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  1. Dormitories are the worst place for sleeping with more then 4 to a room.
  2. Why is English spoken so much around the world I asked my friend. Reply, Because God is an English man.
  3. The government are in charge of Than Airways with its majority shareholding.
  4. Very sad affair, but ok for the employees of they can restart with the new company.
  5. Sure, What about all the companies Thai Airways owe money to or should one day Thai Government as they own the airline. Now do you think those companies will start trading with TA when it restarts up again.
  6. When Thailand can not pay for its foreign debt there will be a problem. Thailand Foreign Reserve Account is in good shape so they have no problem. Tourism will pick up soon ., Chinese will be back .
  7. Can not . The value of the Baht is centred not only against the economy. Can Thailand withstand a downfall in is earnings, I think it can. The Foreign Reserve Account is strong and could pay for all Thailands foreign debts. The value you get for your money will depend on the economy and Foreign Reserve Account (FRA) of one's country. Many countries economy's are in bad shape together with their FRA . If one doesn't like the exchange rate, take it up with the government of one country
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