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  1. It is correct. 80% of my transfers take 4-6 seconds. It depends on what Thai bank you are with. I get an SMS ping from Kasikorn almost instantly, then an email from wise to say how many seconds it took!!!
  2. I send from my Halifax bank account and it comes in to my Kasikorn account. Only 4 times has it come in slower, but only when I sent over 100,000 as it went through Bangkok Bank first!!!
  3. TransferWise now Wise is the best method. When you set up the account with them, message them to ensure that every payment will be made DIRECT to the same account here and not through a different account as happened to me recently. You can message/chat with them to confirm that. Then usually hits your Thai bank account in 4-5 seconds!!
  4. Yes!! It totally contradicts the other TV headline where it states Thailand is on the brink of a 3rd Covid wave outbreak!!!!!
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