. advice from a fool; and please do not let good judgement get in the way
  5. haha; when you go to a private hospital , who do you think has the upper hand ?
  6. YetAnother

    Premchai and wife in court over tusk charges

    rather see her face and he had his face covered
  7. YetAnother

    Strong-handed approach not working in the South

    which is it ? either this govt has no real interest in exerting the effort to make this happen Or they are radically inept
  8. YetAnother

    Article 44 may be used for poll postponement

    hardly a 'wonder'; more like 'no law'
  9. if thailand had a bill of rights, the right to encroach would be number 1
  10. could view the whole thing as general thai incompetence Or could view it as a brilliantly orchestrated charade spreading blame/responsibility wide and thin
  11. YetAnother

    Why Suthep, Prayut slowly drifted apart

    he is a snake, a bad man; hope we never hear anything about this guy
  12. YetAnother

    Yingluck claims she has washed hands off politics

    good , she is capable of learning; she never had anything positive to contribute anyway
  13. YetAnother

    Danish tourist dies in Phuket road accident

    3 AM at one of our famous U-turns; holiday tourist meets local; truck wins over motorbike
  14. YetAnother

    Police hunting for driver in hit and run – Patong

    am now convinced; thai drivers drive with their eyes closed
  15. love the pinocchio but doubt he is smart enough to get it