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  1. Does a previous PCR test (within 72 hours) also required in addition to the 2 shot vaccine certificate or just one of them is enough....!? (this is for BKK -> HKT)
  2. That's how organised they are...! , this is actually should say starting from 15 May, that's when they put it up, but mixed up the date - I checked the Thai word and that is also "June" and wrong ....!
  3. So it's okay not to wear a helmet riding a motirbike on Thai roads, but you're stopped if no mask ...!!! ? They will be the laughing stock of the world soon when this gets out... , maybe WHO should chime in and give them a few pointers on risk to life for each scenario... !
  4. And this is all for 2 cases of Covid found yesterday, and the island entrance is closed like a separate country, what a crisis....!!! I wish they were so quick turning up to deal with real crime.... All pretence and show for 1 July, who knows what we have to endure for the next month and half....!
  5. This is spot on, borderline oppression seen by fascist authorities given a free hand to do what they like on this island... It's all for distraction from previous shortcomings and failure to enfurce the pandemic rules when they allowed those illegal mask-free parties to go on here, where rich Bangkok Hi-so Thais and farang alike were permitted to come and bring the virus and cause an outbreak in those super spreader events....! Now they are harassing the local expats and poor local Thais (who suffered and suffering horribly due to loss of work and income) to pretend the
  6. So do you need to wear mask when exercising or not ? Cycling, walking or running on the beach or in parks..., how's about swimming....!!! Can they make up their mind and clarify what the rules are...., or is it prefered to be ambiguous so they can implement the way they like it ....typical . Of course it's great like this for some, that's why they like this country..., until they are the victim, then we have the rant and moan....!
  7. Unfortunately this repeated comment and obsession with alcohol and party invalidate any real concern, virus is not specific to only those events, I would say there is chance of spreading in gatherings in temples, mosques, churches, government offices specially when long queues, packed markets, and of course events like funerals and weddings, and other political or governmental events that somehow can get "special" permission to go ahead.... Mention all that and be taken more seriously....!
  8. I like to know how many expat farang who really live in Phuket all the time (not those visiting and bring it in) actually contracted Covid last couple of month, and if they overwhelmed the Phuket health system and hospitals....!? Because orders like we see from authorities with threats of deportation against foreigners and you thought no Thai is infected here and it's all our faults....! They used to give details of infected and their whereabouts, useful info, but I guess that doesn't go down well with these other announcement nowadays and too much work really.....
  9. Are you guys missing the old governor now ...!? lol. Oh no, wait, that one closed the sea and the beach, we still have that one...,so far ! A lot of comments missing the point, the restrictions and locked down "IS" for getting rid of infections , so everything can be opened and all restrictions removed from 1 July, so big full moon party and raves with no masks back again after that for all "vaccinated" non-infected tourists to come and enjoy among "vaccinated" non-infected locals in Phuket....! But guess what, we will then have some infections after opening and then
  10. All the restrictions and then this; " ...weddings, ordinates and funerals allowed...!!!!? " .... What's the point of all the rest, those are enough to spread the virus to no end....! And that bit about if it can't be postponed is a joke, like how do you postpone a funeral ! .... I know a friend got married in UK last month, only allowed 6 people in total...! 4 friends plus a photographer and a caterer...., now that's called real restriction...!
  11. Well, you say they treat Thais the same, and actually this guy got off with only a warning..., for the mask that is - fined for helmet. So you're implying Thais are treated worst and farangs more leniently from this episode....!!! (or treated the same, not sure reading your post). Have you heard or read a Thai being targeted for not wearing a mask or helmet from Facebook photo in this way....!? (exclude Prayut publicity stunt 9f course) . You see the problem in your logic and hence the bias that I mentioned.... Just trying to be contradictory with everyone else (not jus
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