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  1. unless you're in your own vehicle you won't be permitted into Laos and even in your own car Vietnam poses some pretty insurmountable barriers.
  2. As soon as I see the word "carnage", I know there will be no intelligent discussion about road safety in Thailand. Just a litany of anecdotal stories whose sole purpose seems to be to suggest the author's superiority over Thai drivers and the Thai people in general.
  3. Many rulings in Thailand appear to be dictums based on a relatively unresearched whim of a nabob. They are often virtually unworkable or inappropriate and undemocratic and have a negative impact upon certain sectors of the population. However as no debate is required to have them implemented, it frequently results in a long and complicated process of kreng jai and face-saving before the situation can be resolved. In this case we are lucky there has been an announcement - the usual procedure is for these dictums to be nudged gradually undertake carpet until they fall into disuse.
  4. there is a rather unpleasant racist undertone on this thread, people see this man's illegal immigration status as forgivable and claim he is a "victim" whilst at the same time they vilify and abuse immigrants in their own/home countries. a very unpleasant thing to read.
  5. Anyone who doesn't see Scotland leaving the Union as a real possibility is living in cloud cuckoo land
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