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  1. I don't know what you expect. If you have no money food is not cheap If you have stock that cost the chain is still there - you have to pay rent wages etc.....if the public have no money then reduction of prices won't help. The economy is worse than bad - it is a total disaster. The world economy has shrunk beyond recognition. Thailand relies on foreign visitors for about 20% of that and manufacturing for export is a similar chunk - but there will be less buying from abroad for the next few years. I think the full impact of what is really happening to the Thai economy and in real;ation to the rest of the world won't become apparent for several months. Previous Thai admins have shown little imagination or ability to cope with economic disasters and this one doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Be prepared for draconian laws, civil unrest and a lot of anti-foreigner propaganda.
  2. the figures that matter are deaths per capita (e.g. 100k) and excess deaths. To work out the numbers infected by simply counting is not possible without blanket testing. However it is perfectly feasible to get a general picture using stats available - even figuring in the vagaries of stat collecting in various countries.
  3. Brexiteers were abd are never happy ... like a kid who always looks at a siblings plate and thinks "it's not fair, they've got more!!". Now rather than admit they were wrong IDS and Farage are both complaining it's not the Brexit they voted for...... really? Wasnt that the whole point....there was no specification. You reap what you sew
  4. And the award for this thread's most facile comment goes yet again to .... .
  5. What do you think the trucks they are driving are for...FUN? Try import/ export of goods and logistics manager. Any small business, supermarkets, auto industry, haulage contractors ....
  6. Deal or no deal it really doesnt matter..... As someone who drove commercial vehicles between UK and mainland Europe from the 1970s to 2000, I experienced the almost total removal of red tape.... to see it returning is beyond belief..... I dont think people realise what massive step backwards this is.
  7. Up to 40 million visitors last year. From Jan to March - 3 months , pretty much normal and then ZERO. This may continue for the rest of the year so 75% is probably a conservative figure - even if tourists dribble back in by New Year the damage will be done. businesses will have disappeared, capital is missing, service personnel will have left, visitors will be reluctant to accept the draconian quarantines and health checks as well as restrictions on touring. Thailand will have to start from scratch - and of course will inevitably miss a golden opportunity to correct the errors of the past. Essentially the statements and dictums from above show that their is no new or creative thinking or attempt to build a better industry - just the same ol', same ol'.......... with millions of unemployed
  8. All very laudable, but has absolutely nothing to do with the present crisis which issued on the governments handling of Covid. Before Covid even with the faults you point out, they managed to attract nearly 40 million visitors - that is now almost zero..... a big slice out of 20% of the Thai economy.
  9. so the hotels are begging for money and government advisors ae saying stricter border vigilance is required. As the nature of this country's government tends towards "law & order" via dictums their natural bias is towards strict controls....... it will be interesting if they can relinquish their inbuilt flex actions enough to save the economy from total collapse. despite their low ?Covid figures the baht is receiving a huge international battering, so it looks as if the international community are not impressed with this governments reliance of states of emergencies and nape-of-the-neck dictums.
  10. Obviously unaware of the Dunning Kruger affect It is quite obvious that people in jobs for a long time mistake "experience" for knowledge or learning - basically they never realise how little they know.
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