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  1. Is Chiang Mai in a different country than other IM offices...!? Why would various offices have different rules, I don't get this at all, aren't immigration rules decided at central government and ALL offices are supposed to follow it...!? Perhaps somone post or relay what CM office requesting to central office and tell them what an out of control system they running where they can't even harmonize rules across their own network....!
  2. I meant: ".... Phuket police now carefully examines farang licenses...."
  3. In all comments there is no mention of motorbike license, the car driving license is a totally different thing, specially a UK motirbike license is not easy to get...! Now you might say Thai police don't care this but I heard Phuket police no carefully examines farang licenses and look for motorbike license, even on IDP....!? Same for any insurance, watch out for this, you need motorbike licence to ride a bike, not a car driving license.... - that is to be 100% legal in all aspects, or just pay a fee hundred baht and dodge it for a few weeks ...
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