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  1. Well Possibly I am stepping over the line a bit here, but if so, well just Pull it Rooster. … Things are not very good, and I understand. … But well re the CV 19 Disaster in India, its relevance, and how it is possibly being Viewed Internationally, Including from Thailand. ??? The Australian Border force and Quarantine people have just reported a quite high, disconnect, between Indian Australian passengers testing negative in India, so being allowed to board flights back to Australia, … but then testing Positive for it when they get off the planes here ! … Almost exhausting the pl
  2. Keep it up Rooster, … You are the Writer, and They … / We are only the Bloggers. Though I will note re. your … “What with easing of some immigration requirements” statement … I have just searched the Thai Embassy hear’s web site, pretty well, … and the regulations for the COE and entry, seem to be all just the same as they were before ! … Like the Quarantine period on arrival has been put back up to 14 days, for everyone, … even people who have been vaccinated !!! – “After advice from the Virus control Health Department” ? or some reason like that. I suspec
  3. "Yes, it’s not just Rooster that likes a sarky dig though I was obliged to take some flak last week for wanting to see covid deniers and misinformation spreaders prosecuted." Yes I totally agree with you Rooster. ... I find it really annoying just to watch, or just hear about these people, who just seem intent on ruining, what is left of the lives ! of us People that just want to get on with it !!! ... And well now the Indian situation is starting to look bad for me here still stuck in Australia also, with the Australian government now said to be ? Canceling flights fr
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