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  1. My pension is in USD and I do lose a little bit every month SOMETIMES when I make a wire transfer because of the exchange rates but it’s not that bad and I’m actually saving money because I don’t have to worry about ATM fees anymore when using a local Thai bank. Before with the income affidavits I used my US ATM Card only and I paid a 220 Baht ATM fee every time I used the ATM. So I actually like this way better because I never bothered to use a local Thai bank account before. And it encourages me to save the money that I leave behind in my bank in the States because my pension is between $4 and $5,000 USD a month as a disabled veteran and a retired military member. I have looked into Transfer Wise and maybe I just don’t know how to use it but from my experience TW sucks, it’s useless but I might not know how to use it right.
  2. SCB can verify your transfers from the states as well I know because I have an account with Siam Commercial Bank and I’ve verified my International wire transfers from my bank in the States by asking for the Credit Advice. It’s pretty simple I’m sure most banks in Thailand can probably do it the same way but I’d probably avoid the smaller banks. I know that Bangkok Bank can do it as well because I have an account with them as well. The day after your International wire transfers posts to your Thai bank account then just go to the bank and ask for the Credit Advice regarding your last International wire transfer you made and it’s a print out that verifies everything such as your name, local address here in Thailand, your bank name from the States or whatever country, the account number that your wire transfer originated from, the amount in Thai Baht of the wire transfer, the Thai bank account and account number that your wire transfer went into which will match your pass book, and everything else that Immigration would need to verify that your International wire transfers are coming from your home country. Although you’ll probably still need an official letter from your bank for Immigration when you do your extension according to the police orders. The Credit Advice might be accepted by immigration but I don’t know, for me I just get the Credit Advice print outs every month so I have a record and a paper trail of my wire transfers from my bank in the States to SCB every month and so I know that they can be verified. Immigration will probably just need your pass book and an official letter from your bank. I like the new rules it’s a lot easier to take care of everything for Immigration when I do my extension right here where I live instead of making that long trip to the Embassy in Bangkok once a year for their stupid income affidavits. Good riddance to the Embassy letters. Immigration actually made it easier for those of us who fall within their financial guidelines.
  3. You’re right where I live this is totally a non issue. I was expecting it to be when I got my last extension so I brought a copy of my landlord’s Tambien Baan signed by him and a copy of his Thai ID card signed by my landlord as well, and a current renewed copy of my lease agreement with my wife’s original Tambien Baan (Thai house registration) to Immigration. Although Immigration didn’t even want to see it when I offered it to them even though our pictures are at the house we lease they only wanted to see my wife’s original Tambien Baan which is for her family’s house down the street (Thai house registration). I even offered to take new pictures in front of my wife’s family’s house where her Tambien Baan is registered but Immigration said that our pictures at our house that we lease was perfectly fine and acceptable. So even though we lease a different house than where my wife’s Tambien Baan is actually registered it was okay, Immigration didn’t require a TM-30 that I recall or a copy of my landlord’s Tambien Baan, Thai ID Card, or my lease agreement. Immigration only wanted to see my wife’s original Tambien Baan and of course her Thai ID Card as well as all the rest of the required paperwork for my marriage visa extension. I’ve been living here for almost 5 years and reporting every 90 days and it’s never been an issue up here. Maybe my landlord reported my address to Immigration and I just wasn’t aware I don’t know I just know that I’ve never had any problems with that before.
  4. In his case I would keep the old income affidavit from December 21st 2018 because they’re technically still supposed to accept it up to six months after the date of completion and he is within the six month grace period although he’s pushing it to the last minute in his situation. And I have read things like that about Phuket Immigration as well. So if I were him I’d do both have the old income affidavit from December 2018 ready because theoretically they should still accept it even though he’s barely within the six month period, and also begin preparing for the new rules. In other words begin making the monthly wire transfers into a Thai bank account of at least 65K Baht per month because I believe he said that he’s on a retirement visa extension if I’m not mistaken. Regardless it’s always better to transfer more than the minimum monthly income requirement, that is always best if possible depending on his financial situation obviously. OR, depending on his financial situation deposit the 800K Baht into a Thai bank account. Basically either start making the monthly wire transfers into a Thai bank account of at least 65K Baht a month or deposit the 800K Baht into a Thai bank account. If he’s going by the monthly wire transfers into a Thai bank account (the monthly income option) than I believe according to the police orders for this first year he shouldn’t have to show a full 12 months of monthly wire transfers. I believe I remember reading that in the police order when it came out for people in his situation but I might be mistaken because I don’t recall that part exactly I’d have to go back and read it and then post a copy of it for him which I can do if he needs help. But I’m pretty sure I remember reading in the new police orders that people didn’t have to show a full 12 months of monthly wire transfers for the first year since it just went into effect this year. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about that part and I understand that Phuket Immigration might not be on the same page as every other Immigration office in Thailand I’ve heard as well that they sometimes are not. In my situation I don’t have to do my next extension until literally January or NLT February of 2020, so they accepted my last income affidavit for the final time when I did my last extension early in December 2018, although that was at a different Immigration office though. So in my situation I will have to show my Immigration office a full 12 months of monthly wire transfers into my Thai bank account in around January or February of 2020 when my next extension is due. I’m on a marriage visa extension though and I’m in a totally different area of Thailand then the OP so I’m not sure how much different my area is compared to his. I hope this advice helps the OP. Basically in his situation I’d want to be prepared for both scenarios.
  5. I was actually planning on buying at least a case of the type of beer I like anyway at least two days before Songkran maybe even a week or two early just to let chill in the refrigerator for a while before we go out anyway. Even if this does pass it’s not gonna effect us or really most Thai people because most Thais buy everything for Songkran the day before anyway. Although sometimes we stop and buy more when we are out there. Since we gotta buy the water guns a day or two early we usually buy the alcohol early as well. I’m thinking probably order my beer Lao maybe a week early just in case because none of the little shops that’ll sell alcohol anyway ban or no ban have that kind.
  6. I was planning on buying whatever type of beer and or alcohol a day or two before Songkran anyway. I specifically want a couple of cases of Beer Lao so I’ll probably order it on Thursday anyway because they deliver it to me. As far as Thai beer and whiskey the little shops will still sell all that anyway alcohol ban or not but I’m still going to warn the family and everyone going with us to make sure that we buy it a day or two early before the festival, which they will probably already be aware of anyway.
  7. What I do is have them print out my Credit Advice once a month the day after my monthly wire transfers post and they show exactly where my deposit originated from my bank in the States, the amount of each deposit, my name, Thai address, and my SCB account number that my wire transfer went into which matches my pass book. So if you have those printed out every month you make your wire transfers it’ll show your monthly wire transfers only and verify where each of them originated from and the account number your deposit went into as well as your name address and everything required. So your wire transfers definitely can be verified by the bank and SCB at least my branch anyway is aware of Immigration’s requirements and will provide a formal letter if requested.
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