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  1. Although I am 85 km from Phitsanulok I get there fairly often. Would really appreciate location of shop and contact details possible. I have 6.5 planes ready to fly as I enjoy building them and repairing them as much as trying to keep them airborne. Just a note: I am a licensed private pilot, which I don't get to use here in Thailand as there is no airport near me (Phitsanulok is nearest) with an instrument rating as well. And rentals, as far as I can tell, are very expensive. I find keeping an R/C airplane in the air harder than the real thing.
  2. Are there any R/C flying clubs or individuals in this forum? I have airplanes but don't know how to fly them. I live in Kamphaeng Phet province but would gladly drive to meet others who enjoy this hobby.
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