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  1. We have to admit the reality : People who live in guesthouses/rented cheap condos, eating street food...... have the same power like those Thais street vendors..... People who have impact on the system, in the whole world, are people with huge capitals, or at least who contribute in tax system. When you eat street tax free food, stay in guesthouse that never reports the guests in other words never pays taxes, your power is 0,00.....
  2. I think now it's time to start using the airport service to avoid that waiting time....
  3. I don't understand how mamy people complain about the prices in Thailand. Foreigners must pay more than Thai nationals, it's just right. The government cannot/ must not take into account that there are more than Thai nationals living/visiting Thailand, when they plan the annual budget, unless foreigners are willing to pay. This is complicated, not many people understand. Always complain about paying more than Thais.....I just don't get it
  4. Condos & guesthouse rooms can be rented monthly. no problems. But remember to report to immigration office.
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