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  1. A normal lifestyle is that you live with various viruses every day. Flu, Cold ,cold sore virus, and many more . Corona VIrus is something that you'll have to live with and take precautions against it like the cold and flu. Your immune system must be up to scratch .
  2. I think the CV is here to stay like the Flu ,Cold virus .One will have to take preventive measures like we do now.
  3. I'm under the impression that a visa amnesty to cover November was in place. I got an extension covering October . What's going on.
  4. I'm an experienced MC of many years. Started on a 250cc, advanced to a 500cc now I ride a 1000 cc BMW. The scary thing to me is how many people are on the bike in Thailand. Insurance becomes null and void of more the two people on the motor cycle . Same with any vehicle e.g. A four seater car carrying five people .A pick up carrying people in the back of it. It's classed as a good vehicle ,not a passenger carrying vehicle. Insurance becomes null and void.
  5. Quite agree .I ride a 1000c.BMW, it like handling a baby . Never been on a scooter I think there unsafe .
  6. Th CC of a motor cycle does not represent danger.Its the person who's in control of it and it's all.to do with the right hand.
  7. But isn't November a visa amnesty month up to the 30 th . Haven't had my October 30 day extension confirmed yet . Immigration must be very busy at CW.
  8. Possibly came as individuals then group up once there here.
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