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  1. The recent decision to allow known detrimental farm chemical use indefinitely, has exposed the Thai government agenda and, who does not deserve any consideration. The who, is you, me, our friends and family. No need to get into the reasons for the decision, we all know how things work here. The baht is the almighty, from the very top all the way down to our local vendor. So be it. The point is: we're all responsible for our own well being. We don't have our respective democratic "nanny states" enforcing a ban, or controls on what is "known" to jeopardize our health. Again, so be it. What can one do? Thai people are programmed not to go against the flow, not ask questions, or not cause "trouble". When I think of the situations where unknowns are surrounding me, I think wow. What chemical is the guy that fogs my yard and the nearby sewer? I don't know, but it burns my eyes and irritates my throat. What chemical and concentration is on some of the local farm products? I don't know. What's the chemical concentration in the local water supply the stains my wife's expensive sweaters, and leaves me feeling like my skin is crawling, and burns my eyes? I don't know. Do I have recourse if I'm affected? That is a resounding NO. Do foreigners require medical coverage, yes. How do you go about not jeopardizing your health and welfare while here long term? Ask the questions, and confirm the answers? Truth can be a rare commodity here, when baht and/or face are involved. Did you grow the vegetable/cow/pig/chicken, what chemicals do you use/is that...the questions will vary from each of us, based on our priority/belief/need. A quick search on the web can resolve whether some products fall within a safety/comfort zone. If you don't do the checking here, then who will and how would we know? Mundane and trivial? It sounds like an impossible task, but the support of good/clean/trustworthy vendors with our wallets, refusal to support products, services and vendors that don't meet expectations, will eventually create the demand/market.... and cover our keisters. The cheaters, will eventually disappear or offer better/safer product and you/I/we will live longer/healthier. We need a network, the network we create, may end up being a priceless survival tool for a healthy existence here ...and a necessity to prevent an early trip up the chimney.
  2. Ahhh yes. Condoms are next....to curb prostitution and casual sex. You know, because banning condoms will help in the prevention of unwanted pregnancy and STD's..............
  3. With 10 million tourists from China arriving annually (averaging over 27,000 per day, then multiply x2...enter/exit), and imposing their cultural norms in etiquette, I'd become unglued and scream a little scream (just before I went postal).
  4. Did you get a selfie, with Ms. Raccoon eyes behind you? That would have easily been worth an extra 1000 baht for the pub crawl party favours (picture).
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