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  1. Reading the posts around my first one above, ... YES, I think that having to have the 800,000 in the bank would certainly be a problem for some people ! I have heard from a Friend that lives in Batembang Cambodia for several months a year, …That there are people that have turned up there now, who say that they have too much problem with getting Visas for Thailand, so they are giving Cambodia a go ! ? …. (And I wish them the best of Luck ! having lived in Cambodia a bit myself. Like a VERY DANGEOUS place Cambodia ! … If you ask me !!!) … Yes having to have that amount of money in the bank, to be able to get the Non 0- Visa !!! Like 40,000 AUD ! And I think that this is over the usual average Australian basic wage for 12 Months there now ? I think ? d/t the Rise of the Bart and the fall of the AUD ! .... SO, YES it is a pretty big Ask for a LOT of People I am Sure ! ... And I DO have sympathy for them .... But Still, you want to live in Thailand ! ? .... Well YOU still DO have to be able to afford it !!! Like that Fact or not. .... But then, the Having to have Health insurance threat ? ... Not Reality YET ! for the NON 0- ! ? and I do think my self, that they will not enact that one, as they DO know that it would decimate a huge proportion of the Paying, NON O- residents here !!! ..... But, well that WOULD be a problem if they even do, do that !!! And it will be a Great one to me also being 64 now and 65 soon !!! ... But well reading my reasonable, Local Immigration officials Faces ... I do not think that they will impose this ? ... and if they do I think that they WILL probably be able to get me the insurance in their office, ? or Nearby, locally, and efficiently enough, ... if they do ??? But this will just be ANOTHER pretty great expense for some people that just do not have that sort of money and well wages having been stagnant now for over the last 10 Years !!! Yes I DO have a lot of sympathy for these people. .... And well for myself if this ever happens !!! .... So how much are 2 month tourist Visas any way these days ? and then 1 month extension, ... and I wonder how you would go continually renewing it every 3 Months ? ... on a Good Holiday to a neighboring country ?
  2. .... My Wife just walked past, so I thought that I would ask her about what she thought about this occurrence, ? And what I just said about it, RE having to have a good family, and you MAY be able to get away with over staying ! ? .... And she just laughed about the guy over staying for over a Year ! And then getting dobbed in ! .... Like NO malice .... It was just funny to her !!! ? .... .... And she said that I would not get dobbed in here, if I did not have a visa, ... d/t being part of her Family ! ... ? ... Still I am NEVER thinking of testing this out myself !!! I CAN tell you all that !....
  3. "Apirat wants retired officers out of their subsidised homes so that serving officers still without houses can move in." This sounds like a pretty good idea to me !!! ..... And it is nice to see some movement on Dealing with the causes of that recent, Really BAD Problem !!!
  4. Well lets hope so any way !!! .... But lets also just say, Normal, old Aging men. ....
  5. It probably depends on whether you are living with a Thai family or not. ... Positively ! (E.G. being of some use to them, one way or another) ... Like Thais are Loyal to their Families (To the Point of Nepotism ???) .... and their ethos is never <Deleted> with another Family !!! ... (Like then that Family will <Deleted> with you !!!! Right ! ? ..... And It sounds like in this case ? he was not living with any one family particularly ? .... Or he probably would NOT have got shopped.
