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  1. Well it not like customers don't lie as well. Selling in the US via ebay and whatnot and using PayPay sellers get ripped off constantly.
  2. Just watched "The Impossible". A sappy tear-jerker about a family at a Phuket resort caught in the Tsunami. I thought it was worth seeing, but I like sappy, tear-jerker type stuff... Supposed to be a true story...
  3. Actually, I prefer my Simmonds Beautyrest Pillow-Top to that Slumberland crap.
  4. I didn't say you were dramatic, I said you fancied yourself as such. 555 555 555 555 55555555555555555555555555 555!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. What do you expect from someone that fancies himself "His Thainess"
  6. Hmmm, you fancy yourself with a flair for the dramatic huh? I think the guys bashing and moaning childish. Getting back to the Exodus from the West...
  7. Exodus from the West? Really, I hadn't noticed. Seems like there's more and more every time I go back.
  8. I thought the wall was to slow illegal immigration, no? I further understand that the better protected the border is, the more resources can be used at points of entry, is that not also true?
  9. The same reporter that claimed there was no violence on the border, that one?
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