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  1. Yes, one must remember to read every single post of every thread before posting anything!
  2. Batteries in pockets (wear a jacket with many pockets). Laptop under shirt with part of laptop fastened under belt to secure it. (Did this once to avoid paying for exceeding carry-on weight allowance when the airline pulled out scales at the gate as we were boarding).
  3. Reminds me of the time when a dude placed a seat reclining lock (see pic) on the lady’s seat in front of him. From memory the lady wasn’t impressed, threw the contents of her drink container all over him, the flight was diverted to nearest airport, both arrested. And yep, happened on a US domestic flight.
  4. Is a farang retiree allowed to own a car in any of your 3 better-than-Thailand countries? If so, please name the countries.
  5. I don't live close to an IO and I don't need to be there often; and doing it on-line is not an option in all provinces, so taking an hour or so drive now (with little else to do at present) to an empty IO office was by far my preferred solution.... as opposed to doing the drive to stand in queues in July.
  6. Renewed mine last week. Took 2 minutes as no customers and full compliment of staff still working. Not sure why you'd wait until the cattle gates open in July if you can do it beforehand.
  7. Anyone aware of any public KK swimming pools now open? Thanks in advance.
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