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  1. Correct ,but I see an article saying free vaccination for people paying tax. I pay 15% on money deposited in the Thai Bank. 15% of one million I would think would cover the vaccination jab. And this tax is paid every year.
  2. And how much tax is one paying with money forced to be keep in a Thai Bank+ All the VAT we pay on Services and goods we purchase.
  3. more then likely , 10 million not a great amount compared to last years figures and Thailand has been spared of the pandemic in comparision to the rest of the world..
  4. I'll give it a miss. Lockdown no problem for me. Hope the key gets lost that opened up.
  5. I suggest that anyone with large amount of money in the Thai.Bank to have two accounts One being a Foreign Reserve Acc (FRA) where the vast amount of money is in your countries currency. The other a standard current account into which money from the FRAc is transferred into it. Money in the FRAc can only be transferred into one's other accounts making it impossible to be hacked.
  6. What's wrong with it. China is almost back to normal after using it.
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