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  1. maths is quite a strong point and i often use + or - 100% when comparing relative rates between currencies, or realised profits on a short or long Yes technically you cant lose more than 100% of something however your perceived losses can be described as 150 %, whether is right or wrong is useful way or seeing things. as an example, if i brought a car for 1000 dollars it broke down immediately and i had to get it towed and dumped costing another 500 dollars. In my mind i lost 150% on that investment. I know i haven't lost more than 100% of my car lol
  2. There's nothing wrong with using more than 100% if used as an expression of how far something has dropped or increased. If you caught 1000 cod one month compared to 900 the previous month then catches are up 10% if you then caught 2100 cod the following month then catches are up over 105%
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