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  1. Next time you call ING wanting to increase your limit up to $250k which is often for you :) , try turning off your caller ID. Would like to know if your call still gets through.
  2. Thanks 4M.E. [emoji120] FYI Westpac do provide a direct number when calling overseas and Skype works fine for other Westpac banking requests, but (maybe for extra security) they won’t let you increase your daily transfer limit to above $10K unless they can see the phone number you’re calling from. If your caller ID is turned off or if using Skype or similar, your call is rejected with a recorded message explaining why.
  3. Below is a pic of Westpac’s phone number to call if you wish to temporarily increase your daily transfer limit to above $10K. Please try calling this number with your Skype worldwide subscription and advise if you can get through...or if you get a message saying “Westpac doesn’t accept calls from the type of service you’re using to perform this particular function”. Thanks in advance for checking.
  4. Am looking for assistance as to who is the best TH mobile phone service provider (& name of their plan & current rate) for making the cheapest overseas telephone calls from TH to Australia. My phone calls are to AU businesses such as some banks that do NOT accept Skype calls and any other web based phone calls. Sorry if this has been asked before. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. The short-priced favourite to win this years Best Picture Academy award is “Roma”. I’ve just watched it and I’m wondering if I’m the only person in the world who found this movie one of the most painfully boring ever? If it wins, the bar will be set low.
  6. Looking for assistance on how to find & add English subtitles for foreign movies that I’ve downloaded. Sorry if it’s been asked before. Thanks in advance for any help.
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