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  1. I'll reserve comment, I need to see some pictures of her. The system works both ways: No money, no honey/ fat, few or no baht
  2. Had a "beach massage" a few years ago, all was good until the young lady massage "specialist" upped the intensity, around the shoulders and neck. It took a month (or more?), not be in severe pain when I moved my head in a particular position (knee buckling pain). Anyone that has experienced an actual licenced/certified massage therapist (therapeutic or relaxation) , is familiar with the difference....
  3. Thailand, home of the original amazing BJ. There should be BJ's on every street corner, every mall.... Everyone should have 24/7 access to BJ's, the world would be a better place.
  4. Maybe it's been posted before, but in a situation as this, is it possible to have the account setup as joint? Does immigration require the verified funds account (seasoned 800k), associated to only the visa holder/applicant?
  5. The guy hasn't been elected yet, and presently holds no political clout. Proposing that he will "blind trust" his investment portfolio, is an ethical move. How far can one go, to instill pre-election confidence, that he's "on the up and up". Sell all assets prior to being elected, or holding political office???? I don't think so...
  6. How many similar accidents worldwide? Odd that 2 go down in 3rd world/developing countries. I haven't heard of incidents in North America or Europe.
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