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  1. My biggest problems in life have arisen on the grounds that I've been too trusting, too generous, too expectant. Much of the time people have a hidden agenda; and the politicians, along with bankers and big business, are right up there. Corbyn is a breath of fresh air, along with Farage, Moggie and Galloway. I don't particularly care what side of the political fence they are. I simply want the politicians to be honest. I read you with the 'lazy' stakes Bomber. If anyone called me lazy they would be off my Xmas card list in an instant. Only one thing worse than being pronounced lazy IMO; and that's being pronounced 'dead'.
  2. Dear, dear Bomber. 58/60% leave is now the above Watford Gap average. Those Barnier, Junker and Verustat chaps have played right into the leave's hands. Too bloody-minded for their own good. Roll on Freedom. Reestablish our rightful place in the world, while the EU crumbles.
  3. Hi guys. Just got the data today for last week. This is for w/e Monday 18th 2019 at 2am (end of shift, early Monday morning). Liverpool poll. 58% leave 18% accept May's deal/any deal 14% stay in/second vote 10% don't know/care. Undecided. Spoilt vote paper. Too drunk to understand the poll or put a cross in a box. Pretty conclusive I reckon.
  4. Without reading the Telegraph item, I have to comment. Most of the world's currencies are bought and sold in the money exchange market. If someone wants to sell a million pounds (say) the brokers will buy at what they think is a good price for them at that point in time. If the pound was 'overvalued' we would soon know because people would be 'shorting' it big time, as was the case during the ERM times. The pound is no longer fixed to other currencies (Scottish pound*) and will float in the market as will all the other currencies. If the brokers have confidence in a currency they see it as worth keeping, and vice versa. * fixed rate of parity
  5. The BofE has not been audited for 300 years. It has royal charter privilege and is under the protection of the official secrets act. Do wake up and smell the coffee Benroon. The BofE is the world leader in deception. Deal!! There is a MI6 man snooping around these parts asking about farangs. Hope you don't have to help me?! Money will not be enough; you need a sharp knife to cut the noose at the tower. * my insertion for readability.
  6. Since I've been in Isaan, I've come across two errors with names. First was a German guy whose son was called Tritz (Fritz). And the other was with a friend of mine who was marked down as Yom (Tom). I had my own issues when registering my daughter's birth; though not with her name. I'm with Bullie on this 100%.
  7. M&A Sort of Anthony Robins stuff? Inspirational speaking. it is all the rage here in Thailand. I think Chan-o-cha is involved. Did a bit of that myself in a Dagenham pub, leading up to the referendum. Got paid in beer.
  8. I've been with TW from the very start. There were problems with their Thai partner some years ago, and it resulted in TW stopping the service (UK to Thailand) for a couple of months. They picked up new Thai partners and it's been fine since. Last transfer took just 4 hours 45 minutes from my UK bank to my Thai bank.
  9. My first thought when the news broke about her wanting to return was negotiate with a muslim country to get her citizenship/subject status. Then stop her ever returning. But now I've mellowed a bit. I now think the UK should let her back in and send her to Luton to live, until her trial is completed. I take it there will be some sort of trial. My second wife - Fatima - was a muslim. She did her praying and stuff but she wouldn't hurt anyone; except me when she ran off with a German surgeon.
  10. You are not even in Thailand. Should be chatting about Burmese people and their rubbish.
  11. At least there were not ducks in the pool. They should get Trading standards involved. Simply awful!
  12. I like the work or Eustice Mullins and Ezra Pound amongst others. Did you ever have conversations with the man 'imself Spidey? He is mainstream now. No longer a conspiracy theorist. A big following. Exposed the Skriple affair and did a great piece on Venezuela recently. First port of call for the truth about City of London and the like.
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