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  1. Do you get paid in Baht, US$ or some other currency? If you get paid in US$ get a US credit card that does not charge foreign exchange fees. What airline and hotel chain do you typically book? You can likely get a big bonus points for getting their credit card. If you get paid in Baht, you might shop some of the other banks. If you have a work permit, reasonable salary and some work history, no reason you should not be able to get an actual credit card.
  2. I don't think I've had to replace a set of shocks since the '70s and I've never had to replace a strut...
  3. Okay, so fee is variable if you're RECEIVING between ~ US$333 and US$833, but for transfers less than $333 or greater than $833 it's constant.
  4. Who told you there isn't any duty on clothes? There is.
  5. I know that for Chase Bank in the US the SWIFT transfer fee $40 and is the same regardless of the amount of the transfer. Do you have an example of a bank that has a variable SWIFT transfer fee that is dependent on the amount of transfer?
  6. Oh, a real fart smella... I mean smart fella huh? Or not. Re-read my post.
  7. Anyone that does not understand arithmetic anyway... For small transfers TW is cheaper, but it is more expensive once you get up around US$10K, at least from my bank in the US.
  8. Is it your position that TW is somehow less of a risk than a direct transfer from bank to bank? When I transfer from my home country bank in the US to one of my Thai bank account, it's done with a few clicks. I can select from a dropdown menu what the transfer is for, which among a number of other things includs "Real Estate Investment". It is no more difficult than using TW and it is more secure. For large transfers the bank is cheaper, for small transfers TW is cheaper.
  9. The shop is easy to get to as it is right off the Ring Road
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