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  1. Can somebody please advise me on what may have caused this (seer attached pics).. It was attached to a HW Heater. I have another with the same issue but I am not sure what it was attached too, I think probably the other water heater. There are three that have been destroyed, one of them was burned by the one that burned out below it. Its a bloody miracle the house didn't burn down. Now the circuit breakers are a mix of Shneider as you can see in the panel pic. I am not sure what the difference is between C16, C20 and C32 and what should be attached to what, but I assumed that C32 was the strongest so I had a spare and attached the HW heater to it and tested it. I let the hot water run for ten minutes then pulled the breaker out. It was warm to the touch but onlu just warm, but by no mean anywhere near what would be required to melt it. So I am at loss to know what caused it. I was just about to go down and buy a couple more when i noticed these different numbers so I thought I should better ask. Thanks for your help in advance. .
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