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  1. Conscience? I'm sure he was alerted to the video. His "conscience" was lacking when he saw the lady drop money in front of him and said "nothing". Oh.......on second thought, I should have not deliberately put my foot on the money and attempted to "steal" from a native. Nope- that's not how it works- second chances at integrity are nullified. Next question:)
  2. Honestly, I had read the initial report and 'skipped over" the head line...yes- my bad. All you had to say was that he was British. I "normally" do not miss the particulars, yet somehow was not really concerned about the nationality.And still- the nationality IMO is beside the point- no matter who -your welcome has just run out. CYA:)
  3. Always good and bad everywhere, but when video like this emerges, then the "good" should tell this person to go elsewhere. Videos have depicted all nationalities essentially stealing from another. No ethnicity in particular- simply how you were raised with morals or lack thereof. Those who return lost money are within the group who were raised correctly. As far as the old man in the video, please go back to the UK- your presence in a foreign country is not welcomed. And then "possibly"- before your last days, you can figure out right and wrong. Until then, I will pray that your obvious lack of decency is reconciled before your last breath.
  4. Sorry- so he he is British- yet another stain on the UK because of this obviously greedy person. He had the opportunity to alert the Thai woman ahead of him that she dropped her money. His excuse(s) are not only too late, but insincere to say the least. And to the person in question...if you are that "strapped" that you have to resort to obvious thieving, then go back to your home country.
  5. Is it safe to say that the video prompted him to return the money? Somehow, without the video my impression is that he would not have done so. He did so out of embarrassment and the scrutiny of the posted video. I find it hard to believe that suddenly, he had a change of heart without the exposure. BTW- does anyone know of the nationality of the person in question? Just curious.
  6. Let's try to put this in another perspective. here we have an old farang. Obviously- he failed to learn that thieving was wrong. I could expand and say that he is what we call in the US "white trash". It is how you are brought up. "if" your tree- your parents acted this way, then no surprise. I could offer comments based upon the video- like many have done so. All I need to see is the culprit at hand...to see his obvious "grifting' tactics (and hey old man...you'll be dead soon- you've learned nothing before you bite the dust). Sad that this older person has not learned decency by now. And so.......if this person depicted in the video chimes in- for whatever reason, please know that I feel sorry for you. And sadly, many people just do not get it. they have no clue how their selfish actions affect others. In this case, you "stole" from another. I assure you that I will NEVER in my latter years nor will I ever do so.....resort to the theft (yes- theft) that this over-the -hill farang (please let me know which country he is from). He is on his way out anyway...perhaps God will make sure that is hastened. There is no excuse for this affront to ANYONE...if I could be there physically and speak to this "marginal" person, then most likely I would advise to go home- wherever that may be. You are NOT welcome anywhere based upon the video. Anyone who knows of the ethnicity of this scum bag, please let me know. He will be forever highlighted, black-listed, and hopefully self-assessed. Either stay or get the <deleted> out of there. And if you stay and you ever "think" about doing a similar thing, then you will be cast away in one form or another. Not a big deal...people like you need to be called out AND driven away.
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