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  1. You're so wide of the mark to attempt a conversation with you would be pure pigeon chess.
  2. Vidies???? Its quite clear you are completely out if your depth here. Do i need to point out figures are seasonally adjusted and reflect trends and changes on long and short term bases?
  3. you probably need to learn the difference between personal observation and real figures. there has been a drop of nearly 30%...
  4. If you think that is conjecture, you need to seriously rethink your processes of comprehension. I'd suggest you indulge in a spot of critical thinking
  5. Up until the 80s France had similar figures to Thailand they then stopped blaming drivers and adopted the EU safe roads system. Unfortunately due to the lack of meritocracy in Thai authorities there are no people in power who show any understanding of road safety and in fact continue policies that only exacerbate the problems
  6. Chinese population is counted in billions....even if a tiny percent decide to travel abroad te numbers are staggering. In a rapidly industrislised country that is growing both internal and external markets, then has to be an educated middle class and in the ling term this means money and tourists...... Its up to countries to tap into this huge market. On the other hand, China is spending millions on educating people to deal with China in all forms of trade. In Thailand quite apart from the EEC related projects there is a massive push to train Thai students in Chinese both in Thailand and through educational exchanges. The West is largely being left in the dust in this respect.
  7. No the numbers are down....where have you been hiding?
  8. "I don’t see the point in seeing a doctor who will only prescribe me more pills or say go to hospital." then why ask for advice???? Also you don't even seem to understand what drugs you are on and why............ Get a doctor who can communicate to you.....this can be difficult in Thailand. PS - why on earth are you not on the ground floor if you a wheel chair user?
  9. "Carnage" - It would be nice if both the media and authorities stopped resorting to clinched concepts when dealing with road safety .....this is most probably explains why little or no progress is made in Thailand.......... as they don't even seem to understand the problems, how can they fix them?? At present all the press and the authorities seem to do is reinforce outdated ideas.
  10. Fake degrees are fraud. They are printed by fraudulent people who make millions. here is a guide to finding if your degree was a scam....... https://www.distancelearningportal.com/articles/175/8-ways-to-find-out-if-an-online-degree-is-a-scam-or-the-real-deal.html How to deal with it regards visas and work permits is easy; just give these lists...... https://www.scholaro.com/unaccredited-universities/ https://businesstoday.co.ke/list-degree-courses-rejected-universities/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_unaccredited_institutions_of_higher_education https://www.geteducated.com/college-degree-mills/204-fake-agencies-for-college-accreditation to the local immigration office. They can then make up their own minds when issuing or renewing visas. It takes minutes even seconds to check, they just don't know or bother at present. At present immigration require degrees to be "verified" by your country of origin, e.g. the embassy, but many embassies won't do this and immigration still issue short-term visas without this. As for those who "are doing their job well" with a fake degree....they aren't are they? They have already committed fraud and what's to say they won't again? Either in their current job or going to or getting another.
  11. Boots stock "Australian Cancer" sunblocks....very effective and quite expensive - they may be on a "2 for 1 " offer. Also Watsons stock the good stuff. Boots own brand used to be bloody dreadful...designed for cool climates with no sweat...or sun even...
  12. Some of the problems in Savannakhet are bound to arise out of tightening of regs in Vientiane - e.g. the appointment thing........ Savannakhet used to be a quite backwater where those in th know got their visas.....but if you overload the consulate they will start to cite anything to get rid of customers.
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