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  1. Resuscitation of a thread that has lain dormant for some months. Of course, Brexit is the reason. Brexit might be important but not as important as footy. Well done 3 minus 2. I think our (England's) standing in the world was reflected correctly during the World Cup; in the top 10, hovering around 3/5. Don't think anything has changed. Now can we improve? I look at the players and see a shortage of 'world class' players. Don't necessarily need outstanding individuals but it does help at the top levels. Are Kane, Sterling and Walker 'world class'? Not in my book, but just below that 'world class' level we have many fine players. My team: Tom Heaton Walker Maguire Tripper Tarkowski Rice Alli Henderson Ward-Prowse Sterling Kane Bench Butland Chilwell Barclay Dier Hudson-Odoi Wilson Sancho If we can get Walker bombing down the wings, Maguire getting his head onto the corners and Kane continuing his lucky scoring streak we could scare all but the top few teams.
  2. Last time in Vientiane I had ticket no 514 (and not the last). About 100 of the slots were groups. If they now limit to 250; then something has to give. As for the services' at the gate. I've used them and they did the biz. Same day collect. No problem.
  3. Could be sorted. But, we need to keep the riff-raff out, Only genuine Brexiteers would be welcome. I was thinking cheese on toast as a snack, with some of my wine to wash it down and then get the girls dancing. I would be willing to do a 15 minute stand up on the "Joy of Brexit". And once the beer starts flowing well who knows what might happen. I'm near Nong Khai so it's a fair old trip. It would be well worth it; just to be with civilized and dedicated Brexiteers. On the day; to get any freebies, we would need a password. I'm suggesting 'freedom'.
  4. A couple of have things have come into my thinking today. One important and the other perhaps not so. Firstly; the Eurovision song contest! Will we still be able to participate when we leave the EU? Secondly; would it be worth the Brexiteers promoting our thoughts through a mass rally. I am thinking Pattaya sometime next week (after the Thai elections). Would there be much enthusiasm, among TVForum members, for a rally on the beach perhaps, or Bali-hi pier?
  5. And you gave the impression that you were mellowing; coming around to the Brexiteer's way of thinking. Just what is it that you like in this EU juggernaut?
  6. Where she went wrong was not engaging with the Brexiteers on TVForum. It could have been vastly different if she had.
  7. It has probably cost me in the order 250K baht since I left England, due to the rates. But, the freedom and pride in England has made it worth it. A chance to change UK politics comes rarely. Let's all get on board Bomber, and make England great again. The EU - as it is now structured - is doomed. We are jumping ship just in time, thanks to 17.4 million enlightened voters. The EU (Federal Europe) will get a big shock come the Euro elections IMO.
  8. An attempt at humour there soalbundy. Like it. More please! Not like you, but I know you want to get back on my Christmas card list. Leaving dinner party outside London. What did the remoaner MP say to the brexiteer voter? "Pass me the knife Bud. I need it to peel the spuds for the leaving banquet." The knife gets passed over. "Someone call an ambulance. His back looks a mess."
  9. A tad pessimistic Bomber. Although you are close IMO. I think the pound will fall in the short term to 38/39**. But within 3 months it will be back to 40 to 42. And by the end of the year over 45. From then on, as the country rediscovers its pride, it's just onward and upward. Unless there are big storms or a drought even. Just don't trust those unelected EU lot (and their powerful business and banker friends) to take this - the beginning of the end of the Federal Europe dream - without a token fight. But then we will see a new UK; ProRep. three parties (labour, cons and brexit), BBC told to stand on its own quality outputs without the licence fee. H of L dissolved, fishing back to its former self, manufacturing innovations, green wave energy, transparent B of E. The list goes on. And all made possible because the people voted the correct way. Can't wait for the joy! **The biggest problem for the UK within the next couple of years will be insider dealings and distractions from the likes of Blair (who should be in The Tower as it is). 'Treason' is a word I'd like to be brought back into public focus for these types.
  10. Can't wait for the big day. Went back for the Brexit vote. Thinking about booking a ticket for the biggest Dagenham street party ever. Celebration is just around the corner folks.
  11. This has happened to me. I did the 90 day at Udon Thani but the visa was done by an agent in Chonbury. The check-in officer had a moan but changed the location for a photocopy charge of 500 bhat (box on the desk). If they rock the boat people will be out of pocket. Not worth fretting too much.
  12. Great point BMT. Same up here near the Mekong. A mix of Isaan and Lao. Too much to learn. I speak English, French, German, Spanish and Patwah (Jamaican Creole). I've learned enough; although some double-dutch is worth knowing here in LOS. I'm also familiar with the Welsh lingo; yaki-darr. But not fluent.
  13. Last songkram was a sad time for me. I went to the farm as usual, on the last day, to feed my koi carp. I thought there was something wrong as soon as I went to pond 6. It was almost as though there were no fish in there. I threw in some food and watched. Gradually, the koi started to show. It was obvious something was amiss. They had been shocked*. I lost about 20 big koi. All the big whites and a few all-red were missing. And my favourite; a gin rin yellow and black (about 75cm) Carp are not one of the better tasting fish, so I think it must have been an act of lao khow spontainiosity. Sort of good idea at the time, while downing the local rice wine. This year I'm gonna stay at the farm. I reckon they (whoever they are) will be back for some more fish this year. * It actually took about a week for them to return to normal.
  14. Wow!!! What a name; 20 letters. Only know two people with a longer name. One of the Royal family members and Miss Plapawadee, who won the gold in the weight-lifting a couple of years back at the Olympics. He will sort it for the country. ps;;;; 777 for the lottery next time guys. pps;; will not be much of a songkram in our area. Run out of water last week. Unless, of course, they chuck lao khow.
  15. "You are driving me into the arms of other men." "Take the keys. Go drive yourself." +++++ Why do seagulls have wings? So they can beat the pikeys to the tip. +++++ The pikeys won the lottery. Bought a new house closer to the tip. +++++ Liverpool after dark. "Little boy. Would you come into my car for a fiver. F-----g hell mate. For a fiver I'll cum in your mouth." +++++ My second wife was a muslim. Very fashionable and health conscious. Always parading in front of the mirror. "Owl dearest." "Yes, Fatima?" Looking over from the Tele. "Does the bomb make me look fat in this dress?" +++++ Some girls can fake an orgasm. Some Thai girls can fake a whole relationship. +++++ What's a Thai ladies nightmare birthday present? A lie-detector. +++++ What's a Thai Ladies dream birthday present? Any farang out there? +++++ The jewish suicide victim; crashed his car in his brother's scrapyard. +++++ Little jewish boy on the upper bedroom window sill. "Daddy help me. I'm going to fall." "Just step off son. I'll catch you." "You might drop me daddy." "Of course not son. I love you more than anything. Look, my arms are stretched out ready." Solly has a glance down and sees his dad ready to catch him. "Jump, son, jump! Do it!!!" The little boy steps off the sill and just as he is going to be caught his dad pulls his arms away. The little boy spanks into the lawn. He looks up at his dad. "What happen daddy?" "Most important lesson in life son. Trust no-one!"
  16. The best thing is to keep away from the Thai ladies. Plenty of fun to be had here with cheap booze and snout. Fishing is world class and there are other sports like Thai boxing and chicken fighting. Thriving chess clubs in some parts. My second wife was an African muslim. She asked for goats and a camel when we were talking about jumping the broom. They are just after our money. Life here is just one big business transaction.
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