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  1. There you go again with your negativity and crystal ball gazing....
  2. Rubbish, that post is linked to Rookiescots, which links to mine debating the relevance of historic statements. Kindly pick out the exact statement you were referring to, where you claim I stated the UK fishermen had already been sold out...
  3. Yes, but not controlled by one party. EU are still insisting the UK is tied to the EU standards. What would you have to say if the UK insisted / demanded the EU be tied to the UK's standards and rules? I'm looking forward to your answer to that one..... If ever..... Oh and, as expected, no answer to the EU's disregard of the WA comment. You are missing the point, and you keep repeating history. The UK will take back control of the fishing quotas, and make whatever allocation they choose from 31/12/20. The licenses were sold on the invocation o
  4. The deals we are making now are mutually beneficial, unlike the EU imposed quotas under the CFP which allowed the EU's foreign fishermen to rape our waters to the tune of 85%. Or do you know something I don't. Feel free to enlighten me, although I doubt I will get anything to substantiate your scaremongering.
  5. You mean you really don't know, where on earth have you been all these years? The demand for free access to UK's territorial waters, and the so called "level playing field" tying the UK into EU rules and regulations in perpetuity, all under the control of the EUCJ. The WA stated that the negotiations should be conducted in good faith and with respect for the UK's sovereignty, which they clearly are not!! We've been over and over these subjects, and you're just balking at the facts.
  6. Scaremongering again. Ye of little faith. Do you relish the prospect of the UK failing, just to prove your point? A very sad attitude, and rather unpatriotic.
  7. There's no accident about it. It's all down to the EU's ridiculous demands to retain control over UK's governance. The red lines have not changed at all, and neither has the WA's principle of respecting UK's sovereignty, which the EU choose to disregard.
  8. Sorry it appears to be upsetting you that UK are not falling on their a..e, and are successfully moving on with their independent future, contrary to the scarmongers opinions amongst you, that nobody will trade / deal with UK again. It must really stick in your craw.....
  9. I don't understand what point you are trying to make. It's irrelevant what comments he may have made historically. The important fact is here and now, the UK's red lines have been stated, and he will not budge. If the EU insist on maintaining control over the UK, there will be no deal, and hopefully nobody will be fouled by the EU's devious attempts to invoke a "provisional deal". Presumably this is an attempt to cement the Withdrawal Agreement and claim the £39B, which hopefully Frost will make contingent on a final deal being established, ratified by the EU states, an
  10. The EU negotiators had better pull their fingers out, or at the current rate of obstinacy there'll be no allocations left for you to share in our waters, since UK have signed deals on fishing with both Norway and Iceland now. Still, I suppose Macron would prefer to continue his tantrums, than accept reality and have meaningful discussions on the subject. I was always taught the "I want doesn't get" principle as a child....
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