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  1. Then if your not getting value for your currency complain to your countries government ,don't blame the Thai Baht
  2. The other way round. The Aussie Dollar is in poor shape against other currencies besides the Baht. Have you complained to the Aussie Government.
  3. Glad to see the Baht on a good footings. A weak Baht my be good for tourists but for the country not good .Cant pay the foreign debts in Baht , US Dollar is the currency. Its not the Baht that's high directly its foreign currency which is low in value against the Baht. Never mind, as you can see the Pound Sterling has risen over the last two days and will rise further come the end of the month. Good luck only change money into Baht what you need now. My money in the Thai Bank is in Pound Sterling in a foreign currency account and is changed into Baht when needed . The Bank will supply you with a letter(100B) showing the amount in Baht for immigration purpose.
  4. The only ale in Thailand is Guinness or one or two more shouts . Larger beers are chemical beer.
  5. If you have a moble phone, tablet, laptop you are tracked every time you use it
  6. Its not the Baht that's strong ,its other countries money that's dropped in value so this would be the same in other counties. If you earn Baht Malaysia is good .
  7. Same with the purchase of tanks, subs, who have they got in mind as a threat to National Security.
  8. Ok but it would be suspicious if not working every time the device is corrected
  9. Yes but the Bank's were give permission to use the foreign currency reserves and the IMF had to step in,no money (FR) to pay for the foreign debts, they learned a lesson.Now the foreign reserve account could pay for all Thailands foreign debts Good but that make the Thai Baht exchange rate high.
  10. Tourists don't look at the exchange rate of their currency in deciding whether to come to Thailand.They have so much money to spend and thats it. They have their return ticket paid for and thats it.
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