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  1. Going with three single-phase panels would (as indicated above) make it difficult to power and three phase equipment and kind of defeats the purpose of having three phase to start with. Breaking the phases up and using one on each floor I would guess it would result in a very unbalance load.
  2. What bank do you use for your business? Surely in thirteen years you have developed a decent relationship with them.
  3. That's what I'm guessing. It would make little sense (IMO) to try and build the deck to support the pool at that height. The pool in the photo looks to weigh about 5,000kg in water alone...
  4. I'm guessing the "pool" will sit on the slab, and the deck would be supported by the columns.
  5. Sorry, I just assumed the people utilizing the space would be living.
  6. For 3,840 you can't go far wrong, you just need to know what you want.
  7. For 80 baht a square meter? I you are trying to build the cheapest thing possible, use the existing roof and columns.
  8. If it's not going to be a living space, what is it going to be? It looks like a living space in the OP.
  9. So if they're indestructible why do you need four? I couldn't find them on Lazada...
  10. And assuming you're replacing all the wire anyway, you can always run it above ground until you get the digging done. Be sure to run block it such that it does not get damaged getting run over...
  11. Looks to me like you'd be better off tearing it down and starting over.
  12. Aer you sure it needs to be dug up? If it's in a decent conduit you might just be able to pull it out and in. If that doesn't work I'd just start digging were I out of power and go no response from the neighbor.
  13. You didn't want to appear "cruel" on your own, yet you're happy to join a pack and pile on... Why not post up what you think is a good bargain breakfast that is currently available? Depending on the bread buffet it might be what I consider to be a good deal.
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