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  1. I have no idea which side will win. But I do see the government manning the Maginot Line, while the protesters pour through the Ardennes.
  2. It will fragment. The government is fighting the last protest, with Red Shirts and their static encampment. These protests look to be adopting different mobile tactics. The government is ready for trench warfare and the protests are planning a Blitzkrieg instead.
  3. The only armed group in this part of the world that I remember wearing scarves was the Khmer Rouge.
  4. I'm happy to see that no Americans were dumb enough to fall for this.
  5. Seems to me as an outsider that France wants to control British territory and Germany wants to control British tax and corporate policy. Essentially, Britain will be a colony of the EU, with its laws and resources controlled by the EU while the British don't even get a vote or say in the matter.
  6. People keep saying "the students." From what I have seen there is a huge contingent of recent students and people in their late 20s and early 30s. This seems to be a youth movement. But they aren't just a bunch of 19 year olds out there, although probably a good number are, too. BTW, the baht is up against the dollar again today.
  7. The Chinese government ultimately brought Hong Kong under control through letting loose COVID. Surely, you're not suggesting the government here do something similar.
  8. In 1849 the Austrian emperor brought in Russian troops to put down the rebellion in Hungary. Hungarians have never forgotten or forgiven.
  9. Conversely, these events may provide the tipping point against China's stealth subjugation of Thailand.
  10. I suppose you could be right. One way to test your theory is to have free and fair elections open to every political party to participate. The result would then speak to the legitimacy of your statment.
  11. And for God's sake, for anyone staying in that area, whatever you do, do not put up a negative review on Trip Advisor.
  12. Well, good, then. When the outbreak overwhelms Thailand, everybody will know who to blame. China. And who not to blame. The US and Europe, because their citizens couldn't get in to the country.
  13. No, it isn't. Just ask the Thai authorities. Everything is coming up roses. No problemo. Why, heck, there never really was any COVID at all in China. That's just an irresponsible rumor designed to hurt Thai tourism. Don't ask them to say anything different. They're not listening. Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, nahhhhhh.
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