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  1. @pagallim And prices for those will be helpful...!?
  2. English breakfast at Summer Horse Cafe, Phuket Town, near Bangkok hospital (it's 9n Google Map)..., I happened to be nearby and remembered someone recommended this. Breakfast all day, nice menu with other stuff too... Not bad, baked beans were a bit too sweet for me, and I prefer toast and butter and marmalade come together at the beginning to eat with my tea/coffee.l, will ask next time..., otherwise tasty... 255b includes coffee or juice, not both, although she brought me a glass of water and ice... Anyway, you guys are way behind, get out there and post s
  3. Thanks for the info, as you rode from Surat to Phuket, so you can tour...., next time just ride up to Hua Hin and stay a night there, then down south, I think even with hotel, food and a beer it would cost less. !
  4. I sat on Versys 300 in Kawa showroom, very good size, not big and bully like 650, but it had the hardest bike seat I have ever sat on...! Maybe it will soften after some use...
  5. I think for anything over 400cc need the new big bike, from what I read it's over 400 "OR" over 35kw..., in UK only the 35kw matters ..., all a bit of speculation, let's see how they implement all these... The big bike event was last weekend on Karon beach, they also had a huge stage and a few bands playing to a good crowd, also must have been over 100 food stand... On 6 Nov the big bike events come too Patong beach, but I saw today they were also preparing a stage for Halloween this weekend...
  6. II forgot to report back, a couple of weeks ago I went and saw a Versys 650 2012, as my luck have it it started pissing down so I only rode it around the block, didn't want to take it on wet surface of the roads... Funny how you remember all the reviews you read when you get on the bike first time, mostly accurate, big tall heavy tractor...! It was hard to turn it around out if his garage, by the way the guy was even shorter than me, maybe 5 8 or even 5 7...! But I could get my foot down fairly easily, just have to roll to the middle of bike, front of seat , a bit... So
  7. Depends on your budget and taste I guess, any naked bike is better than sports bike, then touring bikes and cruisers, but they are pricey and not useful in town... Do you like automatic scooters or want manual clutch and gear...? And the budget..? How far are you touring ..., a few hours or longer...!? I recommend a used Forza 300cc , 4 or 5 years old, about 60 or 70k baht in good condition.... Then again I'm biased, I'm riding one...! lol
  8. Yes, you guessed it, Yamaha R15 wouldn't be comfortable for touring and long distance ride...
  9. If weight on shoulders you get tired after an hour, as mentioned loosen the straps so weight is on the seat. On scooters between your legs fine, I've done 6 hours tour like that no problem, straps around handlebars - make sure it does not impede the handlebar movement... One other thing though, watch out for rain, I recently bought a backpack that was supposed to be fully waterproof, with special zippers and inner lining and so on , once the Phuket monsoon rain came down and after 10 minutes before I could find shelter, it was soaked wet inside to the bottom. Now a black bin liner
  10. I have seen that video comparison before, that guy keeps comparing MT-03 with KTM and says Yamaha is better in every way, then at the end says KTM wins...!? Because it's more fun...! I have also test driven Bajaj NS200 of 4 or 5 years old a while ago , it's actually not bad, only dowm side was exessive vibration at handlebar, just the plague of most single cylinder bikes - I like the look of their Dominar 400, the Indian made bikes are getting better...
  11. Just rent for a day, very good option for these scooters, cheap and plenty around for rent..., hard to find and rent bigger bikes to test drive...
  12. I think NMax had a slightly engine upgrade on later models, not sure exactly when that was, check it on the internet...., if buying used it's best to go for those with latest engine version...
  13. Yes, big cash cow for the bibs, I reckon they may particularly target farangs on big bikes - times hard, they need the extra cash...(while Thai kids pass by on their CB650s...!) MT-03 is a good bike, but it is a very high revving beast, 11k RPM...! A bit of a track/racing machine.... - but what do I know, just read about all of these, never tried it, can't find one in whole of Phuket...! Even Yamaha doesn't have it in their showroom here... KTM 390 is going to be the most popular bike here, just under big bike license, cc and hp....! If they open more shops they could
  14. I read some more info in Thai on Facebook about the new big bike license, hard to make heads or tails of it with Google translate, but generally they say the announcement is coming soon (or released already), then 120 days to implement, so come into force around March next year - too short notice...!!! 400cc "or" 35kw power will require it, that's about 46.9HP..., not many bikes below 400cc go over this, so 400cc and over really... Age restriction of 20 years old or more, and must have a 5 year licence - not sure if that is bike or car will do - so no 2 years temporary
  15. I found the culprit, a middle age orange beauty, should have guessed from bright fur she leaves behind, surprisingly it was lounging on her sofa early last night around 8pm, I chased her off a bit , not sure if that makes any difference, I need one if those nice electric shock devices they put around farms for cows, that would make her think twice....! lol
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