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  1. Which is that you're a jackass. However, if you retract and admit that you wink wink meant a bribe and not an official fee then I shall retract the jackass slur. But you might then be liable for maligning the BB, not that they do not include the occasional bad apple on the take.
  2. Siam Legal says here that you are speaking through a blowhole usually hidden in polite company. So does common sense. I have to be able to afford an "administration fee" for the police to do their job - really? Now, when I am a party in a court matter and need legal representation, that's a different scenario.
  3. Ask at a cobbler shop. Most malls have one.
  4. Jeez, kick a 4-year old in front of her dad then expect a beating. Now, if the beating is going to be within an inch of your life or end it is a toss-up. If you don't like the odds then don't go there. And you don't get to plead drunk if you were able to accurately land a kick on a tot's bottom. The protective dad gets a rap on the wrist for negligent manslaughter and no time because his kid (obviously) needs him. The dead guy goes into the next life having learned an excellent lesson. Hopefully, he'll be reborn a good man.
  5. Don't you have some kind of receipt from when you purchased it?
  6. Bumrungrud a year ago: I went in to see an ENT doc with a problem in my right ear - it felt clogged and I wasn't hearing well that side. It was a walk-in and they assigned me to whoever was on the roster then. I didn't care as it clearly wasn't anything serious, an irrigation at best I figured. As I am waiting to see the doc a nurse appears and says we need to do a hearing test before you see the doc. I protest - the doc needs to see me first I tell her. She looks mildly offended and goes off. Finally I get called to the doc who looks at me sternly and asks why I didn't take the test - "you have to take the test or how will I know?" I am already a bit annoyed and explain to him, look doc the hearing test is going to show a problem because I have a problem which is why I am here. Why don't you look in my ear and maybe clean it out a bit and then if there's still a problem we can test for stuff. The doc isn't happy but he does his thing, cleans out my ear and I feel fine (oh, the equipment is fancy - I watch a fascinating real-time video of the inside of my ear on a wall monitor). Then I go up to pay the bill and it's a pretty large amount. I check the details. Yep, they had added on the test they never did. Again, I protest and a couple of phone calls between the cash counter and the ENT section gets the matter resolved. Pain in the ass experience. I bet the doctors are pretty well incentivized to rack up a bill.
  7. I've ordered dozens of items from Lazada over the last few months, all paid with my CC online because I'm rarely around delivery time. Nary a problem. The couple of times I wasn't happy with the product, printed out the return form, stuck it on and dropped off at the 7-11 end of my soi and the refund was in my card in a week. Lazada's been a boon. Must have saved me countless trips to Big C, Pantip, ...
  8. She may have HIV - hopefully, at zero viral load level now with meds and it will stay that way - but your wife's still one helluva luck lady to have a guy like you by her side. You're a class act by my book, Jimmie. Good luck to you both.
  9. Criminals in high places have a knack for avoiding jail in these parts.
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