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  1. Your comment suggests that this Thai woman has an IQ of around 50. Not very nice either.
  2. Have you grown up in East Germany? But Im ok with that under the condition that if the informer is wrong and this person was not on overstay or did not work illegally etc. The informer should pay 5,000 baht to immigration and 5000 baht for damage done to the wrongly accused.
  3. If you buy some assets are you worried about whether these assets feel loved ??? I expect a return on investment 555 Besides why there are so many single mothers here and Somchai is not obliged to pay for a child he has begotten??? Because a child is considered an asset for the parent with whom he stays.
  4. that's what i keep repeating to my girlfriend, but she wants equality 555
  5. Friendship bridge between Laos and Thailand is very popular among frequent returning travelers. I think it deserves to be included in the UNSCO list and promoted by Expedia .
  6. I pushed my girlfriend without a penny (who before made money by quickly opening her legs) to a normal job and the kid to babysitter. She earns around 20,000 baht but I don't see her much and I don't have to talk to her, just time for boom boom and sleep. Another plus ! But we are the same age and job need to be with A/C otherwise she go crazy .
  7. A girl is one thing but If it was the same scooter that Suchin paid for and Mario used it, then Mario apparently liked life on the edge .
  8. Wouldn't it be easier just build a bigger detention cell at the airports and arrest all arriving ?
  9. They have more choices than a pros** in Europe. Here they can have a basic education and be a full-time pharmacist. All they need is English at a communicative level and willingness to work. Most are just too lazy and unstable.
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