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  1. With Radio Garden you can listen to all radio stations in your home-country and your hometown. Here is the link: http://radio.garden/listen/free-radio-luxembourg/1bkFhvXR This link start Radio Luxembourg that was my favorite station in the 60s and 70s. But you can just move around in the map to your country and city. If there are more than one station in the city you choose, click on "View all stations" or the name of the city to find your favorite. Have Fun!
  2. I would try 4 Lens Tour in the corner of Hw 1 and hw 1020. They are Notary Public and have some lawyers. I have used them for papers to Immigration without problem and they have not been expensive,
  3. The shop my wife use for these big bags is this one. Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/eLGJnQGGVXvjVFqK8 Price between 5 and 10 bath each depending on size.
  4. It is Channel 36 PPTV HD. I just have an old style TV-antenna and a box where I have probably more than 20 channels. But the only one I watch is this Sport-channel. Today I have been watching Honda LPGA Thailand (golf) in daytime. , 18.30 I watched Leeds winning over Tottenham in Premiere League, and just now there is a match between Dortmund and Leipzig in football. All with English commentators. (you choose language with the box). Tomorrow last day of Honda LPGA Thailand starts 12,30 and Aston Villa vs Manchester United in Premiere League s
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