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  1. I hate to say this, but look at the ethnicity of the offenders in the Photo, .... Not my People ! and that is for sure !!! ( Like thieves have been ripping people off just Blind !!! for Years in places like Italy, and I know a guy that got robed twice in one day in Barcelona !!! ... Maybe their obviously pretty relaxed villeins, ... are all just getting richer now, and can make it to Thailand ? For easier pickings ? .... A Woman Friend, of an EX Friend of mine, is going to meet him in Australia and when I was helping me fill out the Visa application, ... as the Ex Friend is working there, and is not here, .... she pulled a wad of Australian bank notes out of her hand bag !!! ... About 3 Inches Thick !!! ... Like 200,000 to 300,000 B worth + !!! .... I neatly fell over !!! .... "Wow" I said, .... but after a bit of a discussion on concealed Money belts, .... I thought about it, ... and said "Well you might be able to look after that here in Thailand, .... But I would give it straight to your boy friend in Australia, .... as soon as he meets you at the Airport !!! .... Like I thought, ... Much more chance of her, when being out of her element, loosing it in Australian than here. ....
  2. Yes OK Lines Brother, .... Yes, pushing the buttons on my Calculator, I get the new rules are equivalent to loosing the use of 600,000 bart for 12 Mths, ... while Previously it was only 200,000. ... So yes, for people living close to the edge, this probably would make a difference. ... Still, the original 800,000 had to be replaced every year under the Old scheme. ... So well, by truly, not having to spend it, is the only way you would really have profited by the Old system. (So how as a foreigner, do you live in Thailand, with out having to spend any thing ???) .... So I think, that Possibly the spirit of the exercise, is that they wanted you to spend it, 800,000 a Year ? ... But I am not going to have a argument with any one over that. So still now, if you do not spend your Capital, it still will be there when you need to show it the next Year, the same, ... only you have lost the use of an extra 400,000 B more, for the year ... ? ... I am loosing on the stock market just at the moment, so well, maybe they are saving me from my self any way, as the money WILL still be there next year, ... if I do not spend it. ... I was told by BBL that the savings deposit Interest is only 0.5% PA. I was also told my my Immigration dept that I needed the 800,000 in the bank 3 mths before the application, just like before. ... I told her that it only said 2 mths in the new rules, ? and she said that, that was only on the first application ? ??? .... I have not re-read the rules, and I am not going to argue with them, ... they ARE good, and it works for me now, so ... noting to do until October, .... well other then still report every 90 days .... I am not so sure about the second part of you good lines, ... the Income method, once again I suspect that they would have preferred that you spent the Income that you claimed to be earning, like in the Thai situation, it would not be unrealistic to expect them to think this, like rather than just providing a Cheap Sex, and not so cheap Beer environment, for one and all for free !!! .... Charge something for it ? ..... I remember putting down how much I earnt in a Year, but well, a Lot of that would have been earnt out side Thailand, and well, stayed there, as you say, ... so well, I suspect that they really wanted you to have brought the money in to the country, not just stock piled it out side ! ? ... Like they were looking for a pension really, wern't they, to be paid in to a Thai bank, and used, or kept here right ? ... You do remember that you had to go to the Thai Was it the Home department, the Interior dept, ? out on On Wittaya Rd, .... The place where the Thais have to get their own passports, ... and you had to pay a service fee, and then get your letter from your Embassy, verified ! ? ... It took you most of the afternoon ... Did you have to do this ? I did. ... and I always wondered how they did it, my Income being in shares and stocks, so well, difficult to track or prove !!! ... But well they verified me every time any way !!! ... Like if they did not, ... it then would be implying that my Embassy signed something that was NOT true. Right ? (Well, I could have forged it I guess, and then it would only be me, that thy were checking up on I suppose, .... ) ... So well, Anyway !!! .... I now AM much MUCH happier just doing the 800,000 in the bank 6 mths shuffle, like having my bank 200m from my Immigration Dept is the real clincher in that I think. So Any way yes, you are right, on bottom line dollars and cents, it is worse now, and by quite a lot on the local scale of things. .... But well, I think that they are just changing things in to what they had originally wanted, in the spirit of the arrangements, ... but every one was getting around it. ... So well, yes It is unfortunate for some, but also not Morally a hit either, as well they are just asking you for what they wanted before, but WE previously, could avoid it right ? ... Like legally. ... So well now I wonder if the Thai immigration office, will check any of the letters from the embassies, and if the persons have Lied about heir Income, and the embassy just signed it, ... will they be charged ??? Like the embassies that stopped the letters did not do it for nothing ! ... They did it so not to place them selves in legal danger I am sure, and well, I think the Thais actually wrote to them and told them this if I remember correctly, they wanted the letter CHECKED, not just signed !!! So the embassies just said, "We can not afford to do that", like just imagine the arguments, with stock and share Income like mine !!! ... So they said, "Sorry We can not afford this, so we will not issue the letters", well Statutory Declarations I think they legally were termed. And by not checking hem it DID leave them open to ??? Legal action, for signing something that may NOT have been true ? ... ... So well, role on the 800,000 shuffle, and only a 200 m walk to the bank to get the letter of verification !!!