  6. The Corruption is Transparent here, everyone knows about it and can see it, ..... It is just another business cost, and I just factor it in accordingly. And Business costs here are ALL MUCH lower than in most other so called Developed Western Countries. So it is not a Moral problem ? Well in most cases here. As Thailand IS Transparent, so we all know what is going on, and we all can make our own decisions about it. And what to do about it if we have to. It is the so called Squeaky Clean countries like the EU and Australia that Preach, what you probably believe, … and they Preach it just so Piously, and strongly, ... how Realy clean THEY all are, and how all of us other Poor so called Corrupt countries, should just clean it up, .... (Or be cleaned up by them right ! ? and thanks for this you so called, Good people ???) .... But in Reality are just as Dirty, and Just Hide their Corruption, !!! ... YES they ALL Lie to the People. ... The Politicians are all bought, ... and the Political parties, only ever do any thing for, and kick back their OWN supporters, or those lucky enough to be in Marginal electorates ! and if that is not just about totally corrupting, so called, Democracy !!! ... I do not know what it ! ? … The Justice system in every place, still favors the rich, so the Corrupt and Thieving, YES they steal the Investors money, and every one just says "Oh Investors, Rich Bastards", and ignore it ... The rich people that sort this corruption out, .. pay the workers ! But not the Poor retired Investors !!! - (Like the Workers have Unions, once again, with money and Money = Political power, so the workers usually get paid when the Directors there just steal all of the companies money .... Or just waist it I guess ? an many other marginal cases also.) ... .... Yes in Australia, at least I DO know that some of the company Directors and CEO's DO STEAL !!! .... and then just get a smack on the fingers, and go back to their Dodgiely obtained Apartment in the Gold coast, and Put "Don't bother me, just call my Lawyer" on to their answer Machine ! … And go down to the Pub ! ? ... Or to a Nice Restaurant !!! ... (Well the Malaysians Lie and are Dirty also, and the Vietnamese are still just Incredible, with their One Party Government Corruption, to a point that I think that most people that have not experienced it first hand, probably would not believe !!! ) Yes Thailand is Comparatively ! IS a lot LOT better .... I think. I do business only of trading Stocks, like a retirement Job, and Interest, like I just LOVE new Technology and Ideas ! ... So that is mostly what I invest in, and NOT Coal mines OR Gambling, or Tobacco. ... But as far as being cheated by the CEO and the Boards of Directors, of some of the companies that I do own some shares in, who if they Lie (Like they can Lie, as they are from the right side of town right, the rich Moneyed side ...That can buy the Politicians, and well subsequently corrupt the Law system itself like In A!!! ….. Well I had better not go there I think. … ) ... if they Lie, usualy they are just let off or can escape any way, ... Using all of the money that they stole to do it !!! ... Yes I have been Cheated and lost money d/t Fraud and Lies, Much MUCH more in Australia, … than I have in Thailand. I think also that the fact that if the Directors do steel our money here, well they might just have a bad experience while out driving in their car, .... or going down to the shop on their motor bike, and I think that is a GOOD thing ! ... Like as far as I can see they just do not outright Steal, in the Listed Companies ... Like they DO do back in Australia ??? ... and probably in the EU also. ... And I will rest my case on his note, … and just have another look at my Australian stocks. … I like Living here, and also trading stocks, IN Thailand Mate. ... And I have been doing it for 30 years now ... and still have just a bit more, that I started off with, ! … And well I have a BIG extended Family .... And though a frugal liver my self, (My alcohol bill being about my only Major expense Right !!! ... Wooops !!!) But my costs d/t the Extended Family, ... Like My Philanthropy in life, though I DO keep them in line, liek I am Old so can do this in Thailand .... but my expenses are pretty high also .... So well, I rave ? But I am still here ..I HAVE DONE IT !!! ... Invested in Companies and in Technology and LIFE ! and I have done it from Thailand !!! and I still am here and also have my money as well. .... Not rich and I probably never will be ... but there always is an opportunity right ! and particularly here in Thailand which has a Positive outlook, to support this ! ? Right ? - So I ALSO can talk yo you other people about it right also .. as i HAVE Proven it up to a point, well the Point of decent survival !!! Which well is the only real success we need any way isn't it ???
  7. Well, I would not say that, ...Things do Change ! .... Things ARE Changing ! ... Like TIT !!!! Have you seen just how <Deleted> Up the EU is ? Or Australia ? with their limp handed ... Just Kick back your own supporters ... (Like, "This is Democracy") politicians !!! .... Or America with a Corrupt Builder, and Lying TV Reality show Host as President !!!! .... Ad he probably will get another term to continue working on making "His Own Family" .... (And Friends) ...GREAT !!! ... We should be happy with our, ... Really pretty Low corruption, and MUCH more socially responsible Government here !!! .... I BET this place stays up (Given you Thai Bashers on TV, who will (After putting your beers down) still be here, and looking for some one to literally <Deleted>) .... ... No it is OK here ..and I think that they MIGHT even get something done about it this time ! ... Like the <Our Person that I can Not mention> .... When the death told does go up !!! ... I think that Yes !!! they actually DO do something about it. Like this will be a REALLY good test of if they can !!! Given Human Beings ability to copy bad acts if they want to !!! and even improve on them !!! ....
