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  1. It is necessary to get 1-2 jabs per year to be safe. So we will have to wait about 6 months to get a mRNA jab every year. It is too much. We can only choose between AZ and Sinovac. What to choose? You should compare 2 counties in Europe: 1. UK is using AZ. 9-10k of new COVID patients per day. 2. Hungary is using Sinovac and Sputnik V. 0 new COVID patients and 0 new COVID deaths (06/19/21 and 06/20/21). One should think twice and make a hard decision between being a patriot and being a survivor.
  2. China does not think it is a colony of the West. So your neocolonial "19th century style" claims look strange in the 21th century. In the new free world if you want to get something from another country - you should give something that the other country is interested in. Russia and China are very interested to know what experiments with viruses are being carried out in American military bio-labs.
  3. The most recent data shows that my suggestion was right. And now we see 0 deaths for the last 2 days in Hungary. And 20 deaths in UK. It is very sad that people have to die just because their government can't buy the good vaccine from Russia or China.
  4. The official Chinese answer to all these claims is here: "I'd like to stress that if the United States truly respects facts, it should open the biological lab at Fort Detrick, give more transparency to issues like its 200-plus overseas bio-labs, invite WHO experts to conduct origin-tracing in the United States, and respond to the concerns from the international community with real actions. We hope certain U.S. politicians can respect science, act with due conscience, stop shifting the blame or playing the political game, and fostering a favorable environment for international cooperation on
  5. Hitler is an aggressor who lost the war. Nothing to respect. Saddam Kaddafi etc - they lost their wars. Not so many people respect losers.
  6. Have you ever think about what could have happened if any severe side effect had found during live trials of mRNA vaccines? The technology is totally new. So anything could have happened. In the worse scenario people had not got any vaccine because of endless cancellations and delays. This is true gambling with people lives. Russia and China, on the other side, prefer to use only time-tested safe approaches (like adenovirus or inactivated virus) to be sure that people will get their jabs.
  7. "Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine not yet approved in Thailand due to lack of data" The need of passing through a political scandal is by far more important reason to wait. This is the price of using the first class vaccine that really stops COVID. Brazil, Slovakia, Hungary and other countries has paid this price already. Many politicians have lost their jobs because of this. They are brave people that sacrificed themselves to save people lives.
  8. Brazil has approved Sputnik V already. All these political bs is a part of the normal Sputnik V approval workflow. Any country that wants to use Sputnik V should be ready to pass through US-made political scandals: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2021/03/16/hhs-brazil-sputnik-russia/ The same thing happened in Slovakia. And Slovakia is already using Sputnik for immunizations.
  9. Yes. These people decided to fight bravely when attacked. This is the only choice that can be respected in such situations. And they did it.
  10. I am in a Thai coffee shop now. I see 2 kind of sugar bags here. I see that most people choose the small brown sugar bags with regular sugar which has never passed neither "Phase 2" nor "Phase 3". And only one customer has chosen a small blue bag of chemically synthesized sugar that has passed "Phase 2" and "Phase 3". Of course the regular sugar brand has passed a small subset of tests to ensure its safety. People choose the thing that are time-tested in the coffee shop because time is the most reliable tester. Much more reliable than all these "Phase 2" and "Phase 3" testers. That is why pe
  11. "Phase 2" or "Phase 3" usually suggests that a big set of complex measurements should be performed. But in order to start using the vaccine it is enough to be sure that it is safe. Russian government started to use the vaccine immediately after it became completely sure that the vaccine is safe. Putin was so confident in the safety of the vaccine that he gave it to his daughter. Now Sputnik V has become the presidential vaccine. Respected world leaders such as Maduro, Putin, Assad, Fernández - they are all vaccinated with Sputnik V.
  12. If you ask anyone - are you an anti-vaxxer? Most people will say NO! After that you should ask - Why haven't you got your jab? And you will hear one of the standard stories from the anti-vaxxer websites. The Gold medal will be given to "The tale of deadly adjuvants" : People will say that they are not against vaccines but the producers of the vaccines MUST provide them with 10000000000 proofs that they are not using deadly adjuvants. The Silver medal will go to "The Tale of deadly chipization". People will tell you that they are not against the vaccines actually. They just want 1000000
  13. Do you think that ordinary folks know what "Phase 3 trial" is ? Just ask your friends in the US - what is "Phase 3 trial"? You will be surprised to see that nobody knows what it is.
  14. Not sure that I can find any numbers in the western sources - but I will try to. There are many opinion polls with the result of 60-70% of Russians that decided to not get ANY vaccine. You can find these data in English versions of Russian media resources. I am from the Novosibirsk region and have had hard times trying to convince my parents, sister, friends school teachers etc that vaccines are not garbage, they really save lives and they should go and get their jab. The common opinion of the society is that vaccines are dangerous and bad things. There is a lottery among those who has got
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