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  1. Ordered my new Zenni's on 12-April and received them today, so right at a months. They are okay, but I did like my old frames better. I do wish I could try on the frames first. Thanks everyone for your input!
  2. Going through the back-side of the wall is a great idea. As you're going to replace the elbow (or tee) anyway, you can drill right through the fitting into the opposite side of the wall locating it perfect....
  3. I would try a second new valve and tape the ef out out of it before I started breaking tiles. This may sound silly, but it's not leaking from the tank, running down the hose and dripping from the valve is it? As others have said, if the pipe or glued connection itself is leaking you're likely going to have to do a little demo. Do you have extra tiles? You MAY be able to get the one tile out without breaking it. Good luck!
  4. There are all kinds of foam, done correctly I imagine it's great.
  5. That is pretty impressive. Have you seen it done?
  6. Only some cars are more expensive, and only some food is cheaper. Houses are only cheaper in the less popular areas.
  7. If you find a place to rent a set let me know. You could always buy a good belt dander and go that route, but you have to be pretty careful as they can be pretty aggressive.
  8. Falling away is pretty typical, and the buildings & bridges typically have good foundations while drive and walkways often do not. It does not look nice, but it will not hurt anything, and it will likely keep sinking. If you want to really repair it needs to be demoed and re-done. Or you could just bevel it, mortar it up and paint or tile the strip...
  9. Yeah, people with real money don't worry about impressing parking attendants with their cars...
  10. Exactly. Only poor people buy cars that cost less. I'm people even more perplexed when people need to justify buying things they rightly shouldn't be buying in the first place.
  11. I'm a foreigner and things typically go in my favor. Maybe you're not holding your mouth right....
  12. You would also have the right to render over the pipes and vents...
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