  8. I think that this Low level food delivery is a very VERY Tough job ! In just about every country ! Like an Easy Entry, very VERY High competition industry ! ... My Friends have had to do it in Australia, and they there, ALSO have similar problems as this, ... or some times even worse ! ... .... ??? Usually with the Small time, business owners of the shops mostly I think, who they work for. ??? ... ... And as It Goes with small time business men, ... also struggling to survive in a very competitive industry's at times also. ... and in all fields of casual work. ... ... The desperate early Australian Farmers were cheating their casual hires hands, through the depression, right back in the 1800's I think. (From Diaries of a swag man) .... And that must have happened in just about every country also, and continued on, ever since time immemorial I think. ... so this is not a new problem either. ....
  9. Yes sadly also, I will agree with you. ... A Complicated way of doing it !!! But Sure ! and very Effective.
  10. Yes possibly, as things in the smaller coastal Boats, and the Fishing Boats DO get a bit more out of hand than on the shores at times I think ! ... They maybe could start checking out the local Yachts ? ... As there HAVE been some pretty horrific murders on some of those ! .... But from my Memories (Of reading about the British woman whose Husband was Murdered somewhere south of Phuket and she fooled them by putting Diesel in a Petrol outboard …. I think, in a Desperate Burmese Slave crew case, as they tried to get away, and back home to Burma. ... ) Thy usually are over on the Indian Ocean side, / the Burmese side I think ? And Not in Pattaya .... ... Still we must not forger Charles Sobrage, that really good French Guy ! ? ... He was topping foreign back packers on Yachts, and then setting them on fire and pushing them Hog Tied, in to the sea still alive, off Pattaya wasn't he ??? ... Still I would still go for the Suicide Option. ... And probably from a jetty or the shore also.
  11. Yes Accepted ! ... And well YES difficult to control them, that high up in the Militarily, and we here, do need our Military, ... but still with the amount of Innocent Dead in this incident, ... there still is a BIG case that he was able to get the Guns, and the Ammunition FAR too easily. ... Like yes, unlike Gun ownership I guess .... This is an Internal Army Thing I guess .... Like people everywhere watch this incident, and read about it, ... and OTHER Senior Career Army Officers also do this also. .... And you know Humanist .... When off the rails, ... Copy the other Bad Guys ! ... Who also have provided you with a free test run, on how to do it ! ? .... If there is another one like this, any time soon, I think that the Army itself is going to have a LOT of explaining to do. ... Thanks for you post, ... Yes I also DO get it. Thanks. ... I never thought about his rank or position much actually .... But yes, it WOULD make it easier for him to get the Weapons and Ammunition, wouldn't it. ... .... SO here we are at the point that things obviously must have to start Changing in that organization, and well also in Similar Armed groups I think also … Like the Cops ? …. Right ?
  12. Woaaaa It might have to go back to the US ! ? ... I wonder if they have tried Guarm ? ... I guess so. ... It would not be to bad if they just flew all of the people straight out I think ? ... Like they are evacuating them from Wuharn ? ... Hawai Maybe ? ... ???
  13. Posted in How did shooter get weapons used in deadly Korat shooting? Well, ... Just such a Total Tragedy ! and I do feel very sorry for the families and also the injured People !!! But possibly something might just come out of it Re Gun Control, ... which would be in ALL of our world's benefit. .... Like after the Pt Author Massacre, in Tasmania Australia another Massacre almost the same as this one only the shooter was mentally deficient, not a militarily guy like here, and about the same number of Dead in that one as here I think ? After that John Howard's Gun Buy back was a VERY GOOD I think, like very good ! The gun advocates all say "Welll the criminals can all get them any way" ... but I say,... "Well OK, ... but the criminals are out side the law, and we usually just hut them down, as much as we can, given the usual legal restraints" ... (Like some dubious Human beings have atomic Bombs ! and we can do little about that) .... Like if a Criminal is likely to use a gun, for a massacre, then the Cops at least know who they are, and where they are !!! usually I think. ... "It's not Guns that Kill people, it is People that Kill people" ! ? So they say, .... Well, "People that have access to a high standard of automatic Guns, ..... Kill, A LOT MORE PEOPLE ! Yes Howard's Gun Buy back was a VERY GOOD THING. and it WAS triggered, by the Port Anther Massacre. Which was almost the same as this one. .... And I think that these has not been a repeat of that size of shooting even close ! in Australia Since. Hopefully Thailand will learn from this. ... and well also from the Lop-bury Gold shop incident, like which had a pretty similar message, .. Small to mid level, official People, ... who have access to totally inappropriate fire arms. Leta just, .... Limit ALL peoples access to High power and capacity Fire Arms !!!
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