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  1. This certainly give weight to those who believe in fat shaming.
  2. And where will the expertise, equipment, and money to build come from? C-H-I-N-A.
  3. What does a vaccine passport have to do with "travel bubble agreements with countries that have low or moderate levels of Covid-19 infections?" Right now, the two countries that are far and away ahead in vaccinations are the US and the UK. Neither is "low or moderate level" of covid. Thailand is a country with low level Covid. It's also a country with only a miniscule number of vaccinations. And that number unlikely to change anytime soon. So who is going to be the other bubblehead that lets unvaccinated Thais into their country? Or the other way around?
  4. If I were the US or Western Europe, I would not accept a vaccine passport that carried with it the possibility that the carriers had received Sinovac.
  5. How does giving Thais a vaccine passport open up Thailand for foreign tourism?
  6. So long ago, it's hard to remember. But I think they were all tied to my US P.O. Box.
  7. When I came here eleven years ago, I had five US credit cards. For the first few months, I made several large purchases but always paid off the entire amount at the end of every month for each card. It didn't stop them, however, from cancelling me some six or seven months later. One right after another, within a day or two, every card cancelled me. So I've been on a cash only basis since late in 2010. I almost wish I had just maxed out the cards and stuck'em with the balance.
  8. How valid will the Thai vaccine "passport" be if it means the vaccination may have been with the Sinovac vaccine? Will other countries approve people entering with Sinovac if it is not approved in those countries?
  9. J&J. That is what I want. One shot and no more worries. Easy to ship, store, and distribute. Apparently, effective against existing variants.
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