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  1. I left nothing attached other than the mouse. I have not tried loading up my files either.
  2. Just tried again with the F10 key and managed to get it to start the recovery process to factory settings. Completed that process. Checked the documents to see if there was any issues, and the same "Delete Files" message popped up, managed to get rid of it and tried again with photos, same again, got rid of the message again and all subsequent attempts to open documents / photos / videos / music were fine, no more delete files message. Shut down and restarted computer and I'm again getting the "Delete Files" message, only this time I cannot lose it. Then when I try to get rid of it the cursor stops functioning on right or left click but still moves around the screen as directed by the mouse. Tried to open Internet Explorer unsuccessfully - message reads "Internet Explorer cannot display webpage". Tried troubleshooting - message "troubleshooting couldn't identify the problem. All the time my internet connection is on and wi-if connection is showing full signal strength. Also I'm still getting the Windows Boot Manager screen at start up requiring selection of the OS - Windows 7. On screen I'm getting a pop up asking "do you want to allow the following programme ('jucheck.exe') from an unknown publisher to make changes to this computer - file origin; Hard drive on this computer. All in all it appears worse than before the recovery to factory settings..... I had little enough hair to start with but I'm tearing out what's left at the moment....
  3. Thanks I'll look into it later, as I should be on the road to Krabi by now.
  4. Many thanks for all your advice, but I must confess a great mist descended on my brain when I tried to understand it. I'm afraid I have a serious mental block when it comes to anything technological. I use Outlook on a hotmail account, is about as detailed as I can be, sorry! Because I managed to open the computer without any apparent intrusions yesterday, I copied all my files of any importance individually from the Documents and Photographs sections as I didn't manage to copy the whole section unopened. No back up routine or imaging software, whatever that is.
  5. You lost me in the first paragraph I'm afraid. I haven't got a clue what you're referring to. I bought the computer in UK with everything installed, and the full resets were done by a very reliable UK IT technician in UK. It's never been near a Thai technician. However I've just spotted it was made in China.... There's a Microsoft sticker for Proof of licence / Certificate of Authenticity for Windows 7 Pro OA on the back.
  6. I've had issues with my computer for some time since I stupidly allowed a so called expert helpline access to assist with a problem. What confuses me is that access was facilitated via an IP in UK but since I've been in Thailand I am still having problems obviously on a completely different IP address and password. Recently when I log onto my laptop there is a start up screen asking me to choose an operating system, Windows 7 or other. I try to escape this process but cannot move on until I make the selection. Then when I try to open up documents / files the message 'delete this file' pops up and I cannot easily get rid of it. Sometimes persistently hitting the NO icon gets rid of it and the file opens, but then wherever the cursor is sitting the text starts deleting automatically. Also when I log onto my email and try to open a message I get the same problem and the message gets deleted, if I try to open the deleted message it gets permanently deleted. I've checked the control panel and find that every time I log on Windows defender has been switched off. I've tried resetting the computer to an earlier date which took a lot of effort, but did help for a short while. Now it's back. To the screwed up version. Someone has messed about with the settings and I've no idea how to fix it, also I'm very concerned that if someone can mess with my computer settings they may also be able to log my key strokes and learn of my passwords etc. I'm just about at my wits end with it and on the verge of buying a new computer and changing my email address to try to thwart the culprits. Please understand I am a bit of a dinosaur where technology is concerned and any assistance/ instructions will need to be simple, and would be much appreciated. Many thanks in anticipation.
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