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  1. First apologies if this is wrong section mods please move to appropriate but so angry cannot think straight. I'm in UK at moment had call from wife 3 am in UK she was distraught someone poisoned and killed our dog killed her cat and nailed it to front door so much for budism. The only thing I can think this relates to is we decided to close a market on our land due to noise and complaints from neighbours this was a free site and had been used for 3 years we did manage to secure a new site but this incurred costs for the traders but not to us. But the owners of new site charges a percentage of takings, seems now my whole family is being punished for something that we could not avoid all we were trying to do was keep harmony in village but now wife wants to sale house and move away from village she has lived most of her life threats also to our son. My love affair with Thailand has come to a end your all welcome to it
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