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  1. ‘Plausible’ Link Between J&J Vaccine and Blood Clots, CDC Says After Confirming 28 Cases, Including 3 Deaths • Children's Health Defense (childrenshealthdefense.org)
  2. Turn off your TV .. This is not a Vaccine. Your chance of survival if you get is 99.7%. Improve your immune system Vit C Vit D3 zinc etc.. Do not put that poison in your body. Do the research . Find out what is in that shot. Informed consent. I bet you would take a harder look and a food menu?
  3. Your a Gem thank you for that.. For anyone to put that poison in their system is crazy? People are not informed with Main stream Media. Improve your immune system is key.
  4. Is it worth dying over ?? Find out what is in the shot before you decide. Its your right to informed consent this is not Germany ww11.
  5. The shot should be the last thing to you take.. If you want to increase your system take Vit C Vit D3, Zinc to start. The shot is poison . 4 out six get sick or die..
  6. Take the time to check what is in the shot.. If you cannot find let me know I will be happy to give you many sources. You will not find this out in Main Street Media. I am a Vet and cannot believe they keep tell me I need to take after I have researched this poison, and have confronted the doctors about this information. They will not deny my question..
  7. Do you know what is in that shot or any other. Informed consent.. you are not being told the truth, Its not a vaccine. Check CDC and FDA.. 6 out of 10 people get sick from the shot .. Please do the research in you need links.. Start with Childerns Health alliance. God Bless
  8. Why .. find out what is in it first .. Please. its your right to know.. not guess.
  9. Its your body and your right. Why the hurry to give you a vac for a Flu you have a 99.7% of surviving? This is not a vaccine Check the FDA and CDC they say its a experimental drug? You have a right to Informed consent.
  10. Why would any one take this poison ? People spend more time looking at a food menu, to decide what they won't eat then ask what is in the shot. Not knowing what is in that shot? How foolish can you be? Its not a Vaccine but in fact its an experimental drug MRNA used for genetic engineering. if you want more information just ask. I can give anyone links that you can check for yourself. Do not take the Shot ever.!
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