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  1. Im a retired person .I would not like the Thai economy to collapse .It had for everyone. More for the Thai people.
  2. No problem ,just keep on wearing a mask, keep your distance ,wash your hands.
  3. I don't think so. Think of the country as a whole not just yourself. The economy effects ever person more so the Thai population
  4. Thailand has plenty of money in reserve. But will they use it.
  5. Been to Hua Hin hospital 3 times , no vaccine. Now I have been told to ring them every week to see if they have any vaccine.
  6. I have an O visa because I want to leave every 3months , it's great meet up with established friend from the test of the world I've made friends with over the years.
  7. Nor do I. I'm 82 I have a cat O with a 12 month validity use ,90day stay . So l have to depart for Thailand every 90 day , no effort .I like Penang .Train straight from Hua Hin to Pedant Bazaar immigration .From their team to Butterworth then ferry to Penang. Try it its no trouble .Same coming back , train from Pedang imm to Bkk.
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