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  1. Aside from the same tax benefits most all companies enjoy, how are oil companies subsidized? In the US I am penalized with heavy state and federal taxes for every gallon of gasoline I buy. I'll understand if you can't be bothered to respond.
  2. Thailand has roughly 30% more area, yet 13 times as many people as Norway. If renewables are so effective, why do they have to be so heavily subsidized?
  3. So best case scenario, the roof of a 20 X 20 meter 30 story condominium building with 180 units would have enough roof area to provide solar power to something less than 10 of the units, yes?
  4. Typically on a boat or RV with at least two batteries the starting battery is separate from the house battery. The starting battery is a normal battery and the house battery is a deep-cycle battery. When operating correctly, the battery isolator will charge the starting battery first, and only charge the house battery after the starting battery is fully charged. Further, the battery isolator will allow the the house battery to discharge fully, but never use the starting battery for anything but starting the engine. This allows you to run your lights, radar and bait tank all night
  5. If the choice is between a car that starts 50% of the time, or no car, I'll go with one that starts 50% of the time. If it doesn't start the first time, just try it again. But you can go ahead and walk....
  6. In my limited experience here the landlord responsibilities are similar a in the US. That said, I would not involve the landlord with a $2 hose, but I would would not pay any damages I was not responsible for. But again, if you are getting a great deal on a great place, you might want to eat it.
  7. Unless you are getting a really great deal on a great place I would move. "Cheat me once, shame on you, cheat me twice, shame on me."
  8. The MWA has leak detectors that just look like a long rod. Try a long screwdriver and listen to the end. I think it has to be a pretty good leak to hear it though...
  9. You speak Thai well enough to provide detailed instructions to tradesmen?
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