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  1. Exactly......<deleted>? Amazing comment considering how many Thais imbibe regularly. I'll retire to bedlam.
  2. As a side note, it seems that here in the US, a "trafficker" got a sweetheart deal from charges that were mysteriously and curiously downgraded to prostitution some years ago. Jeffrey Epstein....yet another monied scum bag now will face life in prison after the Feds raided his home in NY. "Supposedly", he had evidence of underage porn in a safe. First....how stupid can you be? Secondly, now because the person (AG at the time) who screwed up the initial charges has resigned (Labor Secretary). Everyone knew how money got the scumbag off...now? Let's just say that most likely he will die in prison. Perhaps this South Korean should have stayed in his own country. Unfortunately, the women involved were most likely looking for a way out.... easy for others to throw stones.
  3. And as a side note, can anyone entertain the Thai woman being "mesmerized" at the thought of a lifestyle suddenly changing from perhaps desperate to an ill-conceived temptation of a better place? On the surface, most would note illicit drugs, BUT perhaps this woman got a glimpse of a better lifestyle and was blinded by the method to get there. Just saying. Sometimes people become desperate and their thinking suddenly becomes irrational with no thoughts of the possibility of getting nailed. And no- I am not suggesting that drug dealing is an innocent thing, but simply the idea of a way out of poverty entices some to take risks. Unfortunately in this case, the result is sadly that the Thai woman got sucked into taking that risk and will now regret it.
  4. Certainly, you don't understand why people become addicted to drugs, I would suggest that you separate the "pushers" from the users and if not , then you're in need of very "basic" lessons about addiction. Quite frankly, your ignorance is yet another example of uneducated madness.
  5. Even if shit-faced drunk, most people would not resort to such behavior. I would recommend that the farang be sent to his home state with a ban on returning to Thailand. How embarassing for his home state. Then again, some people think that an unhealthy, angry person with a machete is no big deal. I guess if a Thai male does the same, one can blame Yaba
  6. A machete? Forgive me for thinking that a "normal" person has no need for such. Whackos in Thailand lol.
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