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  1. Actually the main threat is from China, through the front door, but they are too stupid to see it!! I think I am going to change from Thai language lessons to Chinese. Okray?
  2. Lets hope they don't spell his name wrong and use a 'b' instead of 'p' at the end!! 555
  3. Yawn Yawn Yawn!! Come on you need to go at Spidey now!! 5555
  4. Yes same one is having a go at you now!! 5555
  5. Absolutely correct!! As I have just tried to point out to another of our less clever TV keyboard shufflers. People with education, brains and a mind set achieve things. These civil servants would not last 2 minutes in the real world!
  6. I can see you never did any legal work before you found your bar stool!!!! Never mind if you could find your way back to your village it would certainly be a triumphant return. Oh well bored with trying to educate people who never learn....
  7. Ah!! You must be a civil servant too!! Do I need to write slowly for you?? 1) You get your papers notarized by Barrister or Notary Public. OK so far? 2) You send your papers already notarized by a Barrister or Notary public to the Embassy. Yes? 3) They have legitimate papers duly notarised, thus covering their <deleted> and issue affidavits suitably worded. There. Simple enough for you now!!
  8. Yes it is? Don't you know any barristers or notary publics!! Nah I thought not!! Or are YOU too simple!! 5555!!!
  9. No they just washed their hands of doing a simple task for which they, the UK anyway, were the most expensive in BKK!! I emailed their consul and asked them if I get my legitimate papers notarized under oath then it takes away their responsibility. No!!! All they did was reiterate they were not providing them anymore. A typical civil servant attitude.
  10. Am I thick or is this last bit of info new?? Over 60 you now only need 200,000 a year or 20,000 a month??!?!?!
  11. Of course B.J. is a short for other 'actions' as well!!
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