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  1. Just 10 or 11 years ago, you could stop in at the US Embassy in Bangkok anytime they were open. No appointments needed, no days taken off the calendar every week so the staff cannot be bothered. If you forgot something in filling out a form or making a payment, you could dash out of ACS, get what you needed during lunch and come back to get things completed in the afternoon. Back in the 80s, I remember going to a number of events at the US Embassy in Bonn. Things were guarded but not like Fort Knox. Even got invited to the ambassador's residence once. Today, the face of the embassy in Thailand
  2. Then why did the US Embassy get itself vaccinated? After all, they decided all on their own to join the foreign service and "leave their home country and live somewhere else."
  3. But the policy was not changed, as I'm sure the ambassador knew would be the case all along. Our Western embassies, except for the French, are in on the lies.
  4. Well, I got my first shot of Sinovac on 8 June and go back for the second on 29 June. I did so with the intent of following up with Moderna when it was available in November or December. To my mind, Sinovac was better than nothing and almost the equal of AZ. With this catastrophic news about the reduction of the number of Moderna doses, I am becoming more and more thankful I was able to get the Sinovac. It looks like this is all we're going to be able to get, Sinovac and a slightly better AZ. The remnants of Moderna will be snapped up by hiso's and the elite and businesses. Probably the only a
  5. Says the guy who is constantly complaining about everyone he says is complaining.
  6. And likely someone with zero influence or incentive to push things back in the US that go against established policy. I would say a lickspittle. But that would probably be unfair.
  7. What I don't understand is how so many comments a year or so ago were speculating that Covid would become weaker and less infectious as time goes on, as with earlier SARS infections. But that isn't happening. The newer mutations seem to be more deadly and more infectious, such as Delta.
  8. They don't think it's improper for Chinese or French people to get an entitlement. Go through the messages. They only complain about Americans. Americans, who aren't even getting anything. They don't have any issue at all with the French and Chinese going first. Tells you something, doesn't it?
  9. I didn't see that. But it's a strong statement. During my years teaching at Mahidol, I frequently had the chance to work with the French Embassy and its ambassador as well as the alliance francaise at their old, old location. They were always helpful in bringing in speakers, participating in exhibits, and inviting us to receptions at the ambassador's residence. During that entire time, I never had a single contact from the US Embassy. Back then and today with Covid, the French make themselves look especially good at the expense of the clueless US.
  10. The Sinovac is better than nothing. And it appears to be almost as good as the AZ. Meanwhile, in a topic just posted the allotment of Moderna to Thailand has been cut in half with the 3800 baht price now to be adjusted. Help isn't coming. Not from our embassies (unless you are Chinese or French) and not from the importation of other vaccines. Get Sinovac or AZ or take your chances.
  11. Do I hear 10,000? Yes, you in the black Mercedes. What about 15,000? The gentleman with the diamond lapel pin, yes. How about 20,000? 30,000? Going for 30,000 once, 30,000 twice, SOLD to the gentleman with six bodyguards and a armored car outside waiting to return to Thonglor.
  12. And yet China and France were able to vaccinate their citizens in Thailand, despite having much smaller embassies and, in the case of China, many, many more citizens in Thailand than does the US.
  13. This will never, ever happen now, because to do something the French did first would make the US Embassy and government look bad. It would mean they have been taking the wrong stance towards their citizens this entire vaccination period. They will only double down on kicking dirt into the faces of their own people.
  14. Because this gives an opportunity for the US Embassy to preen and crow about how concerned it is for Thailand's government. So concerned that it is willing to let its own citizens die. And then send a contemptuous letter six paragraphs long that, in the end, tells American citizens: you get nothing. The head of the US embassy, Michael Heath, meanwhile, thinks he's Bwana and enjoys kicking around his fellow citizens in order to impress the natives.
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