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  1. hospitals don't work that way; prescriptions are not given to patients, prescriptions are routed internally to the onsite pharmacies; then medicines are dispensed there and the prescriptions kept internally; in many cases patients are not told what the medicines are specifically for
  2. nonsense, it is merely an unfair vistory;Still a victory
  3. looks like it will take a couple more generations
  4. this is the opening for the military; self-created of course, if this whole house of cards topples then they step in, asserting 'national security', and we are worse than where we are now due to the wild-card uncertainty at that point
  5. and they are doing exactly what we see thai 'authorities' here 'do' so often: nothing
  6. that is a police state; others are guessing what people Might be thinking
  7. boils down to human rights, something thailand isn't keen on
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