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  1. Honda parts book for this model in Adobe pdf format. Honda UMK435T parts list English.pdf
  2. That's a Honda UMK and that blade is not standard. The blade will be 'Flying Monkey' brand or similar.
  3. This is the reason why I only use cutters with nylon cord.
  4. I was looking at the new MSX 125 on Honda Thailand's website. I have no interest in the MSX other than the fact that the new model has a five speed gearbox. Which got me thinking that that gives a path to doing five speed conversions on other Honda models that use the same engine such as the Wave 125, the CT 125 and the Super Cub 125 sold in Europe and America. I ploughed through the parts books and all the bikes I mention share exactly the same gearbox input and output shafts in their four speed incarnations so I am pretty sure five speed swaps will be feasible.
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