  3. Thanks StevieAus, ... Nice to see the good intelligence, as well a a bit of Sympathy, coming out in this one, ! ... (Why they Fielded it like it was Fielded I guess, like just a little ThaiVisa fishing expedition ?) ... Yes On On, ..but yes also, ...Keeping my Fingers Crossed. Ps I had the Income, so I was not Lying at the Embassy, ... but well, it was not a petition ! so hard to document, or trace. I AM finding the ..Just put 800,000 in the bank at the relevant time, a lot easier actually, though, getting a letter from the bank, confirming you cash, is very important it must be remembered) ... But my Bank is only 200m from my Migration Dept !!! ... Who are well, REALLY GOOD Thais also !!! ... Like why we all came here right !!! ??? ... (Not to just drink Beer and screw younger Woman Right ??? - Har har ...) .... Mark mark
  4. .... Yes well my Dog Died, Sorry, and that is the truth, ... at 18:00 last night, by the car, waiting for me to take him to the vet this morning ... He was Old, ... The Thais were just going to let him go any way !!! you know TIT re animals, and well, some times even Humans ! ? ) ...... but well, I should have done it 10 days ago .... I do not let my Animals just Die in Pain, .... still I did not even know if there was a trust worthy Vet in this town back then ... so I Googled Mapped Animal Hospital, and yes there is one ... So I drove in, and they talk the same good way ... a Good Young Man. .... I might have cost about 600B to Maybe ? Save him. ? ..... "Next time", the good young vet says ! ??? .... And I promised not to be so lazy and slow to get there next time. ! ... Any way, Sorry that this made me realisticly Objective, (I think) having also been to he Immigration Dept, on the way to the vet, .... But unfortunately, lacking in Empathy at the time of there Posts ... Sorry. .... ... Still my Theme is Echoed by many other people here I see, ... . So it can remain the same. ... Sorry, but these rules re the money have not changed that much, ... and the spirit of it is still the same !!! .... It is now that they just are going to enforce the rules, that have already been there, just often just circumnavigated (Like I used to do with the embassy letter) ... or basically just flouted with corrupt agents apparently, ... Which I do not and never will do. Like you do not have to leave the country, you just have to obey the rules, like they were intended to be obeyed ? ... And if you are too old and poor, to be able to work it out, ... Sorry. .... But sounds like you were lucky to get here in the first place, .... and on the upside you probably have been getting away with flouting the rules, for some years now, bad luck it just had to end some time .... Like they are getting the Scam call center trash out, which is just GREAT !!! ... (My Auntie got Scammed for $800 AUD I think ? in Melbourne, .... and she is an Ex-school teacher, ... so they were smart, the "Help us to catch these Bastard Scammers" Scam, ... a quite effective and dangerous one, .... the money went to the Philippines I believe.) and here they are getting some of the Gangsters, ... and then the Over stayers. .... No reason why they should not tighten up on Retirement Visas either !!! .... If just about every one seems to have been Breaking the rules re getting them also ? You Previously were supposed to have this money in the bank, for 3 mths any way !!! ... So if you HAVE been Obeying the law, ... well where is it now ? ... And if you have not, ... well then sorry, ... But it IS good that THEY ARE starting to get smart I think !!! ... Like my Own country, Australia SHOULD BE !!! ... Like Millions (Well probably about 3 to 400,000 maybe ? ) of Illegal Immigrates there also, who just Flew in, and just over stayed their Visas ! ... and they all have just disappeared in to the Cash Economy ! ... As well, the Polies will never agree on, ... or make up their mind on very much ... re "People" .... a very emotive issue to both sides. The off shore processing of Boat people, being the only bit they currently at least, agree on as well, it HAS worked so well, ... for stopping the boat people, thousands of them having drowned previously, and it has stopped those corrupt people smugglers at least. .... though not stopping at all, the huge majority, who just fly in and then over stay, ... so well, Thailand is not the only country now with this problem, ... though maybe just maybe one, that is doing something about it.
  5. Maybe speed it up by going to (And Paying for it) in Switzerland ?
  6. You have had close to 1 year !!! Depending on when you last renewed you visa, (I do not need the money n the bank until Oct) ... and the Rules of what you should have have not actually changed, ... they are just making you, and the Corrupt, (Axxxxx) agents Prove it !!! ... Like just follow the rules, they actually have not changed that much, they are just blocking out corruption, ... and why did you come here ? Right ? ..To be corrupt ? ... and beat the system ? .... or just to live with the Thais, that actually have a lot better ruels, and morals, ... than a lot of countries !!!
  7. I did not even read this !!! .... I can not believe yo bastards !!! ... The Thais are just asking you to obey the Laws, !!! But they had to change the system to stop corruption with the agents, (And the Embassies that just signed any thing, that you pushed under the glass in 30 Seconds) ... ... Just stop breaking the law !!!.... But you are all upset !!! ...:Just Follow the Laws" ... If you do not have the money to follow them ? Why are you here, ??? .... Looking for an easy way out ??? ... Just follow the laws fealls, ? or return to your own countries and start working with theirs right ??? OK, more rational, I went to my Immigration office, who are REALLY OK. ... So If you have a retirement visa issued before the 1 March, then you do not have to show any thing more, than the old requirement in your bank, ... and then nothing after the issue, .... until your next application. Next year, ... When the new rules apply. They even said I could use my shares ? in Bualuang as the 800,000 if I got a letter from Bualuang. ? But well, ... my Thai is not that good, .... and well, ... I still think if I do not actually have he cash in Bualuang, .... I probably do not qualify for this, / still .... .... Just follow the laws fellas, .... or just But out, and go home, like well, ... you countries should be doing it this way also .... like the Nanny Stare of Australia !!! Right ... Just enforcing the laws. Not Empowering the Corrupts money backed, Immigration Lobby, of the destructive nd Nepotistic left ... and destroying out country. ... Good on the Thais !!! for getting smart !!! and applying these laws in their country at least, !!! .... before i is too late. Mark Mark Mark ...
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