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  1. Really? I think TV might be a bigger medium to judge things by other than super spreader orgy's that Trump throws https://abcnewspr.tumblr.com/post/632155498289954816/abc-news-live-special-edition-of-2020-the
  2. I agree...just looked at what happened to all of those Native American tribes...white people should be outraged that they have been forced to endure the plight of the American Indians...*holding up a mirror*
  3. Lets give Trump credit....he is not a general tool....many people are saying he is the biggest tool...a tool of the likes which we have never seen before...a big beautiful tool that people marvel over... single handily putting tools first and making tools great again...
  4. hey...Donald Trump says we are turning the corner....Donald Trump says the virus is gonna go away...Donald Trump says other countries are congratulating him on his unprecedented response to the pandemic....Donald Trump says we have a cure and he is going to give everybody a big fat kiss...Donald Trump is an idiot
  5. So...they are credible, definitive and top intelligence agencies when it is about a laptop that can help POTUS smear a political candidates son but not when it is a press conference in Helsinki in 2018 and POTUS is standing next to Vladimir Putin whimpering like a neutered dog...thank you for the clarification
  6. If only we could have seen "The Presidents Cut" of The Helsinki Press Conference in 2018 where Putin kneels in front of Trump and swears undying allegiance to his Apricot Emperor.
  7. if you cant take the heat, get out of the kitchen...and there goes Chef Trump out the door...
  8. Who was the last one at the hospital in ICU, pumped up on elite experimental drugs and surrounded by a phalanx of the gov's top doctors? Stones and glass houses my friend....
  9. I anticipate that a tweet-tantrum of biblical proportions is on the horizon...making all caps great again.
  10. I think he lasts about 10 minutes before he storms off....then 45 secs later comes back all WWE style, throwing chairs and having to be restrained, shouting the election is being stolen and then glaring into the camera....face so red the orange makeup cant even hide it, and screams "PROUD BOYS....MOUNT UP!!!!!" Too bad I am actually half serious...
  11. Dr Fauci is director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases....it is not his job or concern on what happens to cardiac patients, cancer patients, mental health issues, etc...His job is to give guidance on an infectious pandemic. It is somebody else's concern to tie all of the other issues together and develop a NATIONAL RESPONSE...you know....a leader....of the country....something the United States is currently ill equipped and in obvious short supply of at the moment.
  12. https://www.businessinsider.com/fox-news-karen-mcdougal-case-tucker-carlson-2020-9
  13. wow...justify misappropriating from a charity for political gain...yeah that is the guy I want being POTUS...congrats Riclag you legal scholar.
  14. Is Steve Bannon barking from the Chinese Billionaire's yacht (there is an ankle bracelet in that guy's future)? And Rudy Giulliani cant even convince his own daughter that Trump is the best candidate. If any of you believe anything Steve Bannon has to say, why don't you contribute to his build the wall fund...obviously Mexico needs your help paying the bill (and Bannon needs a nest egg to embezzle from).
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