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  1. YOU SOB...obvious testament why Asians are SO <deleted> up..And others who think otherwise, too much evidence . My God...and yet these people align to Buddhism.
  2. Asians "somehow" (some) are void of any empathy... seem to be void of emotions.I'm sure some look elsewhere, so those who get it - good for you:)
  3. Watch "Diaries of a Geisha"...then perhaps it makes sense- although sad in every sense.
  4. Obviously not. No matter what country, prostitution - for whatever reason is a reality.
  5. oops:) And I'm sure your wife was ready for any "questionable' whatever:).
  6. This can't be even envisioned..much less figured out . My goodness- where is one to begin?
  7. Obviously, that's part of the problem. Do you think they check licenses? And while we're at it, "if" there is any questionable activity, do they - the officials regularly check that? All one has to look at is the "geishas" during WW2. Asians obviously have a different viewpoint as to the extent of making a living. What's sad to me is that poor (and uneducated young women) are basically forced to resort to limited employment opportunities. I saw "Diaries of a Geisha" and it was heart-breaking to see parents readily sell their children off...obviously a moral dilemma, but not sure if people would take that stance for economic reasons. In other words, you sell cattle or whatever...selling your flesh and blood is repugnant to me. And unfortunately, history states that this happened more often than not. I also understand how humans - when presented with economic "issues" make choices.I also understand that those choices can be few and far between. A terrible situation when one is so pressed to choose something out of desperation. And when parents "hint" that their daughter seek "alternative" means, what are they thinking? Are they being obedient and/or satisfying that devotion to the parents? Complicated....cultural.....moral. BUT, to have a technically illegal sex worker- due to age (knowingly) obviously presents that pressure from parents as opposed to the legality- otherwise deemed as sex-trafficking. And caught in the middle of all these opposing forces? The women who simply are attempting to survive and perhaps are manipulated by the establishment owner. Nonetheless, I try to look at all the factors and unfortunately- at least IMO, it is the workers who always get are often under the direction(and influence) of sometimes unsavory owners.
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