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  1. It would appear we would be better off doing just that, since the EU manage to agree an equable arrangement with other independent countries. Pity we didn't end up on WTO. Instead we're still negotiating with an ex / snubbed partner.
  2. “The EU has argued it must better understand how the UK intends to amend or alter the rules going forwards,” he said. “This is a standard that the EU holds no other country to and would, I suspect, not agree to be held to itself. It is hard to see beyond one of two ways of interpreting this statement, neither of which stands up to much scrutiny.” I still don't see any justification of the EU's actions, just a load of vindictive punishment, business grabbing, and protectionism. As your article clearly implies, and evidenced by the nu
  3. Nope, it's plain and simple protectionism and vindictive business grabbing. This still does not highlight any justification for refusing equivalence overnight, since the UK cut and pasted the rules and regulations. I'm still waiting for a feasible explanation...
  4. It was, but I firmly believe the EU are dragging their feet to snatch as much from London as possible, without any real justification. I was utterly amazed it was left out of the deal in the first place. I think Boris missed the opportunity there.
  5. OK! The lack of an acceptance of equivalence in the Financial services sector. Candide did a fair reply to the shellfish issue, let's see you can justify the EU's stance on the Financial Services issue, since I still maintain the rules and regulations did not change overnight, and the EU have already agreed the same for the USA.
  6. If it's so bad, why are the EU fisherman clamouring to get in there.
  7. Thank you Vinny, you made my day with that article. Particularly the bit about exporters needing a backbone....
  8. I take your point, but I was under the impression the UK had cut and pasted all the extant EU rules and regulations.
  9. Thank you, explanation understood and accepted! Good to have you chaps on hand to do the leg work, since I'm retired I can't be bothered. Too busy, pottering about in the mornings, winding down in the afternoon, and relaxing in the evenings...
  10. It's not the negotiated deal that's the cause, It's the EU's punishment tactics. At least it would stop all this crowing, since we would not be tied to the EU and you'd have nothing to applaud in their vindictive tactics. If you're going to continue repeating this mantra, at least try to get it right.
  11. Quite, they also taught me to read and comprehend. It said 1,500 applications of which 1,000 are new companies. Do try to keep up....
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, as I'm sure you will, but wasn't there a continuity of standards in the agreement? The new rules are / should be applicable to the cross border administration, not the actual acceptability of the goods being traded, which hasn't changed overnight. BS - If only! It's you lot that should stop whinging, the deed is done. just trying to balance the argument. Obviously it doesn't penetrate, since I've told you before, I didn't vote because I didn't get a chance, being in the middle of our relocation to Thai
  13. Halleluiah..., oh wait, there's a but, but, but...... A bit more than technically I suggest; I'm currently receiving SSP, paid for out of my NICs over my 40 years working life
  14. Just stating the facts. Some of us don't have the luxury of the UK social security crutch, and make our own way in life. I fail to see why that offends you. Even when I was out of work for 2 years, in the late 80' financial crash, and the construction industry was on it's uppers, I didn't even register for free NI contributions, for which I was entitled to receive, even though I had too much in the bank to qualify for income support. Since I could not get any job locally, being told I was too qualified for their positions, I instead took Thatcher's advice, got off my backside
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