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  1. Ok. So Thai tourism will potentially lose X, Vietnam tourism will potentially lose 2X+ of what Thailand will. Question: is Vietnam's tourist revenue 2+ times that of Thailand, or is there that much "shrinkage" in reported tourism revenue in Thailand?
  2. You think that's stinky and inhumane, I drink Laos beer and smoke Thai Marlboro's between 2pm and 5pm. Rissssky....
  3. Canadian oil sands projects, are the most environmentally conscious and monitored oil and gas projects on earth. Period. Everyone is aware of that. This is the cash grab/engineered political delay, coordinated between environmentalists, aboriginal groups and financed by U.S. lobbyists. How dare Canada restart energy production growth and west coast pipeline/shipping terminal alternatives to the US stranglehold (without paying the piper(s)).
  4. If they really burst your bubble, the "sticky" paper they sell at grocery stores for rodents works well. Quite a few months ago, I set one up for a rodent that got into the house. I caught the rodent, but unfortunately a couple of my little bug eating buddies were also caught in the portable quagmire of death. Ruthlessly efficient...
  5. Yeah, sorry about your shoes, my bad. PM me with the cleanup bill... cheers
  6. We were at a mall in Kalasin and went to a movie last night (Sunday). The mall was quiet, MK restaurant had 1 other couple, the theater had maybe 3-4 couples. There were no other people in the theater entrance/lounge, unbelievably quiet for a long weekend. 1 person observed with a mask: the mall security guy. Alcohol hand sanitizer stations throughout the mall, Big C, and theater, provided by Big C.
  7. Yip...departure and arrival is ....as it should be, quick and painless
  8. Took my wife to Paris from BKK at Christmas on Emirates BC. Prices were reasonable, lounges were great (BKK, Dubai, CDG). Onboard service and sleep was perfect, Emirates Mercedes limousine service to and fro, included. Booked a 4 day stopover in Dubai, on the way back (2 days of the hotel included as a promotion). The will be some smoking deals because of the drop in global tourism....
  9. Yeah, very quiet about new numbers here. Almost scary quiet. I'm obviously not hoping for more cases, but the numbers everywhere else are climbing significantly. Amulets but be working overtime in Thailand....
  10. Cross the street and all bets are off? ...."my franchise only collects stipends and dues on this side of Shukhumvit".
  11. No disrespect, but I'm trying to determine who the "stupid" are... The Thai ministry's decision makers, or me (us) for smiling, asking "may I have another sir" and sticking around expecting a peck on the cheek
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