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  1. Yes, good points. The Reds are still in the driving seat. The bookies (punters) have Liverpool as favourites; just. Of course The Reds might streak away, but City would have to drop points. I'm pointing out that City could now catch Liverpool; and indeed pass them depending upon goals scored, and assuming they win the two matches.
  2. How refreshing. A bit of honesty. Admitting an error. Wish my wife would take note.
  3. Bet365 has live footy video streaming on their site. Wouldn't dream of having a flutter,. Well, just a little dream!
  4. I'm up near Nong Khai and both Skybet and bet365 have blocked me since the start of the English footy season. Hotmail; is it going to close down soon? I'm getting requests to contact them. Not sure if they are genuine messages.
  5. Well, it's nice to see that after the w/e's games the EPL is now City's to lose. First time since nearly the start. Just have to keep an eye on that goal difference and beat Liverpool away (10th Nov) and home (4th April) and it's the hat-trick. No need to thrash teams; just 3 goals a game will do it. City should win the last 6 games (after the red game) comfortably enough.
  6. I reckon Liverpool are pleased they played Chelsea early on.
  7. Great post again. I'm learning so much. I've heard it said that collecting a mature ladies urine first thing in the morning and smearing it on a man's bald head can promote hair growth. Any thoughts on that Marko?
  8. What a great, informative post Marko. I don't want to get this wrong as I might try it myself. Does your intake of cider cure rotten teeth? I've only got 5 left (2 on top and 3 on bottom) and I'm pulling them out about one a year. Don't go to dentists as I don't thrust 'em. I have to put apples in the blender or I can't eat them. A carpenter friend was making me some dentures from bamboo, but he was taking so long. Another tooth had gone, and he had to start again. Is that your own urine Marko or someone elses? Interesting! I'll have a word with the wife.
  9. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side. Why did the little boy cross the road? To bring his pet chicken back. Why did the priest cross the road? He was attached to the little boy. Why did the Muslim terrorist cross the road? He was forced over by the blast.
  10. What!! Pay to make yourself smell, when there are fruits and vegetables all around. Just get a lime. Slice it through and rub under the arms, between the legs and any other places that you sweat from. As for looking for opposite sex company; there is a trick. When the lady speaks look at her mouth and when you speak look into her eyes. Any smells are then rendered irrelevant.
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