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  1. Dont get me wrong, I do not support the riots...senseless, hurting and damaging business, property and innocent people. Other than showing the outrage that the community is feeling, ultimately the riots are not going to stop bad cops from making bad decisions. FORTUNATELY Trump snatched defeat from the jaws of victory because he just alienated the entire voting block that is the African American Community along with every other minority group because he cant get out of his own way. The Donald missed out on a fantastic opportunity, he could have stepped up and called for the arrests of the four officers...he didnt even have to "command" it because King Donny doesnt have the power to do that and he could have reminded the people of that. Trump could have painted it that he felt their pain and all of this needs to stop, against the backdrop of "OUTRAGE" the MAGA crew were all showing last week when Biden made his comment about if you dont vote for him you arent black (I do believe one "Crazy" guy on here was calling Biden a White Supremacist he was so enraged...at least he wasn't crazy enough to call him a Thug and threaten to shoot up the place like The Notorious XLV did) One thing is for sure...Biden apologized for what he said...and Trump...has anybody ever heard the word "sorry" come out of his mouth other than as an adjective describing somebody he doesn't like? It is going to be a long hot summer of looting and shooting with The Great Divider at the helm...the man certainly knows how to comfort and bring together a nation in pain with an uncertain future. As another person happen to post on here: <incredible unbelievable sarcasm>"Well played Donald....well played indeed".</incredible unbelievable sarcasm> This is what a real leader looks like and sounds like in a time of national crisis and division: "“This is no time for incendiary tweets. It’s no time to encourage violence,” he said. “We need to stand up as a nation, with the black community, with all minority communities, and come together as one America.”
  2. Maybe because of the long list of black men being murdered by cops as opposed to the length of the list of white women being murdered by muslim cops? I am thinking the outrage is due to the chronic nature of the former as opposed to the acute nature of the later....what do you think Alex?
  3. How many guys in MAGA hats do you see getting their necks leaned on until they die by a black police officer? Four black cops leaning on one guy's neck while his MAGA hat is on and the next night it is Trump banners, MAGA Hats and carrying their rifles storming the capital
  4. Do you know what implied malice aforethought is? it does not really matter because in Minnesota they have 3rd degree murder which is what the officer kneeling on his neck is being charged with.
  5. He has one knee on the back of his neck...the other knee across the middle of his back...obviously with substantial weight on his throat and lungs...with the man pleading over and over again "I cant breathe"...with the crowd pleading over and over again that he couldn't breathe...until he was unconscious...you know how he died...you can throw up anything you want to about coroner's reports and whatever peripheral you choose...but deep in your heart....you know how he died and it was wrong... Stop defending it, stop rationalizing it and be strong enough to admit what has happened. The man was handcuffed and helpless and it would have been no problem for the FOUR officers to bind his legs and throw him in the back of the squad car. This went on for more than 9 minutes.....this is at the very least manslaughter and it could be argued that with the amount of time that passed while the officers had this man in this compromised position that there is implied malice aforethought.
  6. A car's primary use is for transportation....what is a gun's primary use for? (by the way I am in favor of the 2nd amendment but ridiculous analogies are just that....ridiculous)
  7. Sorry if this has already been stated, I have not got to read every post in this thread but I think he passed a bad $20 bill...and they think that he might not have even been aware that he did it. (this is speculation obviously and I have nothing concrete to back it up)
  8. At the end of the day what is really sad and being overlooked, especially by all the Trumpites out there is that Trump is dragging a widower and his family into the mud over a death that happened 20 years ago to smear the morning host on the network he doesnt like with no regard for the widower, his family or his wife's memory. Trump could care less about this man, his dead wife or their family, he only cares about trying to throw shade on a man that is a tv host with an opinion and voice that The Donald sees as a threat to his re-election. He is implying that the TV host was in on a MURDER and without any evidence to back it up and with no regard to right or wrong. Trump is disgusting for doing it and if you support tactics like that you are disgusting as well.
  9. And again....yes he is afraid of fact checking to the point he is threatening social media outlets...it is gonna suck for him to not be able to lie and twitter is where he does his best presentation of alternate facts....and the only way to discredit facts is to go after the fact checker....or the whistle blowers...or the IGs...basically anybody that does not parrot...or in this case tweet....The MAGA Doctrine (Or The Donald's ever revolving spin of it based on what day it is and who he is mad at or has caught him in a lie). That is why you think it is already over....because you hope it is...it is all going to magically go away....does that sound familiar. And finally...to say Twitter needs Donald Trump.....LOL...do you know how many people around the world are on twitter and could give a rats ass if Trump is on there or not.
  10. I always liked Hee Haw....Buck Owens and The Buckaroos singing "Act Naturally" is awesome.
  11. yeah....washed up....just won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor....we should all be so washed up
  12. Yes, only those that oppose Trump would commit voter fraud....the group that fears fact checking and wants to shut down social media if fact checking is allowed....those are the ones you should trust because obviously they are beyond reproach.
  13. SEE!?!?!? YOU CAN DO IT...FIGHT THE FACT CHECKING!!!!! Dont run from it....you had to go all the way back to 1994 but gosh darn it you found the basis to eradicate all mail in ballots!!!!! Fight it....the truth is out there Skully....
  14. Taxes....what taxes....you mean somebody has seen Trump's taxes....
  15. As I said before, if the fact checking is wrong, it will be exposed....you should be welcoming the opportunity to debunk "fake news" on the biggest loudest most visible platform there is...The Big Orange Twitter account....you should be gloriously happy that you can now compare and contrast the difference between the golden pure 100% HONEST MAGA message of Donald Trump and expose the liberal deranged political activist fact checking and eradicate fake news in our time. Have courage....have strength and with the purpose of right, decency and the focus for a better tomorrow...dare to be great...don't run, cry and cower from the fight...have the purpose of your convictions and defeat the fact checking head on. Expose the liberal horde for what they are...and all of that stuff...
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