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  1. Thanks for the replies, very useful...
  2. Well, I have to see if re-install partition is there, but I doubt I get windows 10 product key with the sale, and not sure if that re-install requires it, although most notebooks are OEM with operating system, it maybe built-in, so using a re-install partition may not need product key, but a full format and re-install from USB would want it (no DVD on these small ones). This is all a bit risky though, might just go with Win 10 reset and delete all files and apps etc... Unless something dodgy is put on MBR or root sector, then it's hard to detect. Any free tool that check and detects those...!?
  3. So if I buy a used Windows 10 Home edition notebook, what is the best way to clean it up and more importantly make sure it has no malware, virus or dodgy programs... My main concern would be a low level key-logger that sends back all my passwords to it's creator via the internet ! Is there an easy way to check if any illegal ET calling home that shouldn't be... ? lol Would a free Avast or AVG virus scan + maybe free MalwareByte scan be sufficient...? How about a win 10 reset etc. ? Though I don't want to remove any driver or program came with it originally...
  4. So what is the significance of this 1 March 2019...? 1- If I go to extend my stay on 1 Mar 2019, I should show that I had 400k in my account since 1 Mar 2018...!? Which does not make sense as I didn't know of this rule in Mar 2018...! 2- If I go to extend my stay in 1 Mar 2020, I should show that I had 400k in my account since 1 Mar 2019 !? This makes more sense as they have announced this requirement coming into force now ! Your guess is as good as mine, as nothing here is done logically or orderly, just have to go and hope for the best. I doubt if even they know what the rules are or how to properly implement it...
  5. I heard they accept work permit, otherwise R Cert. needed, again nothing in LOS is consistent, so one DLT office could be different from another...
  6. Not at all, bike going perfectly now, but the recalls are serious and a safety risk, hence the recall... Fuel pump can cut out at speed, engine die, and on a CVT scooter that could cause loss of control. Hydraulic break fluid can leak on disk and make it useless, again very dangerous. So need to be sure....
  7. So I got this Forza from Pattaya and ride it back to Phuket, when I get a chance I should write about it, but generally it went okay, with the trip and the bike, I stayed in Hua Hin, and Surat Thani for a night each, so was a fairly okay trip - about 1050km total. And yes, Bangkok traffic and that bridge construction work on route 35 sucks... Now the bike is registered Nov 2016 on Green Book, had done 750km when I picked it up, has no Honda service book (BTW, can I get/buy another from Honda...!? they just say "No have" in Honda Big Bike shop in Pattaya, you know that one, with blank face and no alternative or other explanation ! ). It's still on first owners name on Honda computer when I changed oil and filter before I left Pattaya, so they gave me a receipt with that name .... I read at least 4 different recalls for Forza 2014/2015 models, fuel pump issue, some electric issue with fuse, back break house issue and leaking break fluid, and back wheel issue..., feeewww, that's all I think...!!! Now mostly I read these were sorted by end 2014, but although mine was registered 2016, how do I know when it was manufactured and if it needs any of above checked/replaced...? Most US/UK/Aus Honda websites have a page you can put VIN number and they tell you if it is recalled, but that's for imported bikes there, I can't find an equivalent for Thailand...? I think a call or trip to Honda maybe the only way, any othet ideas...?
  8. Here is a few from me: 1- Thais love to cut corners, no matter what corner and what speed, they change lanes, even go to opposite incoming lane, just to cut that corner, at 40km/h....! ? No idea why, they must learn that from somewhere, so beware... 2- Do not change lane as much as possible, as long as you're going straight they viz by you from left and right, but you are safe, if you change lane then they hit you, in their driving assumptions book nobody suppose to change lane, even with indicators, they don't see or care... I had many close calls due to that, now very careful... 3- Motorbikes go up one way streets all the times, or even on the left shoulder, in the damn motorway...!!!? They think is quite fine, why would you go two kilometers up the road for a u-turn when you can go into opposite traffic for a few hundred meters, after so many years it still surprises me when I see them and many F words in my head when pass them closely, or see them late.... 4- Never loose attention or day dream or watch the sites etc. while riding or driving, watch the road like a hawk, even one km ahead and one km behind, it's just like you are in a Grand Prix circuit, you need to anticipate the worst at all times and prepare to avoid it, that one second that you do not pay attention could be your last here, it's that bad...
  9. last month I went to test my bike for tax, the guy pushed the bike to the position, but did not put anything in the exhaust and did not check anything or even didn't start the bike....! So much for 60 baht, but I guess he saw the bike in such a good condition and a caring farang owner , he trusted me and my bike... The test are a joke, so many noisy and smokey bikes and cars on the road... But a few days ago on my road trip in Bangkok I saw the cops had instrument up the exhaust of this van by the road side and reving it heavily, with so much smoke coming out not sure why they bothered, should have just fined his ass and/or take the van...
  10. So if I want to charge my mobile phone on Forza 12v outlet in the glove box, what do I need....? Does a standard car lighter to USB adapter works, or it needs a special one...? (I'm guessing it does not work as it is.... Haven't seen it yet! )
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