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  1. Good explanation above, you should go for am aftermarket back shocks if you feel your weight plus passenger is causing the shock to bottom out over bumps, otherwise they are not making the ride any more comfortable, I see a lot of guys go for these YSS shocks but when I ride on them I feel they are stiff and in fact not comfortable at all, you can feel every little bump on the road - who wants that... !? The only other thing is when going around corners, if uneven road , I feel the back wheel on my Forza with standard shocks , wobbles a bit, a bit un-nerving, but I try to go steady and slow to cope with that, I guess YSS stiffer shocks will prevent that, but I rather have a soft comfy ride... !
  2. If under 150cc can do both train or post office... but come on, it's just a two hour trip, get on it , squeeze the throttle and you will be there, have some adventure...!
  3. Either pcx or nmax will be fine, I like the dual disk breaks and dual ABS on Nmax, for sure you stop better on that than on pcx...! But really need to go up to 60k baht for a good condition low mileage one of either....
  4. This one above goes back to main imm website and then goes nowhere clicking the links provided, try it... This one below works, thanks: https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn90online/online/tm47/TM47Action.do?cmd=acceptTerm
  5. Can someone please send the exact link for 90 day reporting online... I go to immigration website and try suggested links and get no where , or a porn site pop up...!?!? I'm in Phuket, I remember they had their own online site for this... !
  6. Chain lube and Honda beat...! What are you guys on about... !!! OP just buy the low mileage Aerox or Nmax, only one year old it will be fine... I got mine 750km and 2 years old, but it looked just like brand new, so when you see and test ride the bike you will know if its really genuine low mileage... Some guys like a brand new bike or car, same as some also look for a virgin wife in some countries, it's all depends how you feel .... ! lol
  7. Not sure what you get for 20k, but I don't see a point of buying a 20 yesrs old bike, unless you're into repairing and maintenance work yourself... the only one might work , as they are still so many, is Honda Phantom. As for Chinese bikes, some have good reviews and some don't, so need to do your research, I remember doing mine, the only one had good reviews and worthy, was Stallion 400cc, but they are not cheap.... I've seen it close up and sat on it, it feels very solid... I rented a Keeway 200cc Superlight for a few days and did a trip, not that pleased, felt like a tank, well, I've never driven a tank, but heavy and sluggish, gear change and breaks were tough and rough ...
  8. On my various trips on Thai roads I constantly see signs that says motorbikes keep to left, keep to motorbike lane, generally I don't like it much, if I have any speed 60k/h+ I hate staying there, all the traffic coming in without looking what so ever, and of course the knights in unshining armour happily riding in opposite direction, add to that occasional humongous potholes that can send you flying anywhere.... So I'm usually on the middle of left lane or slightly to the left of middle at high speeds, 100k/h for sure... But you really have to watch incoming overtaking traffic, they totally ignore bikers, and never signal with their head light like in orher countries either, also those cutting corners all over the place... One sign I noticed on the road the other day was advising motorbikes to keep to the left, and I think it was saying 65% of accidents to motorbikes happened to them when they are not on the left side / motorbike lane, although in Thai I thought that was the meaning... Not a good stat, so watch out...!!! ?
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