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  1. Hua Hin. Busy??? Have a mate lives there and a few others just been down there for golf. Said its like the song from 'The Specials'...... "This town, is coming up a ghost town"!!!
  2. But they could put 'Uncle Too' on a space ship and send him on, as the song goes, "a one way ticket to the moon".
  3. It's like the saying "If we borrow 1,000 billion baht, we can pay off all our debts"!!! 5555
  4. As probably at least half of Thai's do not even have licenses, all it means is more tea money for the RTP. Well thought out Mr Boss man!! How much is your percentage cut?
  5. 555!!! I thought it was when they were bad and being pointed at by their victims!!
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