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  1. Natal and Fortaleza Brazil have good air quality! I would choose that destination before Portugal for many reasons, but I could choose Portugal for being in Eu for other reasons.
  2. I know the swinger lifestyle there is great! Been there, done that, and now never again
  3. I have strenght and energy as an normal 35 - 40 year old man. After awhile, you do not feel any difference than just normal. Even in the low end, I still feel great, and before, I could get some bull feeling after some few days getting a new dose, but now, hardly feel. A bit harder in the morning, like a 20 year, but thats no harm. Trt have been a very good experience for me the last 2 1/2 years, and now it will be hard to stop, if not impossible. Im on this medicine for lifetime, same as other are on lifetime medication for other reasons. The most important, TRT helped to turn my life around, and I managed to stop the spiraldown getting useless in every term physical and menthally. Now I have healthy weight, exorcise regulary, eat healty, sleep good, and a very good sex life.
  4. Got the resoults today, and my T was now >15 nmo/ml, and E2 was still 8. so 3 days after 250mg with Bayer, it is a great change. I feel the same, not much difference to feel.
  5. Im starting to think 2 mill in the bank is an better option than health insurance start paying now at age 49
  6. Anyone who claim to been here for how long? Know how unpredcicatability the visa rules have been, and we can only predict the future with the same. If 800 000,- is a problem for you now to leave in a bank, or transfer 65 000,- a month, you better find a new destination, or get married.
  7. Ozzys is full hands to avoid shit themselves, get arrested and kill themselves. Exceptional good at everything mentioned above, to get in trouble at once they are more than one!
  8. If somebody leaving Thailand because is it a banana repuplic, then what is Mexico ?
  9. Everytime we have visits from down under (ozzy), this is the least we can expect going to happen. Im from a nordic country, so I would say they are ozzies, but then again, dark skin and anaconda,
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