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  1. Call your bank, go online and check transaction history....etc etc. Obviously your PIN has to be used to make most cash withdrawal transactions, or was it a vendor purchase ? I usually get a multiple transaction "pending" on a vendor purchase, Eg: Buy a 1000 baht of fuel, shows up twice on transactions as pending, both with different exchange rates, lowest gets posted, but both showed as a "temporary" debenture with regards to account balance, until finalized. Good luck
  2. You would assume that local temples would dip into to their baht caves, and nourish a few of the needy. All the baht donations missing? Spoken for? What exactly is the mandate of a temple, during a time of need?
  3. Some airlines have a donut promotion to pull themselves out of a rut during the CV19 situation, while some airlines come up with strategic business plans and promotions. But hey, same-same right?
  4. Hmmm, what exactly are "they" practicing? Who's practicing ...the bank staff? What police force would send officers into a bank or location during a robbery these days? Entertaining for sure. Maybe they could do mock immigration shakedowns next month....
  5. One of my CC is TD, no issue as of Sunday night and Monday morning, one transaction in person for fuel, one online for a flight. Made a withdrawal with TD ATM card about a week ago, worked ok. Good luck with everything.
  6. I'd say it's a professional hit. I mean, who else could plug a guy nine times with a 38 revolver to make a point, only wing him and not kill him? That guy's a serious marksman.... ()
  7. I've heard through the grapevine, that Thai old age (senior?) benefits (1-2000 baht?) has been delayed/not issued in some localities, this month. My wife has been sharing concern/talk from co-workers that Ministry of Health has given warning, that salaries may be delayed this month. The gossip is running rampant, we'll see if it becomes a reality.
  8. Here, let me help you with your profile pic update.
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